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Are you Selling in a Vertical Market?

Today's offering from manufacturers is overwhelming to say the least. I can remember starting out on the business where one of the requirements is that you had to own or have access to a station wagon! One of the basic routines was to load a copier in the morning and then go cold calling, and if you found a hot prospect you would ask them if they would like to see a demonstration of the product. When they replied yes, you stated "great, I have one in the car, where can we do the demonstration? Yes, the good ole days when doors weren't locked, no soliciting signs were not the order of the day along with any intercoms and cameras to allow access.


Since, 2001 I've taken a vertical market approach to selling, having a territory that is high in NOPA ratings allows for a multitude of possible accounts. The vertical market that I concentrate on is Construction; which incorporates architects, engineers, general contractors, contractors, surveyors, mechanical contractors, and security systems companies.


Focusing on a vertical market allows me to learn more about each of this business and how they print, copy, fax and scan on a daily basis. I have become very familiar with the terms and their language, and boy does this help when trying to open the doors for discussion or attempting to dig for a solution that you might be able to present. Knowing their language positions you as the expert and the consultant that they can rely on for up to date solutions. It's really not as big a world as everyone thinks it is, most companies know of everyone else in their industry or have at least heard of them.


Here's how I started, I started with wide format systems for a few reasons. One the competition is not as fierce as regular copiers and the margins are usually higher due to the fact that there are only a few manufacturers. Plus the volume of paper that's needs to be copied, printed and faxed is enormous.


Focus on your smaller architectural firms that have 5-15 employees, most of the time when cold calling in person or when calling on the telephone you will be able to get to the owner of the firm. From there you need to use your skills to close for an appointment or a demonstration. Once you have sold an architectural firm you must ask for references, you can ask for Mechanical Engineers, General Contractors or Excavators and even Landscape Architects. All of these will have a need for wide format, copiers, scanners and fax. By the way, you can also go back to all of the wide format accounts and then solicit them for copiers, printers and fax.


Keep the ball rolling; use the "6 foot" approach when working the vertical market. Whenever you get within six feet of them ask them if they are need of saving time or saving money with their wide format documents.


I developed a mailing list for the wide format vertical market and every month I send out mailers to them. I do this in quarters, meaning the first month is for wide format, the second month is for MFP's and the third month is for software solutions (ecopy desktop, fax server software). Each quarter I repeat the process, after about one right or nine mailings, you will have clients calling you!


You can get your lists from Trade Associates, just go on the Internet and do a search for type of companies that you are interested. After the mailing I will also conduct phone calls and in person cold calls to the accounts. Conducting your prospecting this way will insure that you will get an audience sometime in the future.


Become a member for these trade organizations and offer to sponsor a meeting; most of these associations will have monthly or quarterly meetings. We have done a few of these and are always looking to do more. Nothing is better than having a captive audience and showing that you are recommended by their Trade Association.


Vertical Market Selling allows you to become an Expert in their business in a short amount of time and also allows you to spend more time with learning Features, Advantages and Benefits of the hardware that will be suit their needs.


-=Good Selling=-

8 Tips from Selling Copy Machines in the 80's

When you've been in the business as long as I've been there always seems to be that little something that you can write about.


I was taught that after every order/sale I would then ask Mr. or Mrs. Right for three referrals that I could call on.  Seems back in the 80's everyone needed a plain paper copier. Wait! Let me stop right there, I'll go out on limb and bet that at least 60% of today's reps that are selling copiers probably always thought that copiers always printed on plain paper! Yes, the 80's, everyone needed a plain paper copier, and at the end of every sale we asked "Would it be possible to get the name of two or three businesses that may be interested in our services"?   That was then, and to tell you the truth the last time I used that is when a prospect asked for a better price and I tied in, "If I give you a better price will you sign the order today and I'll need two or three businesses that may be interested in my services".


But, it does bring back memories of things we used to do. Here's a short list of how we did things in the 80's:


1) Send a Thank You card for every sale you made.

2) Send a check for $25 or an in house credit to a customer that gave us as a reference and we made the sale.

3) Ask for referrals after every sale you made.

4) Knock on the doors of the businesses next to the customer you just made the sale to.

5) Give a check to the technicians for leads (they loved this, and I was very generous to many, now it seems that most dealers are controlling this, because too many sales people never paid up).

6) Send Christmas cards (I sent them with my name and the dealership name).

7) Call an existing customer and ask them if they know of anyone who is interested in my services (offer them free toner if a sale goes down).

8) Call and ask for a letter of reference (now you can still call them and maybe email them and ask them to post a referral for you on linkedin. I include my linkedin signature link on my emails)


I'm sure that some of are still doing a few of these today, but I plan to pick up my game with mailing Thank You cards again, asking for referrals after the sale, calling an existing customer to see if they know of anyone they could refer me to along with adding more referrals on linkedin.


