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16 Tips to Help You Sell More Production Print Systems #3 of 16

Many years ago we started "seeding" accounts with small A4 MFP's.  We would offer them after the sale for cost when we leased a larger A3 device.  Cost was under $400, thus at the signing of the lease we would ask the customer if they needed any additional small MFP's for high level execs or maybe they needed one in their home office.  Since most of the leases were 60 months, we were able to offer these for just and additional $8 per month. 


We moved many of these units, and sure enough a lot of those units were upgraded to even larger A4 or A3 devices.  We were sowing the seeds for additional placements.


So, lets that this a step further.  Production Printing is BIG, and even getting BIGGER from what I see.  Production Printers can range from a low of $30k and in many cases top $100k per system. 


Let's face it, when you find an account that has just purchased or leased a Production Printer, you'll be following up for many years before that lease is due to expire.  You also run the risk that your contact may not be with the company for the duration of the lease.


My plan, is to start seeding Production Print accounts with color niche products. Those color niche products could be a color envelope press, color digital print system that can print on 500gsm substrate, label press, folder, shrink wrapper.  Pretty much something that they maybe buy or lease before they are ready for the next Production Print system.


Once I'm in the door with one of my products it will be much easier to keep tabs on the current lease, hear about the performance of the system and the service. 


I believe that if we want to be successful with Production Printing, then we need to look at additional digital equipment that puts ink or toner onto substrates.  We'll develop more opportunities, better relationships and offer more value to the customer than just the dealership of direct that offers Production Printers.


There are some incredible products on the market now, that has the sizzle to get you that first appointment. In addition we'll see more opportunities with additional color digital devices to capture additional clicks. Heck, if you're the creative type you could create your own niche digital print systems.


-=Good Selling=-


5 Reasons Why You Should Dump Ricoh Wide Format Business

Let me first state that the current line of Ricoh wide format LED systems are excellent when it comes to reliability and print/copy/scan quality. 


Personally, I would love to see Ricoh stay in the LED wide format business. 


The W3601 press release was on March 20th, 2011 and is still a current  model that I sell.  However, in five months the W3601 will be four years old!!! There's no large screen display, no USB scan or print, no mobile print, no ICE, and I could go on and on.  But, I want to stay on topic for us.


1)  I've asked many people in the wide format business and some Ricoh folks about replacements for the aged W3601, W5100  or W7140. Everyone has told me that they have not heard of anything on the horizon.  I would tend to think that something would be in the pipeline after four years! Maybe, it's just a BIG secret and they will WOW us?  I'm thinking maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up.


2) There may be a 24 inch version of the CW2200 coming soon, however, how in the world will that help with W3601 customers that are now coming to term or are at term with 36, 48 and 60 month leases. Our upgrade path is what?  Another W3601 with Plotworks?  OMG


3) We are subsidizing Ricoh's deal with PLP for Plotworks with increased cost. Think about this, a customer just wants a W3601 to make copies, or a customer just wants a system that will copy and scan.  Guess what, they still get Plotworks and we still have the higher cost.  Most customers don't need Plotworks, but in order to remain competitive there are those of us that have had to sacrifice margins in order to keep a current customer!


4) Years ago, Ricoh Wide Format was it's own division with Ricoh Americas.  Today, wide format is lumped in under PPBG (Ricoh Print Production Group). Does that make any sense at all?  Tell me, when was the last time you heard from someone at Ricoh who cared about your wide format portfolio? 


5) HP Page-wide Printing for Wide Format Printers is coming to a town near you by the end of the second quarter of 2015.  The Page-wide system will be a game changing event for customers that need to upgrade older LED plotters and want some color. Who doesn't want color? 


Can we put our faith in Ricoh that they will protect our wide format portfolio? Ricoh seems to be focused more on Print Production Systems, Business Color and their MDS (managed document services), and that's not a bad thing.  I understand that LED wide format revenue is not a top priority. 


I would love for someone to tell me there is NEW product on the way!!!


But, for those of us that make our living with wide format, do we stay on the cruise to nowhere, or do we get off at the first port and make something happen!!!


-=Good Selling=-

Beyond the Breach: General Data Management Considerations

Much of the news related to information governance has related directly back to security and data breaches in recent years, and for good reason as a wealth of organizations have fallen victim to theft and exposure in that time frame. First and foremost, information protection needs to become a more common goal for a wider variety of industries in the coming years, otherwise the economic damages of identity theft and fraud will only continue to move on an upward track.

With this in mind, businesses should also remember that sound data management practices - even those that have little or nothing to do with raw protection against breaches - will generally yield positive results when it comes to the cyber security arena, as well as many more in general operational performances. Security is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle that includes matters such as compliance, governance, disaster recovery, analytics and much more.

When a business takes a proactive and comprehensive approach to data management, the chances of excelling in the market will be far higher, as information remains the lifeblood of any organization. Now that powerful analytics tools, as well as data center services that include managed cloud solutions, are readily available for corporate consumption, the opportunities to progress into the modern era of IT and information management are relatively boundless.

To ensure that the business is taken care of from a security and management perspective, leveraging solutions from a robust vendor, such as one that can offer everything from email encryption to data center protection, will generally work to the advantage of the adopting company. Before competitors begin to excel and leave a business in the dust, it is the responsibility of firms to take the initiative and get more advanced capabilities into play.

