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Better Call Art

Better Call Art "6 Foot Question"

My first week back with trying my videos from my recent stroke about a month ago/ It's a little choppy, but the talk track is there and I will continue to get smoother as I do more of these. Please subscribe and like, also let me know if you have topics that you would like me to cover!

Better Call Art "My Thoughts on Prospecting"

One of the benefits of a Premium/VIP Membership is the ability to view and comment on Premium content (blogs, videos, surveys, proposals, leads).  Each week I'll be releasing new premium content in addition to free content. To date I've produced four of the premium content videos counting this one.

All of our series for "Better Call Art" is under our collections tab, Better Call Art

With the Premium Content series of "Better Call Art", I'll be sharing my 41 years of sales experience and covering ever aspect of our business. A Premium VIP membership can be purchased annually for $117.

This video is a freebie and if you like the content I would hope that you purchase the Premium/VIP membership. To date we have more than 200 plus premium members.

Better Call Art with Mike Laverty

Mike has been a long time Print4Pay Hotel member and over the years we've shared a lot of knowledge between us. Mike works in the Lancaster area PA marketplace and gives some incredible incites on his marketplace and what he does to remain successful despite challenges times for all of us.

Better Call Art with Larry Kirsch

I'll admit there's not too many people doing this longer than me and from time to time I will need mentoring from a pro. Every time I chat with Larry I learn something new and I wish we would have known each other 30 years ago because instituting some of his tips could have made me a pro in a very short time. Larry Kirsch is one of those seasoned pros that is still selling office technology on a daily basis

Better Call Art with Jason Habbal

This series is all about connected with some of the most tenured and talented reps I know in the industry today. I'm asking them to give up the ghosts for prospecting net new, what's hot for hardware/solutions and what's working from them in their market place. Please join us!