-=Good Selling=-

Worst Copier Web Site in the World

Whoa, over the past 4 months, our Print4Pay Hotel members have had a lot of fun with this thread, so much fun that we turned it into a contest and had our members vote on it!!!  Before I post the results we're going to post some of the comments and we'll keep everyone's threads anonymous.


This is the opening thread:


Let's have some fun, seems the participation on the forums has been a little slow of late.  Either we're all to busy, or we're just a bunch of know it alls! 
So, let's have some fun, in a recent thread from yoda, he took me to what I think was one of the worst copier companies web site I ever seen. So, if you've been to a competitors that just plain stunk, post the link in the reply section and after 30 days or so, we'll have vote for the worst copier web site in the work! Yoda, thanx for the idea!!


Here are a few I think are pretty awful:


Wow, a couple of blasts from the past.  Nothing like having 15 year old copiers as the home page pictures on your website.  Sharp SF7900 on the one website and a Pre Konica Minolta....Minolta on the other site.


this is awesome!!  right now nevill gets my vote, it is a cluster****


The newest addition to the Sharp arsenal of High Technology world beaters. Please note the lack of a phone number or email address anywhere.


My vote is for the copier GUY.  He's got some kahoonas.  New Radio spot:
"Its always summer at the copier guy!  10 year old copier?  No problem!  Don't let that pesky parts thing keep you from calling!  I'm THE COPIER GUY!"


A Watson is not bad either love this on the services page
"FREE Service available with the purchase of a new copier and there are no overage charges on maintenance agreements.
Call today for details." 
What possible details could there be its free?


Nice job


  these are awesome, I haven't been able to stop laughing at these, geesh, I hope none of these are some P4P members!!  More, we need more sites!!
This company has 9 locations try to find them...


This site was emailed to me, they still have a promo from 2005 on the site!! Yikes


In total we had more the 50 replies and more than 500 page views for the topic, we had many laughs and in an age when copier aka imaging companies are selling "state of the art" technology it seems there are many dealers that can't manage a decent web site.


We'll be announcing the top vote getters in out next blog!!


-=Good Selling=-



Selling Copiers "Awesome Email from P4P Hotel Member"

In a recent blog "Dirty Deeds from a NJ Dealer", I had an email from a valued Print4Pay Hotel member.  But before I post the rest, let me digress for a moment.  I did not expect a reply to my recent blog, however receiving an email from another Print4Pay Hotel member giving me words of encouragement is awesome and it well appreciated!  The Print4Pay Hotel is an awesome community! 




I saw your e-mail and thought I would try and cheer you up a bit. I've been in the industry for 17 years now in your experience is not unique. Unfortunately it is part of our industry and I learned it in many other industries as well.


Being a professional salesperson is challenging emotionally and sometimes physically. To have prospects and customers lie and deceive you on a daily basis can be very demanding. And then you have your employer constantly challenge your commissions and paycheck is equally demanding. Add to that meetings that are useless and reports that are time-consuming and meaningless. I rarely attend meetings using the excuse that I need to attend to my customers and I falsify reports to satisfy those requesting it.


What I do do.. Is bring home the number. As long as I have achieved my sales goals there is no other standard that I am measured by.


I have learned that I now treat all prospects, customers and employers as untrustworthy and as such I constantly challenge them as well. For instance I am constantly challenging my employer for higher commissions. I challenge them to reward me with individual goals and rewards. Most recently I approach my employer and asked if he would lease the car of my choosing for two years if I bill over $1 million in a calendar year. It is not currently part of my comp plan but I'm working towards it. My bet is he will respond with a counteroffer of 1.5 million and I will settle for 1.2 5 million which I know I can easily achieve.


Last month I challenged him for a case of particular wine if I could bill $100,000. I hit my goal and  the case of wine now sits in my wine cellar.

So turn the tables on your employer, everything is negotiable, every day. I do it again and again and I'm relentless, as I'm relentless prospect salesperson and attentive to my customers.


I recently left a voicemail for a prospect that is very large prospect that went something like this…. “I know I've left you many voicemails, you're beginning to understand how diligent in detail oriented I am with people who are not my current customers. Imagine how hard I will work for you should you become one of my customers. This is my profession and I'm excellent at it. Please call me at 555.555.1212. Monte Jensen”


The upside of our profession is that your flexibility to work is second to none. I can work from anywhere in the world today. I stopped going into an office 10 years ago. All the office politics are out of my field of vision and I'm able to focus on the task at hand. I'm not distracted by the pretty girls in accounting, I'm not distracted by the other salespeople wanting information from me, or just wanting to be my friend. I have friends at home and don't want them at work. I want to complete my work and return to my life. If I want to work 20 hours a day I can or if I want to play golf (like I did yesterday), I do that.