Going back to the basics


Chris Poelker, writing for Computerworld, recently explained what the four pillars of data management entail, affirming that a synergy between technologies and management frameworks are critical to get the job done. Remember, data center management is not only rooted in the equipment's prowess contained therein, but even more so contingent upon the ways in which employees are managing the information that is passing through and being stored in these environments.
According to the author, the first pillar is known as provisioning, which essentially covers all of the ways in which information is stored and accessed from a management perspective. Creating frameworks that maintain efficiency and consistency across a wide range of users and access to generation end points will help to ensure that the data management strategy is working to the benefit of the company, rather than creating excess complexity over time. He noted that this pillar should contain virtually everything that pertains to raw storage materials and utilities.
Next, Poelker stated that protection should be involved in the basic planning of data management procedures, working to integrate security-related tools such as encryption and verification directly into the strategy. This pillar has become one of the most important, as he added that it is also the area on which companies appear to be spending the largest sum of budget in the modern era.

Moving right along, the author went on to explain that replication represents the third pillar of data management, and that both IT functions and information need to be covered by these practices. Replication can help to ensure that IT service delivery and information governance work together in a holistic and consistent fashion, leading to more efficient and productive performances without putting any data at risk of loss.
Finally, Poelker stated that recovery is the fourth pillar of data management that companies need to keep an eye on, and this is a matter that also impacts the continuity of a given organization. By focusing on the creation and execution of strong data-related disaster recovery strategies, organizations will be safer when a major event strikes.

Seeking out assistance

Even when a company has a large IT department filled with skillful professionals, data management can still represent an area of strain and frustration for all involved. Configuration, integration, service delivery, information governance and several other tasks cannot and should not be solely placed as an IT department's responsibility, as this will be simultaneously ineffective and inefficient for a variety of reasons.
Instead, leveraging managed data center services can help companies to free up their IT departments for more strategic matters, all the while maintaining stronger performances due to a greater degree of support coming from the outside. Organizations might be surprised at just how financially and operationally advantageous this approach to data center management has become, especially when looking at the benefits related to fewer security issues and service disruptions that come with expert care.


David Bailey is Senior Vice President at Protected Trust. 

Protected Trust is a sponsor of the Print4Pay Hotel. I urge members and readers to visit their site to see their full line of products and services.  More and more we need to provide well rounded strategic solutions for our customers. Protected Trust offers some unique solutions that can help us in our day to day efforts. Check them out here.

This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Second Week of October 2004

Every week I look to Wikipedia to see what was going on in the world ten years ago.  Every week according to Wikipedia the War in Iraq dominates every day and every week. So, since I'm tired of reading about war, I thought I would pull something from the archives for us.


Xerox releases 12 new color and monochrome MFP devices and Canon launches new imageRUNNER Pro 125VP and imageRUNNER Pro 150VP, 125 page-per-minute (ppm) and 150 ppm(ii) black-and-white printers (respectively) for high volume Print On Demand (POD), Central Reprographic Department (CRD) and transactional print environments.  Read the threads below!!!


          10/7/04 8:19 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Press Release Source: Canon U.S.A., Inc. Canon Targets Commercial Print Market with Expansion of Flagship Digital Press Production Portfolio Thursday October 7, 8:30 am ET Growth Strategy Focuses on Introduction of Monochrome imageRUNNER Pro 125VP/150VP
          10/7/04 8:25 PM
          Topic by Guest
Xerox Sets Standard for Speed, Functionality with New Wave of 12 Office Products Tuesday October 5, 8:00 am ET  WorkCentre Pro C3545 Advanced Multifunction System Redefines Office Color at Fastest Speeds in Its Class NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct
          10/12/04 5:09 PM
          Topic by Guest
          The back side leading edge has toner on it and fades out as you get to the trail edge. if you run multiple copies it is only on the first copy. I have noticed that if you look at the drum prior to making copies there is a coating of toner on the drum....
          10/12/04 8:10 PM
          Topic by Guest
          At Graph Expo 2004, Xerox Corporation demonstrated what it calls the world's fastest cut-sheet, highlight color printing system, operating at 180 ppm (nearly twice as fast as the previous Xerox speed benchmark of 92 ppm). Xerox showcased the new product
          10/12/04 8:14 PM
          Topic by Guest
          SUCCESS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 12, 2004-- Further expanding its already extensive line of Canon-branded specialty print media, Canon U.S.A., Inc., the nation's market share brand leader in black-and-white and color laser copier/printer solutions
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          10/8/04 2:24 PM
          Reply by jswinberlin jswinberlin is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Ted: I ran into the same thing. I ended up having to go to a pc that doesn't have sp2, but I know this isn't the solution. I think Ricoh is going to have to update the software.
          10/8/04 11:45 PM
          Reply by Guest
          the situation and believe salesperson in question should "pony up" and take care of those who take care of him. When selling for Ricoh, we sales people get to accumulate points for products and or gift certificates. Share the wealth if not with the dollars
          10/10/04 6:19 PM
          Reply by Guest
          This was posted on the Ricoh UK site Thank you for using Ricoh products. Microsoft have announced the release of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Security Enhancement). It is available for download from the web and will be delivered automatically to
          10/12/04 8:57 PM
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          The 2535 would be the Ricoh 1035
          10/8/04 8:29 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Can someone please email me a copy of the warranty card from a Ricoh Laser Printer (could be savin, lanier, gestetner). Please! Thanx
          10/8/04 4:16 PM
          Topic by Guest
          ALL RICOH GURUS, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, I'm going to go see the NC State Wolfpack take care of the Tarheels. There's nowhere like Wilmington nc
          10/10/04 6:28 PM
          Topic by Guest
          compressed with Ricohs unique compression method, it is virtually impossible to restore it to its original state. To double security, the data can be erased. To this end, Ricoh presents Data Overwrite Security Unit. Safeguarding your MFP Whenever pages are
          10/11/04 10:28 PM
          Topic by Guest
          , VircoSoft, Sentryfile, Idatix, Memory Experts, Print Audit, Ricoh may be able to have training and solution seminars. I think this can be pulled off depending on how many members would commit. We could also have a round table with P4P members and discuss
          10/10/04 6:05 PM
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          President of Marketing Peter J. Strand Corporate Controller Kurt E. Albershardt Co-founder and Director of Network Engineering John M. Greathouse Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development OFFICE(S) CallWave, Inc. 136 W. Canon Perdido St
          10/15/04 11:45 AM
          Reply by Darren .... Darren .... is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          My scanning gripe with the 1515 .... the FAX 4410NF is basically the 1013/1515 machine without a flatbed ... correct?  Why does Ricoh not put color scanning on the 1515MF?  If they can do it on the 4410NF, Samsung can do it VERY inexpensively for the....
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5 Reasons Why I hate My Comp Plan!!

