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Copier Solution Shop

Copier Solution Shop Launches New Web Site for Dealers

It was about three weeks ago when I saw the preview of the changes that Copier Solution Shop made to their web site.

If you're not familiar with Copier Solution Shop then it's time you should be.  My friends over at the shop manufacturer third party accessories for copiers and wide format printers.  The recent update now includes a dealer log in for their e-commerce site.  Once logged in dealers can view the dealer pricing for their products and make those purchases.  End users can only see and order accessories based on the MSRP.  On the dealer page we are welcomed with generous discounts so we can make a profit.  That's a good thing because our friends at the shop want you to be profitable.

What I love best about the products is that each product is well made, well engineered and will probably out last the copier. In addition I like that they offer products that you can't source anywhere else such as wide format exit trays, device brackets, mounting tables (keyboards), connectivity covers (security) and a wide arrangement of the best paper tray locks in the industry.

Having and knowing about these products can help dealers win bids, and win more deals.  In addition my friends are available to quote on customized solutions for fleets of copiers.  When you get down to it as a sales person we still need to perform discovery, find pain and give our clients options.  Having Copier Solution Shop offerings in your tool belt will help you close more orders.

I've used them quite a bit for their custom Ricoh exit tray solution and I feel confident when going up against the likes of KIP and OCE (Canon) that I have a complete devices outperforms the specs of those two.

On  the home page of the site they've also set up a mini-site for every manufacturer.   You can search HP, Canon, Develop, KonicaMinolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox.  If that's not enough my friends at the shop also have "universal products",  here you can find additional specialty products.

I love this product "Assist Handle", specifically designed for wheelchair users to open and close the copier-top.  When we speak about bids and compliance this offering is genius!  Just imagine if you had this or other products spec'd in your bid. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts you might win a few more bids.

I've been doing business with them both as a dealer and one of my clients for more than three years.  The quality of the products are well made and it gives us options.

Please visit them here @ Copier Solution Shop