I would consider you one of the most accomplished professionals in our industry. Your forward thinking to create the P4P Hotel and its crowd sourcing model was ahead of its time. I'm confident that level of knowledge and professionalism translates to your selling career. Let's both use this MFP industry to pay the bills today and allow us the flexibility to create a business outside of it that will someday stand on its own and provide us a source of income that is substantial.


Here's to the future!


P4P Member

Selling Copiers "Dirty Deeds from a NJ Dealer"

Sometimes in this industry you can get so fed up with the day to day bull that you just need to put the pedal to the metal and get it done. 


Today was like that, sales for the better part of the month have been lack luster and it's not from the work effort.  On a day when many of us took a vacation day or called in sick, I stuck it out and went to the office so I could finish up the week with my 150 calls.


In particular one call stood out from the rest, it's an existing account that I inherited from a previous sales person. This account has a duplicator (purchased), and a MFP (leased), they also have or had a color MFP from another vendor. I visited them twice over the last 18 months and they've changed Administrators twice since then, however as many times as I've called the new Administrator (with no return calls), I've also kept in contact with the one of the operators of the equipment about every three months or so.  In the last few months I had some email exchanges with my contact person, it was all prompted because the lease on the MFP is due to expire in November of this year. But the email exchanges were sporadic and one even stated "I think you might be able to help us", after three weeks of nothing from a few phone calls and emails I sent an email today that stated we needed to meet to discuss the end of the lease options NOW, because you have a 90 day notification clause.  Thirty minutes later I had a reply to please call so and so in AP and my contact would call me on Monday. 


Hence I called that person and found out that they had upgraded the color system (from the other vendor) and our system many months ago! To boot I was told they upgraded with a vendor who is now closed (rumor has it they duped a leasing company for 1.2 million in creative leases, and is under Federal investigation).  The person from AP was not sure where the machine is and personally at this time I don't care where the system is either. 


I sent an email back to my contact and asked, "we've been in contact many times in the last 18 months and you didn't have the courtesy to tell me that you've upgraded the systems, why would you waste your time and my time like this"? I did call first and was told my contact was not in the office today. Am I going to call them on Monday, no way, I'll let them wallow in their own dirty deeds and I hope the dealer that went out of business did have their old system and it's nowhere to be found.


However, at the end of the day, I finished my goal of 150 calls for the week, got two appointments when I thought I would have none and moved a few potential sales closer to closing, but what made me feel the best was the email I sent to the account.  Looking forward to a great week next week!!


-=Good Selling=-




History of the Print4Pay Hotel "Part One"

Special Note: Please keep in mind that any members can post new messages on the new Print4Pay Hotel forums. We're all here to learn more about the industry and share information.  Sharing information, sales techniques and solutions can help all of us.

What I share on the forums may help someone else who can't or does not know the answer. Or maybe it's that tidbit of sales knowledge that helps us close another deal.

Let's face it we're not in this crazy business because we like copiers/printers/fax, we're in it because we have the ability to write our own pay check along with being able to do our own thing from time to time.


Those veterans in the industry know what I'm talking about.  Heck, if you're an above average producer you can write your own ticket in this industry. If you're below average the information from the site can help you become a top earner!

The Print4Pay Hotel forums was created back in 2003. To make a long story short, Ricoh had a forum/message board on there aficio league (intranet site).  Many of us conversed about solutions, hardware and shared information. I had just sold the of my first 80 ppm digital copier to a print shop in NJ. It was a great sale until I had a call from the owner asking me to take the machine out (he had not signed the D & A yet), because the 80ppm could not reproduce halftones that were acceotable for his print/copy business.  I went there and truth be told the halftones were not good, we sent techs, ricoh techs and nothing made a difference.  We pulled the machine and I lost a sale.

To say the least I was not happy, I kept digging and had a former Ricoh person tell me that Ricoh new in advance that the 80ppm would not produce good halftones.  After I heard this I blasted the TRUTH about the new system on Ricoh's message boards, the first reason was an emotional one since I was upset, but two I didn't want to see this happen to anyone else. Thus a few days later my account was deleted from the site. 

At this point I stated I could do a better job and started my own forums on an MSN community. A few weeks later I was re-instated on the Ricoh message boards with the condition that I would not slam Ricoh products.  Well, I accepted because I needed the site at that time, but in the mean time I was emailing members stating what had happened.  After a few years my msn community had more action than the Ricoh forums, another year later I started what you see today. 