A few years ago a  Sales Manager made this statement,  "There is no perfect sales comp plan".  Ok, I beg to differ. There is a perfect sales comp plan, that perfect plan is too give me 100% of the commissions!  Especially since you're nickel and diming me to the poor house!


1)  At $390 I can accept the cost to return a copy machine to the leasing company. I understand that there are costs involved.  But, charging me $390 each when we have to return 6 copy machines to the same location is a sin!  What really gets me is when four of those copy machines are Segment ones!


2) $350 to deliver and install one copy machine is more than acceptable, but what if I sell 10 to the same location?  You're going to charge $3,500 for one truck and three people to deliver and install 10 copy machines!  Wow, does that get me going.....


3) Service and Supply pricing, I get the point that you are in business to make a profit.  But, why are my selling prices higher for maintenance and supplies?  I've seen it.  When at a customers office, went through maintenance and supply invoices and my company has sold them cheaper than I can. Wowie!


4) Leasing, ah this one really gets the goat.  In most cases you'll make more on the lease rate factor increase than I will make in commissions for the deal!!


5)  Do you really need to markup a production system that has a cost of $30,000 by 15% ($4,500), and then only pay me 27.5% of the gross profit?  I sold the system for $40,000, you made $4,500 on the markup, $3,987 on the 72.5% of the gross profit that you keep, and $1,230 on the increase lease rate factor.  Thus you got $9,717 and I got a stinking $1,512 before taxes!!!!


I like my job, but after 22 years in the business, a great customer base, I've got some soul searching to do.

My Top Ten Copy Machines of All Time #3

Think about this,  a digital copier that can scan up to A3 (up to 11x17), and only print or copy onto A4 size (letter or legal).  You don't see that feature with today's digital copiers. ( I wrote this a 5 years ago, figured I would update, there are a few of these available new today)

I for one believe many of today's copier manufacturers are missing the boat on this, however, that's a blog for another day.


Back in the early nineties, we were selling the Copystar (Mita) line of copiers.  For a small dealership, the line was acceptable because the systems were manufactured by Mita.  At one time Mita was a pretty big deal with copiers, although they never came close to the market share that Canon & Sharp enjoyed.

Right, back to that special copier.  The Mita DC-1255 was so cool,  the copier offered a non moving platen (top glass) that would hold an original as large as 11x17!  This system offered a lot of versatility for the end user with an affordable price.


The copy speed was 11 pages per minute (can you believe only 11 pages a minute), offered only one universal paper tray which held 250 sheets of statement (5.5 x 8.5), letter and legal.  The by-pass tray was limited to one sheet of paper. Customers could by additional paper trays if needed, but only one at a time would fit in the copier.  For the life of me, I can't remember if the system offered zoom reduction or enlargement (I'm thinking no, but could be wrong).

Why do I rate this as one of my favs? 

The best feature with the DC-1255 was that you could place an 11x17 original on the platen and then have that document reduced to letter or legal size.  Thus, the talking point to the customer was why pay more for a copy machine that could copy 11x17 size for size when you could reduce the 11x17 originals to letter or legal. In fact, the additional talking point was that reduced copies kept all of the documents the same size and were much easier to file. In addition reduced copies would take less space, and letter size copy paper was half the cost of 11x17!

Thus, a simple little feature that allowed for the reduction of 11x17 documents to letter or legal allowed us to compete and steal business away from other manufacturers that only offered an A3 copier.


In the old days, we were taught FAB.  Feature, Advantage and Benefit.  You would tell the customer the feature which was 11x17 reduction to letter, the advantage was they didn't have to buy 11x17 paper any more, and the benefit would have been the lower cost of the system when compare to the higher priced 11x17 models.

I guess all those years ago, Mita had it right that the future was A4 devices. If anyone has a brochure for the MIta DC 1255, please email to me so I can add to our catalog of brochures!!!

