Arlington & The Power of 3

Just after this last Christmas I had a chance to chat with Brent Martin of Arlington Industries.  I met Brent back in 2017 at the BTA Fall Break in Philadelphia while Brent was manning the Carolina Wholesale booth.  Something I wasn't aware of at the time is that Carolina Wholesale also owned Arlington Industries and Digitek.

With our recent chat Brent told me about the upcoming plan to merge all three companies and create one super distributor and go with the new branding of ARLINGTON. 

The Power of 3 combines all of the strengths of Arlington, Carolina Wholesale and Digitek which will enable dealers to have unsurpassed service, multiple distribution points, along with giving dealers an "unfair advantage".  Far as I'm concerned "unfair advantages" are a good thing when it comes to today’s business climate.

Distribution: Release the power of same day shipping from five nationwide distribution centers (PA, NC, GA, TX, IL and CA). Get real-time inventory pricing though Arlington's storefront. In most cases you're a day away from getting your product to your door or drop shipping to your clients location

ArliAdvantage Rewards Program:  We all love rewards, especially when we get a little extra for selling something beyond commissions.  With Arlington you'll earn awards for every online order you make for eligible products.  These also make great hand outs to your reps for a job well done! Check out the rewards program!

Becoming a Reseller is easy! Some of the resellers benefits include the rewards program, growth services enables you to enjoy big discounts on custom website services, powerful digital marketing campaigns and industry specific training courses. Five nationwide points of distribution. Become a reseller here.

Estorefront saves you time! For those of us that have been in the industry for sometime I think we can all remember those Carolina Wholesale catalogs. Everything was in those catalogs, I remember cutting out pictures of the products and then cutting and pasting them to make our own black and white brochures. Well there's no need to do that anymore the Estore give you quick access, search bar and pricing.

eBill allows you to make payments to your pay your bills through Arlington's secure payment page.  It's simple to log on and make those payments, even easier to get a history of all your purchase. I believe it was Gartner that released information that the cost for processing and paying an invoice was $25.  It's probably more now, but just think of the savings with Admin.


Webinar(s) is the name of the game.  Brent was also very excited about the upcoming round of webinars that are scheduled for dealers to help them with their selling efforts.  There's an upcoming webinar on the 14th of March which you can check out here.

The Power of 3 Gets You the Brand Names You Want

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • HP
  • Kyocera
  • Lexmark
  • Okidata
  • Panasonic
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung    

If you like to learn more about Arlington please go here.

We're proud to say that Arlington is also a past (2018) and present sponsor (2019)for the Print 4Pay Hotel.  Thier support helps us drive new content on a daily basis along with giving you un-biased opinions.  Please support those sponsors that help support us.

There's just so many more products like supplies, scanners, calculators (remember those), cash management, computer/tablet accessories, data storage, electronics, paper handling, office accessories, projection, power supply, paper products, the list goes on and on.

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