Today we have members from every manufacturer, members from all over the world. It truly is a global community.  But the community can't work if members don't share information. You might ask "how can I help", that's easy, post a question, post a story about a sale or a solution sale, tell us what you like or don't like, ask for help like how to do this or how to do that.  Maybe you had a similar sale like I did, well post it here so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

As sales people in the imaging industry we have no union, little help from corporate marketing (rarely do you get the real spin on certain products), we pretty much have to do it all (sell, market, prospect, research, close). If you've been doing this awhile most upper level people want to keep sales people in the dark about certain things on many levels.

The Print4Pay Hotel is your community, treat it as an extension of your family. No question or thread is not worthy on the forums. We are here to help each other sell more, become more knowledgable and support ourselves and our families.

Please find the time to contribute to the forums, you'll be glad you did.


-=Good Selling=-

Muratec Launches the MFX-3091

Compact, High-Performance Monochrome MFP for the Workgroup

Plano, Texas (July 3, 2013) - Muratec America, Inc., manufacturer of multifunction office equipment and business-class document solutions, announces today the availability of the MFX-3091, an A4 monochrome multifunction device that delivers exceptional PC printing, copying, faxing and color scanning to the workgroup.


“The MFX-3091 is a strategic product for Muratec as it allows us to deliver multifunction performance to workgroups that require printing, scanning and faxing, however are sensitive to device acquisition costs,” said Jim D’Emidio, President, Muratec America, Inc. “The MFX-3091 is key to our managed document services strategy as it enables dealers to cost-effectively replace stand-alone printers with a device that offer business-critical solutions such as scanning and faxing.”


The MFX-3091 offers 4-in-1 multifunction performance including PCL 6 and PostScript 3 printing, copying, faxing and color scanning. The device ships with a 50-sheet reversing automatic document feeder (RADF), 35 page-per-minute print output, duplex printing, 150-sheet output tray and 256-MB of device memory. The MFX-3091 is a convenient desktop scanning solution and enables users to scan documents to an e-mail address, PC folder or FTP location. The 48-bit color scanner offers an enhanced scanning resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and supports scanning into TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, XPS and JPEG file formats.


The device features a standard 250-sheet paper cassette (16 – 32 lb. weights supported) and 100-sheet multipurpose bypass tray, which can support media weights of 16 - 43 lb. An optional 530-sheet paper cassette (3091CAS) can be installed, bringing the total paper capacity to 880-sheets. A paper cabinet (C2700CAB) is available to create a free standing MFP solution and enables the convenient storage of empty imaging supply boxes (to enable the return of used supplies for recycling), unused imaging supplies and both specialty and plain paper.


The MFX-3091 ships with a standard 33.6 Kbps fax modem and includes PC-faxing, T.37 Internet faxing,  (100) location speed dial directory, group dialing (up to 20 groups can be registered), broadcasting and transmission confirmation reports.


Additional features & benefits of the MFX-3091 include:


  • ·        Backlit, adjustable LCD screen
  • ·        QWERTY keypad located underneath one-touch buttons to enable simplified e-mail address entry, contact registration and job programming.
  • ·        330 MHz processor and 5 second first-print-out-time
  • ·        Letter-size platen glass
  • ·        ID Card Copy mode enables the seamless capture of two-sided identification cards
  • ·         EnergyStar® compliance
  • ·        Color scan to USB flash drives
  • ·        Ability to change the “Reply To” field when performing a scan to e-mail
  • ·        Access control features to regulate machine access and usage
  • ·        TWAIN and WSD compliant scanning


The MSRP for the MFX-3091 is $2,495.00. The unit offers dual component imaging cartridges designed for user replacement. The TS3091 toner cartridge is rated at 10,000 pages (5% page coverage). The DK3091 drum cartridge is rated at 30,000 impressions.


Muratec America, Inc. is a manufacturer of multifunction digital office equipment and business-class document solutions.  The company is a Plano, Texas-based subsidiary of Murata Machinery, Ltd., a privately held multinational corporation based in Kyoto, Japan.  Visit for more information.

4 Key Factors in Sales Order Process Automation for Office Equipment Dealers

We're so fortunate to have Rick Backus  (Cybercon Services) as a Print4Pay Hotel Sponsor/member. Rick is the guru of Business Process Optimization and we as Dealers should look no further than our own business process for sales orders.  It's the old "Eat what you Cook" and if more of us had SOPA in place, well.....we can sell the heck out of it.  This month please welcome back Ricoh Backus with:


Sales Order Process Automation


During my years of consulting for office technology resellers many conversations have led to the topic of equipment order processing and how to make it more efficient.  Management is frequently frustrated with the time it takes to fulfill an order, the lost paperwork, the lack of tracking and control not to mention the seemingly endless requests from sales reps about when their orders will be delivered and will it count towards this month’s quota.