-=Good Selling=-

A Roundup Of Recent Breaches, Subsequent Damages

Data breaches have moved into the forefront of the public eye in the past year, driven by a consistent stream of new events that highlight just how behind the average organization is in preparation and defense strategies. Information exposure has fueled the rising rate of identity theft, which is among the most significant and damaging crimes in the United States and on the global scale, costing economies hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Especially right now when the U.S. and international community are still fighting back from the grasps of one of the worst recessions in history, having these types of unnecessary financial strains is simply not doing the world's businesses, consumers and governments any good. The fact that a wealth of the most significant data breaches that took place in the past year could have been avoided should be a source of frustration for all those impacted in the wake of the events.

Studies are indicating that while businesses continue to allocate more of their budgets toward stronger IT security solutions such as email encryption software and data center services, decision-makers might not be thinking in the right way. As is the case with any significant problem, throwing money flippantly at the perceived issue is not going to solve the problem, yet organizational leaders in the public and private sectors continue to take this strange approach to improvements.

Rather than wasting money on solutions that will simply not work to the benefit of a given company, leaders should be focusing their efforts on the evaluation of needs and objectives, then aligning their investment decisions with these matters in real time. This will help to ensure that purchases of items such as email security and secure cloud services will work to the utmost benefit of the firm, protecting it from some of the dangers that are floating around the World Wide Web.

Jimmy John's: Great name, terrible press My Fox Detroit recently reported that Jimmy John's, a national restaurant chain that operates in several states, has admitted it fell victim to a significant data breach which might have impacted as many as 18 locations in Michigan alone. One of the biggest problems the firm is facing in the wake of this event is not actually related to the gravity of the information exposure, but actually the time it took for officials to notify customers about the potential exposure of their data.

According to the news provider, the chain's officials stated that they have been aware of the event for roughly two months, yet they just made that information public. Remember, the most damaging breaches tend to be the ones that are not swiftly reconciled by the victimized company, which is why so many states have enacted stringent data breach notification standards to ensure that potentially endangered consumers are alerted to the problem more quickly.

Other sources are beginning to investigate this breach and try to nail down a specific number regarding how many credit cards might have been compromised during the months when the systems were infiltrated. At the end of the day, though, another source of damage will likely be attached to the violation of notification standards, which would potentially result in a massive fine and potential sanctions.

Home Depot's headaches

In what has been one of the stranger stories regarding data security and breaches in recent memory, Home Depot is still wading through all of the headaches from a major breach a few weeks ago. This has been an odd chain of events because so many have argued the breach will not be as damaging to the company as the event that took place last winter was to Target, despite the fact that Home Depot exposed far more consumers' information.

The National Law Journal reported that Home Depot is now beginning to field a stream of lawsuits by impacted customers, of which there have already been 15 confirmed litigation proceedings. According to the source, roughly 56 million individuals are believed to have been affected by the breach, while the firm has accrued in excess of $62 million in damages at this stage in the game, and that number is sure to rise significantly as the months progress.

As was the case in the Target breach, consumers are unifying to levy class action lawsuits against Home Depot, while other groups are likely to get involved in the process, especially consumer privacy advocates. At the end of the day, many of these negative impacts can at least be minimized through more effective security management and preparations.

By investing in email monitoring, data center security and encryption services now, organizations can at least be better off when an attack takes place in their systems.


David Bailey is Senior Vice President at Protected Trust. 

Protected Trust is a sponsor of the Print4Pay Hotel. I urge members and readers to visit their site to see their full line of products and services.  More and more we need to provide well rounded strategic solutions for our customers. Protected Trust offers some unique solutions that can help us in our day to day efforts. Check them out here.

Old Copier Brochures & Ads Preserved @ Print4Pay Hotel

The first plain paper copier was marketed in 1959 by Xerox.  The model 914 weighed some 648 lbs and only made seven copies per minute. 


When people think about copiers, most will think that all copy machines made copies onto plain cut sheet paper.  Actually there were many manufacturers that manufactured e-stat copiers. Those copiers used rolls of paper that were treated with chemicals to make the liquid or dry toner populate the image on the paper.


As I'm always searching the web for copier information, I've found that a large part of the copier industry is missing from the internet.  There is a tremendous amount of data from the nineties and forward, however almost nothing about the copiers and manufacturers of the past from the sixties, seventies and eighties.


My first training as a service tech was on some liquid Apeco and Minolta 101 copiers. By 1982 the vast majority of copiers that I saw in the field were cut sheet plain paper models like the Minolta EP510, the Minolta EP310 (aka IBM 102).   


One of my initiatives for the Print4Pay Hotel this year is to gather as much information from that time period and post it on this site. So, for all of you old timers out there or maybe you're the son or daughter of parent that started your dealership, go check your archives and see what you can come up with.  We'd love to have them posted here for the future!!!

-=Good Selling=-

BTA EAST Grand Slam Event Review

It's about the Vendors.  Thus, I'd like to focus this blog about the Vendors who support the BTA Channel and the Print4Pay Hotel. 


The BTA East Grand Slam events is one of my favs!!  No need to fly, a short three hour drive and what could be better than spending a few days in Baltimore's Inner Harbor!!


BLI, Buyers Lab: 50 years, Buyers Laboratory (BLI) has been a leading source for unbiased and reliable intelligence for the global digital imaging industry.  All of BLI's competitive information services can be access in it's Web-based imaging intelligence product bliQ. 


I've seen it, I've used it and I can't do with out it.  Every salesperson should have access to this treasure trove of data. It's a program that you sure keep open the entire day that you're in the office.


