6 Reasons Why Canon's New 715iF A4 MFP Kicks Butt

It's not that often that I get the chance to blog about something other than a Ricoh MFP.  It's all not that often that I get excited about an MFP from another manufacturer.  However, the introduction of the Canon iF715 imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series has me chomping at the bit for a 75pp A4 device that I could sell.

  1. The Canon 715iF has an "up to" print speed of an amazing 75 pages per minute!  The reason I mentioned "up to" is because many MFP's will grind and run slower with different files.  However, if you want 400 pages of one document or walk up copying you're going to get that kick butt incredible speed of 75 letter size pages per minute.
  2. How about the single-pass duplexing automatic feeder that holds 100 sheets of paper. The feeder will also process a minimum size of 4-1/8 x 5-7/8 and then all the way up to legal size
  3. Simplex scanning for color and black is a cool 50 images per minute. Duplex scanning will run at a blistering 100 images a minute all @300dpi
  4. Image cartridge, you want yield.  Canon is touting 51,500 images for thier T03 black cartridge.
  5. Dealer cost is fantastic and plenty of room for margins and takedowns of competitive MFP's.
  6. uniflow, I think that one word pretty much sums it up.  While other manufacturers are just coming to the party with thier own versions of uniflow.  Canon has perfected it's comprehensive software solution. Delivering feature rich functionality secure printing, print accounting, secure mobile printing, device management and more.

Go check your clients current meters, and take a look at the amount of DTL (double letter aka ledger) size that they are printing.  I just won an order because I checked the meter of an MFP and the client had ZERO 11x17 in 5 years.  All of my competitors were offering another A3 devices.  We know who won that deal.

Point is most clients don't run ledger, and even if they do run a few hundred a year that's no big deal because you can sell them a stand alone printer for ledger prints.

What does the future bring us?  Will every manufacturer have two lines?  One for A4 and one for A3.  Ricoh recently released a 50 ppm color A4 MFP. Okay it's really not an A4 but an A3 device where they closed off the paper trays so that you cant fit ledger paper.

I'm impressed with this new line and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of Canon P4PHotel members that will kick butt with this new series!

-=Good Selling=-