 While most ERP systems have some level of order staging which will produce reports related to order status they are limited to the information they have access to.  How do you notify all the relevant users when the order delivery date changes?  How many times has the “sticky note” that someone attached to a document with the new buyout figure on it mysteriously vanished?  And why was that demo machine at the prospects location for over two months?  The list goes on and it is not limited to office technology resellers but that is our focus today.


 There are many factors impacting the overall process are but some of the more important ones are:


  • Size and sales volume of the organization.

  • Level of attention paid to all the details of the process (credit, leasing, inventory, scheduling, delivery, etc.).  Not everyone is as in tune with this as you might expect, which is a separate issue for another time.


  • Keeping all the relevant parties (sales, service, admin, management & customers) up to date on the status and scheduling of the order.


  • Capturing and tracking the myriad of associated documents from numerous sources, several of which require signatures.


After many days of identifying, questioning and documenting processes, developing an understanding of the nuances of the sales order process as well as the needs of both users and management I came up with a answer to the problem.


The solution I developed uses Microsoft SharePoint as the core product which binds everything together.  Most companies are already using SharePoint to some extent so it makes sense from a cost standpoint.  And even if you are not the Foundation versions are no-cost alternatives to get you started.  Of course you have less functionality but mainly with reporting and Excel services.


SharePoint has all the capabilities we need to build this application.  Content management, retention policies, security, device accessibility, versioning, annotation, calendaring, notification and workflow.  It integrates easily with the rest of the Office suite which again, nearly everyone already has.  Finally, there are a myriad of products out there all of which have connectors to SharePoint, making integration with other applications possible with “out-of–the-box” configuration and little to no coding.


Here are some screenshots of a typical sales order record in SharePoint (attached at the bottom of the blog)


While manual updates are possible and necessary in certain cases the majority of these fields are updated automatically based on status updates, task completion and document captures.


As time goes by and data accumulates we can analyze it to develop benchmarks for task timelines and employ those standards to measure performance of the sales, admin, service and warehouse staffs during order fulfillment.  Ultimately getting orders processed, delivered and invoiced faster.


We also have a fully, text-searchable and accessible central archive of all the documents, emails, forms and other files associated with the record that were accumulated (many automatically from OMD and eAutomate or tablets in the field) throughout the order process instead of waiting to file them at the end of the process.


I am confident this application will resolve several business issues related to your sales order processing.   Contact me via email if you would like to receive more detail on this solution.


==Good Selling=-

Selling Copiers "Did We Create Our Own Commodity"?

Since I've been selling in the industry for far too long, I've been able to see the transition the industry has taken over the years with our products.


Years ago copier sales people not only sold the products, but we were also responsible for the delivery, the install, prospecting, and on-site training to the end users.  Dealerships also kept more inventory, and a  demo fleet of copiers that were ready to be demo'd at the customers office at a moments notice.


When the industry made the transition from analog to digital we also had to learn how to install the print drivers, the scanning, demonstrate these features and train the customer on how to print and scan. Believe or not we found the time to get all of this done and it wasn't a bad thing.  Sales people had more interaction with the customer after the sale, more interaction with what the copiers could and couldn't do (because we had to train the end user), and we were able to sell extras and learn more about the customers needs on a daily basis when it came to copying, printing, scanning and faxing.


Somewhere along the way we've forgotten our past . Today I see sales reps that have no clue about how the print process works, nor could they explain it if asked.  Ask them to demonstrate the product and to focus on FAB (feature, advantage and benefit) and they are clueless.  Along with this, the bean counters of our industry transitioned us from on-hand inventory to just-in time inventory, and less demo units.  Todays sales reps or most of them are not involved with the delivery process, nor the installation and the worst of all we are not involved in the training process once the equipment has been installed. Most of the new reps in the industry are brochure sellers and that's a bad thing.  How can you get someone excited or enthused about a brochure?  There's no sizzle in presenting a brochure!  When a prospect views the brochures they equate that all of the systems are equal, thus most of the time the buying decision becomes a financial decision.


Now, I'm all in favor of us not doing the install, nor the delivery. I can remember those days of trying to get a 500lb system up a flight of stairs with no stair climber.  But, we're missing the boat with not demonstrating or offering trials. I still try to put in trials or schedule a demonstration so that I can demonstrate the features, advantages and benefits of my system.  In most cases this will lead to an impulse sale.  You can't get an impulse sale from a stinking brochure!


Our first meetings need to be more about closing for the demo or the trial, whether it's in your office or theirs. Then hone your demonstration skills and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts you'll close more sales.


On a side note, did you ever wonder why management wants you to make 100-150 calls a week?  I'll be going over that in my next blog.


-=Good Selling=- 





10 Awesome Tips for a Great MFP/Copier Demo

Demo, what the heck is that?  In other posts I've mentioned that demo's were the way we used to sell copy machines many years ago. 