Muratec Americas: It's all about the service & support right? Anyone looking for a second line or even a main line should consider Muratec.  In the near future (November)  Muratec will be expanding to offer a 45 & 55 page per minute color A3 MFP.  In addition they will also offer a 36 & 45 page per minute black A3 MFP. Great fact is that you can only buy a Muratec MFP from a Muratec Dealer. Isn't that refreshing!


Polek & Polek:  A New Jersey company that I remember from my dealer days back in the Eighties.  Polek & Polek provides high-quality compatible parts, toner and cartridges, saving dealers up to 60% over OEM costs.  Polek & Polek also provides remote device management and a chip-reset service for drum/imaging units. 


Did you know that during one Jersey Nor-Easter that the guys at Polek & Polek actually delivered toner by sled!!!!  True story, now that's customer service!!!!


Print Audit:  Print Audit develops print tracking and auditing software that enable organizations to analyze, reduce and recover their printing volumes and costs.  Print Audits Premier Program is without a doubt one of the "ten best values" that's available to Office Equipment Dealers. Print Audit's innovations have fueled it's success; the company has achieved an average of 362% annual growth over the past ten years. Check out their new Print Management Insider Blog here.


ESP/SurgeX:  Headquartered in Zebulon, N.C., is a global leader in power management technology. It's products provide unparalleled industrial-grade protect, safeguard the reliability of digital equipment and enable service-based organizations to proactively manage power quality.  Check out this blog I wrote about two weeks ago ESP/Surge Hits Home Run with New Remote Portal for Real Time Power Events.


Lease Corporation of America:  In 1988, Lease Corporation of America began establishing mutually beneficial business relationships based on trust. "Financing you can Trust" epitomizes the LCA founding philosophy and has been a constant factor in the success over the past 25 years. 


If I were to ever strike it out on my own again, LCA would be my main source to offer financing to my customers. It's not just because of the rates, it's the integrity and the relationship.  It's also about a company that is willing to go outside of the box and create exciting lease programs that you can offer to your clients. One of those programs that was offered was that the first six months of the lease, they payments would be $100 per month, and then the lease would step up to the correct payment.  I thought this was an excellent promotion and I'm sure this would have helped many of my customers get off the fence and do business with me.  Give em a click here.


DocuWare:  DocuWare has more than 10,000 installations and more than 100,000 satisfied users daily in 70 countries. Docuware offers solutions that target small to mid-size companies, government agencies and departments in large organizations. More than 400 Authorized Docuware Partners make up a worldwide independent dealer network, employing more than 1,000 Docuware experts. 


More and more,  guys and gals like me are digging deeper to help customers with business processes.  Keep in mind that Docuware is not just about Document Management anymore, DocuWare can automate the entire process of capturing, organizing, accessing, viewing, collaborating on, updating, integrating and customizing it.  Check out their awesome web site here.


Note from Art


I hope I didn't miss anyone. For those of you that are Print4Pay Hotel members and even those of you who are not but enjoy the site.  Please support the vendors of the BTA and the Print4Pay Hotel. With out these awesome vendors there wouldn't be a BTA or Print4Pay Hotel.


-=Good Selling=-


Winners make things happen and losers wait for things to happen!

This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago First Week of October 2004

A team of Japanese and Mongolian archaeologists announce that they have found the 13th-century palace of Genghis Khan, at a site about 150 miles east of Ulan Bator, Mongolia, and that his tomb may be located nearby.


Below are the top threads from Ten Tears ago on the Print4Pay Hotel:


          10/7/04 8:19 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Press Release Source: Canon U.S.A., Inc. Canon Targets Commercial Print Market with Expansion of Flagship Digital Press Production Portfolio Thursday October 7, 8:30 am ET Growth Strategy Focuses on Introduction of Monochrome imageRUNNER Pro 125VP/150VP
          10/7/04 8:25 PM
          Topic by Guest
Xerox Sets Standard for Speed, Functionality with New Wave of 12 Office Products Tuesday October 5, 8:00 am ET  WorkCentre Pro C3545 Advanced Multifunction System Redefines Office Color at Fastest Speeds in Its Class NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct
          10/4/04 9:40 PM
          Topic by Guest
          September 30, 2004 - Xerox Broadens Workflow Offerings To Help Print Professionals Simplify Work, Attract New Business, Better Manage Print Jobs FreeFlow Process Manager, Print Manager, Web Services and Makeready enable streamlined, automated digital
          10/4/04 9:43 PM
          Topic by Guest
          offering, Xeroxs FreeFlow Office Fax Pro, provides integrated, server-based fax functionality  extending powerful fax capabilities to the desktop, while also providing walk-up fax capabilities in Xerox WorkCentre Pro advanced multifunction systems. Workflow
          10/6/04 9:58 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Hopefully somebody out there can help.  I', working with an architecture firm that is currently using a TOSHIBA E-Studio 210 Color w/ fiery, their average file size is about 90 Megs. I have been trying to stear clear of the TOSHIBA / RICOH but scanning
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Senior P4P'er
          10/2/04 3:13 PM
          Reply by Guest
          They all say Ricoh
          10/8/04 2:24 PM
          Reply by jswinberlin jswinberlin is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Ted: I ran into the same thing. I ended up having to go to a pc that doesn't have sp2, but I know this isn't the solution. I think Ricoh is going to have to update the software.
          10/5/04 6:00 PM
          Topic by Guest
          printing costs," TenElshof recalls. "The idea was to move them from the 'Let's get the cheapest printer that we can' stage to looking at their total printing costs." The school's review confirmed the Applied Imaging/Ricoh estimates. As a result, all of
          10/8/04 8:29 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Can someone please email me a copy of the warranty card from a Ricoh Laser Printer (could be savin, lanier, gestetner). Please! Thanx
          10/8/04 4:16 PM
          Topic by Guest
          ALL RICOH GURUS, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, I'm going to go see the NC State Wolfpack take care of the Tarheels. There's nowhere like Wilmington nc
          10/5/04 8:17 PM
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          2 Post from the Aficio League 1st Post The color is a bit better and the price will be dropped if they know a Ricoh is in there. I had one prospect who bishub price went from 19K to 10K when they found out I was in there. I was the second choice but 2nd
          10/6/04 3:56 PM
          Reply by Guest
          There is a new 300DPI driver out from Ricoh that fixes this problem.  There is also an updated driver for the 470W, it has the same issue.
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In Focus: Email Security, Management