One of the requirements of a copier sales person is that you needed to have some type of station wagon, hatch back or enclosed pick up truck.  Why?  Because the salesperson, that would be me and all of us that have been around since the 80's or before had to use our vehicles to bring copiers to a customers office!  We also have to navigate steps, one of more flights of stairs, basements, muddy drive ways, sleet, snow and rain.  Almost kinda made me feel like the mailman, because Post delivers!  (anyone get that).


You got pumped for demo's because you knew that if you had a good demo, meaning that the copier performed without jamming, you didn't get some off the wall question from a smart ass, that you had a great shot at closing the deal on the spot and then negotiating to leave the demo so you didn't have to lug it back to the office!  Gosh, I miss those days.


The other day I had a demo set for a customer to come to our showroom, since it's been awhile since I did a demo, I had to write a list of what needed to be done prior to the account coming in.  Here goes.


1.  Check the system for print, and copy quality a day in advance, this way if there is an issue you can get someone to rectify the issue.


2.  Go to your system at least 90 minutes prior to the customer getting there to set up the applications that you would like to demo.


3.  Check the print and copy quality again, also if you're with a color system make sure you calibrate the system for the copy mode, and all of the print modes. In the Ricoh systems there are at least four different print calibrations, while you're at it is there is an "auto registration" perform that function also.


4.  Place a couple of Silica Gel Packs in the paper tray to remove any moisture that maybe in the paper.


5.  Always remove the top sheet of paper that is in the print tray. Depending on when the last time the system was used, the top may have dirt, dust or even be crinkled. Get rid of it!


6.  Check paper sizes & print files to make sure you have the right combination of paper in the trays.


7.  Open all application print files and print each file before your customer arrives, and then keep the application minimized so you can get to it quickly, this eliminates the need to open the applications  and then select the print driver while the customer is waiting.


8.  Make sure you clean or remove any marks that may be on the panels or on the platen glass.


9.  If you're going to print envelopes, have the application ready, the envelopes loaded and the right paper size selected, nothing is more impressive that printing color envelopes without wrinkles.


10.  If you are interrupted  place you hand on the last feature or accessory that you were speaking about, this way you'll be able to remember where you left off.


Bonus Tip #1:  Learn how to present TCO of existing inkjet plotters vs LED wide format MFP's with this awesome spreadsheet calculator click here for more information.


Bonus Tip #2:  Plenty of mints for you, not the customer and don't forget to do your trial closes, and remember you don't have to complete the demo in order to ask for the order!


Bonus Tip #3:  At some point in the demonstration ask the prospect where they will be putting their new system (trial close). Tune in next week for Tip#4


Bonus Tip #4:  If your prospects asks you about the warranty, this will tell you that they are serious about you and your system. When they ask about the warranty turn this around and ask them "What type or term of warranty or maintenance agreement they are interested in!


=Good Selling=-

Committed to Dealer Success

It's refreshing to see an email from a office equipment manufacturer that is touting their web site as dealer and end user friendly.  A recent email from Formax introduced me to their new web site, and their claim to fame was the fact there was no dealer locator on their site. Thus dealers could send their customers to the site to gain additional product knowledge, videos and spec sheets.


Formax understands that dealers enabled them to be where they are today, when it comes to the copier channel all of the manufactures state "we're committed to the dealer channel", however they all still run a Direct Channel and then pit dealer against dealer when a prospect accesses their web site looking for a copier.


Case in point I was able to visit the web sites of Ricoh, Kyocera, KonicaMinolta, Sharp and Canon. In every instance when I input the zip code in their dealer locators I was shocked that Sharp, Canon and KonicaMinolta came up with eight dealers. Ricoh and Kyocera both came in with four dealers. In some cases there were dealers that were located in  New York City (which is a good 45 miles from the zip code). 


How can this many choices be good for the dealer, especially when we keep on hearing "we're committed to the dealer channel.  The only winners in what I described is the prospect and the manufacturer.


Just when I thought that I wouldn't be able to find a copier dealer channel web site that didn't have a dealer locator and was focused on specs, and product knowledge, I found Muratec.  We all know Muratec is not the biggest, but they just maybe the best when it comes to being "Committed to Dealer Success".  As far as I'm concerned, if I were a dealer owner (and I was one at one time), you can throw me all the back end money you want, but I won't believe you are committed to my success until you change your web site like Formax and Muractec.


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Scan2Fax with "Eric the Office Worker"

When we last heard from Eric "the office worker" he was was our featured office worker in these blogs:  Eric the "Office Worker" Gets a Supra Wide Format!, Print Audit Green with "Eric the Office Worker" and Ecopy Desktop & "Eric the Office Worker" along with Ricoh's PPDM enables an Epiphany for Eric the  "Office Worker"


The last we heard of Eric, he was working for DigDug Systems in Frostberg, MD, since then Eric the "Office Worker" has moved back to New Jersey (home of Rhutts Hot Dogs) and found a job with GigaHertz Power System in Wannakopier, NJ.


Over the years Eric has developed into a techie guru of sorts.  Eric's new job was to process order that were faxed to the company daily. He was one of 12 people that gathered the incoming order, entered the order in the system and then made of copy of the order for filing.  Eric alone (cause he was on top of his game) would process almost 100 orders per day and keep in mind that he was one of 12 users gathering documents from the three fax machines that were dedicated for inbound faxing.


Did I ever tell you Eric's last name?  It used to be Betterbid (sounds like a copier sales person name to me) and he got tired of that and had it changed to Sakash (whoa, sounds like another copier salesman's name too), but enough with Eric's name.  With three fax machines and 12 users there was a lot of jam ups at the fax machines, orders were getting mixed up, misplaced and lost!  Eric was also having a hard time with Wanda (you know Wanda, large girl, ornery and quite intimidating at the fax machines), Eric always waited for Wanda to finish getting her documents and then he'd meander and slither to the fax and lift his documents.


After many months of gathering faxes, processing, misplacing and losing faxes, our "Office Worker" that would be Eric make a mental note that there's gotta be a better way! So Eric went on a mission to see if there was a better way so he didn't have to deal with Wanda anymore.  Eric started search for all sorts of fax terms on the Internet, on one particular search Eric found this link MFP's can now Scan2Fax with UDOCX .



"Whoa" he thought, this could be the holy grail that he was looking for.  Eric in the past had some knowledge of MFP's, and by the looks of the video he figured he check out what MFP's were in use by GigaHertz.  Eric discovered that GigaHertz was using Xerox and Ricoh MFP's (Multifunctional Product) and with additional research realized that each of these machines were capable of adding a "browser" module to the MFP. 


Geesh he thought, if this technology could be added to the MFP's, well first he wouldn't have to deal with Wanda anymore and he wouldn't lose a fax, misplace or have to copy incoming faxes anymore! There'd be no more lines, no more mixups and no more Wanda.  It's sounding like a win win for our boy Eric right?


Well, kinda, Eric knew that technology is not cheap, and what would be the cost and would management go for it.  No one's spending additional money nowadays unless they can get an immediate ROI, right?


On the sly Eric made a few calls and found out from a UDOCX dealer that all three of the fax lines could be eliminated which means no line charge, no call charge, no long distance, no taxes, no fees to pay anymore.  Along with that for an additional few dollars every user (remember the other 11 workers) could have their own "Cloud" fax numbers! Imagine that everyone having their own dedicated fax number!  No more going to fax machine (yeah), no more butting heads with Wanda,  (yeah), no more lost faxes, no more misplaced faxes and no more copying of faxes. Plus Eric could use Scan2fax from the MFP and always have a digital paper trail!! 


When Eric did the math, GigaHertz could eliminate all of the fax lines, increase productivity and save money each month.  The beauty was in the ROI and the fact that the Scan2fax service was a monthly subscription, thus there's no lay out of cash, no IT people or resources needed because the software is running in the cloud!!


So, what did Eric do??  Well, as all good workers Eric made a mad dash to the Controllers office with information in hand, on the way he ran into Wanda, fell, broke his pelvis and had to go to the hospital.  Wanda felt so bad for Eric that she delivered the information on UDOCX scan2fax to the controllers office. 


Wanda called Eric a few days later see how he was doing and told Eric that when he comes back to work at GigaHertz in Wannakopier, NJ that he would have his own cloud fax number!!!


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Users Get Confused Because It Is Not All In the MFP

Multifunctional printers or devices (MFP or MFD - you pick which term you like best) are remarkable things.  At times you think they can actually think for you with the capabilities they offer.  There is a down side to this as well when we are trying to configure them for clients.


I am working with a lawyer's office where the key user has a list of the things that they would like to be able to do with the 'new' device:

  1. When documents are scanned she would like to do double side and single sided scans at the same time.  In discussing this what she wants is the ability to do double sided scans and eliminate the blank pages created when there is no data on the backside of the document.

  2. Would like to be able to manipulate the scans.  What is desired here is the ability to edit the output from the scan, cut and past sections of documents into other documents, add pages to the output and delete pages from the output of the scanning process.

  3. The client did not know the difference between OCR'd scans and PDF scans other than their current process uses their MFP to create PDF's and they cannot edit that output.

read more here

Toshiba Unveils World’s First Multifunction Product Incorporating Erasable Toner


By incorporating a unique toner, the leading managed document services (MDS) provider and business printing solutions innovator’s new device is capable of erasing images and text output allowing for the reuse of paper.