In many instances, business leaders believe that email security is among the least of their concerns when it comes to data management and protection, focusing the entirety of their efforts on other communications tools, infrastructure components, devices and the like. Now, while it is valid that certain other aspects in the corporate infrastructure are going to be more difficult to control and secure, such as mobile devices and networks, leaders should not fail to see the dangers of inadequate email protection.

Email accounts often act as the foundation of a given individual's online identity, as they are a popularly used form of authentication, a storage database for a wealth of communications and much, much more. Think about when an employee forgets his or her password - the website will often send a verification notification to the email account, and the staff member will then have to use the link therein to reset the password or make other changes to access management.

Going a step further, so much information is transferred through email today that one would likely be hard-pressed to find a company that does not have any sensitive information stored in these environments. So, how would a company be able to protect itself from the wealth of dangers on the Internet today without a significant amount of effort placed in the email encryption and security arena? Even when other components are protected, this will always represent a significant risk.

Now, after a few major data breaches that led to the exposure of login and password information among email users, it is becoming a bit clearer that many businesses have lagged in their approaches to security specifically in terms of these accounts. The time is now for a major changing of the guard, as threat mitigation and risk management are all about comprehension and proactivity - two characteristics that are significantly lacking in the modern private and public sectors.

Proof is in the pudding

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that one survey from LexisNexis revealed roughly 90 percent of legal entities are using email for corporate communications functions, yet few are actually protecting these messages from unsanctioned access and manipulation. Although every industry needs to be aware of the dangers that come through when email security is not maximized, law firms have bigger concerns to worry about.

For example, legal discovery, chain of custody, general information governance and, of course, data security will generally dictate how successful one law firm is against another in a litigation proceeding. This is why it is relatively horrifying that the LexisNexis survey revealed only a little more than one-fifth of law firms are actually using email encryption services, putting virtually every message at risk of exposure or theft, the news provider noted.

What's more, the source pointed out that nearly 60 percent of those very same respondents admitted that significant issues would arise should a non-intended reader come across one of these emails.

"There's clearly a disconnect between expressed security concerns and measures law firms employ to protect their clients and themselves," LexisNexis senior product manager and attorney Christopher T. Anderson explained, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Relying on a mere statement of confidentiality when sharing privileged communications by email is a weak measure–and further it might protect the law firm but affords very little protection for the client."

At the end of the day, this is just a drop in the river when looking at the widespread lack of email security commitments across industries.

When will knowledge spread?


Again, companies have fought an uphill battle to quickly and adequately secure all of their digital assets, and no one is arguing that this has been an easy or straightforward responsibility in any sense. It is certainly understandable that organizations struggle to keep a close eye on every potential risk given how quickly devices, applications, systems and more are entering the average corporate environment.

However, the excuses for not having comprehensive and proactive approaches to security are few and fading, and leaders must recognize that they will be the most damaged parties when a major breach or other incident strikes.

One of the more worrisome, yet consistent findings in recent studies and surveys is that decision-makers understand what the threats are and why they represent such significant risk, but are either lethargic or completely apathetic when it comes time to provision tools to protect their operations.

Email encryption services have become relatively affordable, intuitive and easy to implement, while the best ones will never hinder productivity among employees who are using the tools. The time is now to get a bit smarter with email security, and businesses must understand that these accounts are the first step toward avoiding a major headache when a hacker makes them a target.


David Bailey is Senior Vice President at Protected Trust. 

Protected Trust is a sponsor of the Print4Pay Hotel. I urge members and readers to visit their site to see their full line of products and services.  More and more we need to provide well rounded strategic solutions for our customers. Protected Trust offers some unique solutions that can help us in our day to day efforts. Check them out here.

Remember When Everyone Owned a Murata Fax?

While at the Canatta Awards Dinner last week, I had asked a question to Lou Sticklin (Director of Marketing) how Muratec America got started. 


For those of us that are dinosaurs in the industry, we remember that Muratec America was once known as a Murata Business Systems in the early eighties. 


Lou told me that there was a group of people from Burroughs Corporation/Fax Division that approached Mr. Murata and convinced him to market Murata Fax machines here in the United States. Thus in 1985 Murata started marketing their own fax systems under it's own name from their corporate office in Dallas, Texas.  In 1986 Burroughs Corporation merged with Sperry Corporation and changed their name to Unisys.  In 1992 Murata Business Solutions changed their name to Muratec Americas.


By, 1986, I had my own dealership.  It was not uncommon for office equipment dealers to carry one brand of copiers and a different brand of fax machines.  My dealership was Authorized for Adler Royal (mita) copiers and over the years we had three different fax partners. They were Teli (Sweden), Mitsubishi and then Brother. 


Fax sales in the eighties were HOT!  Every business had to have at least one, and if you were fortunate to have some large accounts you couldn't  keep them in stock. 


Selling fax machines was just like selling copiers, phone calls, newspaper ads, knocking on the doors was the way to fill your funnel.  Here in the NY metro area, I can remember cold calling and always either going up against a dealer that sold the Murata fax machines or I had to quote against them.  They were solid machines and they always had the newest feature set to offer the customers. Back in the eighties if you had a Murata Dealership you were the crÈme de la crÈme of the office equipment dealers.  If you were just starting your dealership you then opted for the Teli, Omni fax, Hitachi, Sanyo's of the world.


I can still remember companies that would have 8 or 10 fax machines side by side, all they did was receive faxes from their customers. Other customers would have one for incoming and one for outgoing.  I can also remember buying hundreds of boxes of thermal roll fax paper each month.  You see, back then, the only consumable was the paper. It wasn't until the mid nineties that we saw the transition to plain paper fax machines.


When thinking about the History of Fax machines, I'll always remember that Murata was an awesome machine and a tough one to beat.


BTW, Lou was kind enough to email me some very old brochures for the site, you can view them here.


-=Good Selling=-

This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Fourth Week of September 2004

In the world of the fictional television series Lost, Oceanic Flight 815 goes missing somewhere over the Pacific Ocean en route to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia.


I found this interesting since flight MH370 went missing many months ago. I have my own theory, and since there is no evidence, I guess every theory can be plausible. I believe the plane was shot down over the Straits of Malaysia by the Malaysian government. Once they erred, the covered up.  Anyway, back the popular threads from ten years ago on the Print4Pay Hotel!





          9/27/04 7:31 PM
          Topic by Guest
MINOLTA FORMALIZES BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH KIP AMERICA Partnership expands versatility of Minolta's Digital Microform Scanners. Minolta will sell and market the KIP America Starprint 2000 Series of large format printers. KIP America's Starprint
          9/27/04 3:40 PM
          Reply by Guest
Ricoh definitely has this unit on the launch pad but I think it will be early 2005 according to my sources.  This will finally be the "ricoh" replacement product for the antique 6513 and it will be an OEM product, not a Toshiba (aka AF3131) knockoff.
          9/22/04 5:17 PM
          Reply by H2OSkier H2OSkier is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Found out a couple of more things on this:  - supposedly 8-bit color  - both Fiery and Ricoh controller options available
          9/22/04 6:18 PM
          Reply by jswinberlin jswinberlin is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I think you're right Jomamma. This may be where we have to draw the line and say, "hey, you have to contact your IT person. It works fine on all of the other PC's." But, I think this may be an ongoing thing. MS updates their OS and Ricoh has to create a
          9/28/04 11:14 AM
          Reply by Guest
          There were also some changes in the fax capabilities in the e version.  If I remember correctly it had to do with the fax forwarding (tsi routing)to different in-boxes etc.  Basically, Ricoh launched the 2035/2045, and then made improvements to the
          9/29/04 6:49 PM
          Reply by spressomon spressomon is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Ron: Have you heard if Ricoh is, indeed, working on a solution for the interposer compatability? Unfortunately I am closing a deal, right now, for a 2090 with the GBC...don't know how to proceed with regard to your experiences... Thank you, Dan
          9/28/04 9:30 AM
          Topic by Ted Ted is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          When I started in this business, I sold Sharp Analog.  One of the first machines I learned on and sold was the Sharp 2060 (60cpm).  It was one of the worst machines Sharp ever made.  they even had a 2075 (75cpm).  Now the rumor mill says that the 1060 is
          9/29/04 11:50 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Can anyone supply me with a copy of the "ricoh warranty" for this product. Preferably the one that comes out of the box. Art
          9/29/04 6:38 PM
          Topic by Tony Serna Tony Serna is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I up against a Canon IR3100c, I'm needing pricing can anyone help me. Tony
          9/24/04 2:17 PM
          Topic by Lillian Wolfe Lillian Wolfe is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Does anyone know if Elmer's Products (the glue) in Columbus or Perfect Equipment Co in LaVergne TN use Ricoh equipment? If not, do you know their vendor. I have the Parent Company, Berwind Corp in Philadelphia and these are the 2 locations outside my
          9/27/04 3:44 PM
          Topic by Guest
          what are the differences between the 2035e and the 2035, and what do they mean as far as performance/networkability limitations etc. Thanks Ricoh Gurus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
          9/24/04 12:41 PM
          Reply by Guest
We used to use a media called "Fabrika" Tee-shirt Transfer material, when we were carrying the Toshiba Chromotouch copier. However, it was a wax transfer machine, didnt use a fuser. And a fuser is the biggest obstacle in this application. I mean these
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New Ricoh MP 4054/5054/6054 SP Sneak Peak!

I really wasn't planning on writing this blog tonight, however, sometimes you just need to do what you have to do. 


Ricoh Americas seems to be on the verge of launching the new monochrome (black)

MP 2554/3054/3554/4054/5054/6054 series.  I'm betting dollars to doughnuts that Ricoh is using the same print engine for all of these models.  I would also tend to think that the higher end 5054/6054 will have a few additional features, they may even include the 4054 in the mix. Scratch that, the 4054/5054/6054 seem to all have identical features expect for print engine speed.