Toshiba’s new MFP enables organizations to set an example for their employees while asserting their ecological leadership. By reusing the same sheet as many as five times, users dramatically minimize paper usage while lessening carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 57 percent, as validated by the British Standards Institute, a global national standards organization. To further minimize an organization’s carbon footprint, the e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 integrates bio-based plastics – which produce 20 percent less CO2 emissions during production compared to traditional petroleum-based versions. The new e-STUDIO’s output – a distinctive blue – further distinguishes itself from any other available device while serving to notify users that the page’s output is erasable.


The e-STUDIORD30 unit is where a page’s output is erased. By applying heat, the toner color is effectively removed, thereby erasing any output on the page. For archival purposes, the eraser unit can also be configured to scan any documents to a network file location or USB drive prior to performing the erasing.


Reusable paper – which has been erased – is returned to the unit’s upper drawer while output that is unable to be fully erased is sent to the e-STUDIORD30’s bottom drawer to be recycled.


By integrating features common in Toshiba’s larger devices – including impressive warm-up and first copy out times, color scanning and 30-pages-per minute print speed – the compact and energy-efficient e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 is ideal for businesses of any size or sector.

Aside from its well-articulated eco features and design, Toshiba’s latest MFP includes advanced security functionality including the company’s proprietary Self Encrypting Drive (SED) with Automatic Data Invalidation (ADI) which renders the drive’s data useless if removed. By coupling the company’s IPSec enabler – which encrypts information sent to and from a device – and data overwrite capability, the e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 meets the U.S. Department of Defense’s rigid security requirements.


“Having incorporated erasable toner allowing output to be reused, Toshiba’s e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 is the first multifunction product available on the market with this dynamic capability,” said Andy Slawetsky, president of Industry Analysts, Inc. “Given this fact, it is a potential ground-breaking device; particularly for customers seeking to do their part to minimize environmental impact.”


To help organizations further lessen their carbon footprint, Toshiba offers its award-winning Encompass™ Analysis. The report presents users with a comprehensive understanding of their print-related eco footprint while introducing solutions on reducing environmental impact.


The company continues to provide customers free toner recycling through its zero-waste-to-landfill toner partnership with Close the Loop. In addition to accepting its own toner, Toshiba accepts any other brand of spent toner cartridges.


Toshiba’s e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 is currently available through authorized Toshiba dealers for slightly more than $10,000. For more information about Toshiba products, or to locate an authorized Toshiba dealer in your area, visit


About Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

Irvine, Calif.-based Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc., (TABS) is an independent operating company of Toshiba Corporation, the world’s eighth-largest electronics/electrical equipment company. TABS is a leading managed document services (MDS) provider with experts that help organizations take control of document security, workflow and print environments. With the award-winning Encompass™ managed print services (MPS) program, e-STUDIO™ line of multifunction printers (MFPs), toner products and retail information/thermal printing systems, TABS is leading the way for businesses to print smarter, work safer and conserve resources. For more information on Toshiba solutions and services available in the United States and Latin America, please visit

Follow Toshiba: Facebook Twitter @ToshibaMPS Blog

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Dr. PCL5 Wants to Cure Your Laserjet Printing Pain

The Doctor is in the HOUSE!!  One of the great features of the Print4Pay Hotel forums is the MEMBERS,  we have a resident guru (Dr. PCL5) that monitors the forums on a daily basis. Dr. PCL5 is lurking on the forums to see if there is a "pain" that he can cure. 


Dr. PCL5 is an expert at presenting custom solutions that can ease your customers pain when it comes to bar code printing solutions, check printing solutions, laserjet font set solutions, eforms and custom print solutions. Best of all his advise is FREE, and when was the last time you went to the Doctor and he didn't charge you?


While we all claim we sell solutions are we really digging deep enough into every workflow opportunity with a current customer or a potential client? For example, today one of our reps was working on a rather large opportunity for multiple units for a net new account.  The account had eight or so payments left on the existing MFP lease, our rep was dejected because when he ran the numbers for the MFP's and the service he was not able to lower their payments.  He was looking for the EASY sale and I can't blame him because I'd try to do the same thing. I mentioned to him that he needs to dig deeper with the account, find the pain because somewhere there is pain with their workflow. I won't get into the particulars because I'm saving that for another blog. Maybe, just maybe eforms would save them countless hours of labor, point is you never know unless you ask.


If you're a Print4Pay Hotel member, you can take a trip here to post a question for Dr. PCL5 and if you're not a member then consider this a special invitation to join the Worlds only social web site that is dedicated to everyone in the Imaging Industry. You can join here.


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