At this time, I don't have any information for the MP 2554/3054/3554 series of systems. Thus, I would expect them to be somewhat de-featured from the 4054/5054/6054 (40, 50 & 60 page per minute print/copy speed) systems.


So, what's new and different?


  • Duplex Single Pass Color Scanning, scan in color or black 110 pages per minute for simplex (single sided) documents and 180 pages per minute for duplex (two sided) documents. Yipee!!  It's about time, the MP4002 & MP5002 were past their prime over a year ago.
  • Envelopes can be feed from tray two (standard feature)
  • How cool is this, an optional network interface that allows the system to have to IP addresses and reside on two networks.
  • There are five optional finishers, of which two are booklet, two regular finisher and one internal finisher. (have not heard whether the internal is a staple less finisher)
  • We're also going to get a re-designed print driver that is icon based
  • Synchronised LED lights, that will indicate where there is a paper misfeed
  • Scanning to NCP (Netware Core Protocol), first time I've seen this, here's a link to explain
  • 300 g/m² max paper weight from any tray & duplex up to 256 g/m²

Right, there's not that much here, but that's why I called this a "sneak peak", hope to have additional information for everyone soon.  I got my information from Ricoh Australia, here's that link


I did search for a brochure, however could not find one yet. I did find the operators manual, and you can get that here.


One more item, I checked the manual, and there was not a statement on how many original pages would fit in the document feeder. I'm assuming it will have the same specs as the MP C4503 series, this it should have a 220 page document feeder.


Now, if Ricoh would only update their wide format line, now that would be a wonder to behold!!


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Do Not Avoid the Cloud: Get a Managed Service and Capitalize

Businesses continue to become more interested in the power of the cloud, though recent data breaches have appeared to reignite fears that this technology is simply impossible to secure. Although this should be common knowledge by now, cloud computing is not inherently dangerous, but a lack of knowledge and awareness with respect to management and security in general is what leads to most complications.

When the services first broke into the public eye, many were concerned about their data being stored in Web-based environments, and worried that this would inevitably lead to a greater level of risk and more prolific threats. As is the case with any new technology, fears peaked around the time that decision-makers realized just how poor of a plan it would be to completely avoid the cloud altogether, finding themselves between a rock and a hard place.

In the years since, though, it has become clear that a well-managed and expertly secured cloud can be even more effective in the defense arena given the generally disparate and remote devices in use among most businesses. The key advantage is contained within the technology's ability to centralize management of all systems, users, devices and apps, which is critical to maintaining efficient and accurate control of data in the modern marketplace.

Now, when major breaches occur and seem to imply that they took place in a cloud-based environment, the first step is to not believe the hype that it was the technology's fault. This type of transference of responsibility will not only hold the company back from actually enacting effective security programs, but will also reduce the intelligence of decision-making when the next round of provisioning comes to pass.

First, it might help to understand just how powerful the cloud can be.
A clear competitive advantage Forbes recently listed some of the benefits that organizations commonly enjoy  when taking a structured, smart approach to cloud computing deployments, management and utilization. According to the news provider, one of the top advantages is the ability to automate certain services, as this will streamline the customer experience while simultaneously allowing employees to focus on other, more strategic matters.

Additionally, this will tend to boost the agility of the firm and make it more amiable to the constantly evolving consumer and corporate landscapes that will never be profitable when a company is stagnating. The source stated that innovation can be powered by cloud computing in ways that were not before possible, specifically because there is much less risk when trying new things and an enhanced flexibility with core business processes.
Finally, Forbes asserted that the ability to link all of the systems in place and create a central environment for all data to interact and grow will boost the intelligence of the firm. Keeping this in mind and understanding that consumers and corporate purchasers are interested in the most innovative, next-generation businesses in each market, it should be clear that getting by without the cloud is getting harder with the passing of each day.

Do not fear the cloud When a breach occurs, one would be hard-pressed to trace it back to an actual technology, at least most of the time. Sure, sometimes apps have flaws or vulnerabilities, but these should be proactively identified and eradicated when following the best practices of data and system security.

GigaOM recently affirmed that security in the cloud is achievable, but that corporate decision-makers must take ownership over these matters to truly make a difference. One of the biggest areas in which mistakes and problems arise, the source stated, is contained within the communication of responsibility between the vendor and the business itself.

When this is streamlined and both parties are on the same page, there is a much greater likelihood that security performances will remain at the highest, most effective level. This is also another reason why companies should be looking for vendors that specialize in their specific needs, such as a medical organization choosing a service provider that has extensive experience and a proven track record in health care compliance procedures.

According to GigaOM, it is difficult to say that the risks of cloud computing are more weighty than the rewards, and this has been clear in the massive number of deployments that have taken place in the past few years. This is not to say that the risks are not substantial, but rather that the rewards are relatively boundless with cloud computing, and failing to adequately leverage these solutions can lead to serious competitive disadvantages down the road.

Remember, the cloud can be just as secure as - if not more than - traditional IT frameworks and infrastructure. The trick is to protect these modern technologies with novel security solutions and effective vendor services.


David Bailey is Senior Vice President at Protected Trust. 

Protected Trust is a sponsor of the Print4Pay Hotel. I urge members and readers to visit their site to see their full line of products and services.  More and more we need to provide well rounded strategic solutions for our customers. Protected Trust offers some unique solutions that can help us in our day to day efforts. Check them out here.