June 2018

Workflow Management Software Integration Improves Accounting Processes for Growing Business

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Growing autobody company, Carubba Collision, integrated their accounting software with a document management solution to optimize its accounting processes.  The results: a corporate accounting department able to meet the demands of a growing business without additional staff.

Established in 1955, Carubba Collision is the largest body shop conglomerate in upstate New York with 16 locations across 11 cities. The company is dedicated to assisting customers with insurance claims and works hard to restore its customers’ vehicles to pre-accident condition, appearance and performance. Over the last two years, Carubba Collision entered a high growth phase opening 4-6 new locations a year.

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To manage this growth, Carubba’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sean Penner, took a closer look at their existing software platforms. Since they were currently using capturing software, PSIcature by Psigen, to bring invoices into QuickBooks for processing and DocuWare, their document management software to store the invoices, it was determined that a tight integration could easily be leveraged through workflow automation and staff training.


CFO, Sean Penner, worked with his Authorized DocuWare Partner, ComDoc, to review DocuWare’s functionality and decide which features could best be utilized by Carubba. The Authorized DocuWare Partner provided hands-on training for all employees on the use of DocuWare and implemented tighter software integrations such as an “Invoice Look Up” button in QuickBooks which would take the staff directly to the needed invoice in DocuWare. They also added the “Connect to Outlook” feature which allowed the staff to easily send, receive and upload documents via email.


“A general training on the basics of storing and searching in DocuWare and giving employees proper access, made a huge impact on employee buy-in resulting in an increase in our accounting department’s efficiency,” said Penner.

Carubba’s accounting staff was absolutely thrilled with the new work processes because it took away the tedious tasks like filing paper documents. They now have the ability to research a question and respond without ever leaving their desk. This goes a long way in improving customer service.

Today, the bulk of Carubba’s invoices arrive in paper and are scanned and automatically indexed. DocuWare is increasing employee accountability because it gives management an audit tool to review invoice accuracy. Documents are no longer filed. Carruba holds onto paper documents for 30 days, then shreds them.


Carubba is very happy with its DocuWare solution and hopes to expand it to its Human Resources department. As a final thought, Penner stated, “We’ve eliminated a couple of hours per employee per week by getting rid of manual, paper processes. It’s hard to quantify how many hours we’ve saved but the bigger benefit is that we’ve been able to add more stores and grow our business without adding operational costs such as more staff in accounting.”

Learn more about DocuWare here

The Flat Rate Program "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly"

If you've been around as long as I have, then you're old!  No, really it's that you've seen or heard about some of the coolest marketing programs from our beloved copier manufacturers.

One program has recently has a ton of chatter on the Print4Pay forums lately.  That's the KonicaMinolta All inclusive unlimited click program.

I first heard of the program through one of my Linkedin connections and he was touting how awesome the program is for clients. In fact he's authored his success on the One Rate Program.  Sounds awesome and any program that sounds awesome means that I need to dig a little deeper and understand the offering.

With help from multiple Print4Pay Hotel members I was able to secure the details of the program.

Is it an awesome program for Direct Reps to talk about?  You bet your ass it is.  Unlimited clicks will get anyone's attention these days, especially those clients that are tired of getting billed for overages.

Thus, there is a lease cost for the copiers and a monthly cost for service and supplies.  The service and supply cost is different for each model.  You add the two monthly costs together and that's the total monthly cost with unlimited clicks.

Here's what's good for sales person to chat about:

  • Unlimited clicks. Yup unlimited, make as many as you want (program not available to Print4Pay accounts)
  • Never ever get a bill for overages clicks.  Which means you have a predictable expense 
  • Never have a bill for toner
  • Never feel that you've been robbed because you did not meet your minimum quarterly or annual meter volumes

Here's what's not so good for the sales person to chat about:

  • If a client use of supplies rises above the typical use pattern (determined by KMBS) the client would need to pay for improper or excess use
  • Parts replacement could be new or refurbished
  • KM may increase the payment at the end of the first year and every successive 12 month period by a maximum of up to 10%

I'm a huge fan of programs and this program offers what clients want.  Clients are tired of overage clicks and not being able to have a predictable expense.  Even if the escalation increase is 10% per year on the hardware and the maintenance/supply costs, there are many prospects that are just tired of the click cost.  

If you look at the client that has multiple copiers and has a lease payment of $1,000 per month, that second year monthly cost may rise to $1,100.  That's $1,200 additional dollars out of pocket.  The third increase could rise to $1,210 per month, fourth year at  $1,331 and the final year could be $1,464. That's a nice little money maker especially when clicks are declining in the office.

I have to tip my hat to KonicaMinolta. It's a really cool program and is something different for their reps to talk about. Unlimited clicks will gather someone's attention!  In addition, it begs the question of "why not do business with us today, because no one else will offer this great program".  Well, that's the way I would position it.  

As with any program there are pitfalls.  The possible increase of 10% per year, and the over consumption of toner could be a deal breaker. However, to this day, I've never seen an SMB account fired for using to much toner.

-=Good Selling=-

A Selling From The Heart Sales Professional Listens With The Intent To Learn

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply."
Stephen R. Covey

We live in a world of attention deficit disorder. No one has the time to listen.

To all those in sales and sales management (you allow it to happen) - you're suffering from a listening crisis. Why? Because all of you seem to think you know all the answers and you can't wait to spew out why you're better than your competition.

How many sales reps are patient enough to sit back, ask questions and then really listen?

One of the most powerful things a sales professional can do is listen. However, most sales people listen to sell and then immediately jump into sales pitch mode the moment they uncover a pain point.

"What would it look like if we simply listened to learn about our prospect's business?"

Listening to learn... I believe this drives trust while also allowing you to discover the full scope of the client's goals, dreams, challenges, and business drivers.


Listening with the intent to learn is the cornerstone of a selling from the heart professional. They understand talking is not really giving. It may feel like giving to a sales rep but it isn't.

Effective listening begins with the intent to understand.

Most sales reps love talking about themselves. They love spewing their product knowledge as well as the features and benefits of their service. In actuality, they're puking all over themselves as they stick to what they know rather than engaging in a real conversation by asking great questions.

To truly connect means listening with your heart. To listen attentively means one must be truly present. You can't be present by listening for ques to spew sales crap all over the place. I get you hear with your ears but a sales professional will listen to people with their hearts.


A selling from the heart sales professional realizes a heartfelt connection leads to a heartfelt conversation.

“We hear through our ears, but we listen through our minds.”

Something magical happens when sales reps set aside their "sales bravado" to become engaged in a real, genuine and heartfelt business conversation. Yes, this means placing your clients and prospects front and center in your conversation.

Heartfelt conversations allow sales professionals to emotionally connect with their clients and prospects. This allows them to have intellectual discussions that lead to exciting new discoveries and the personal sharing of information.

I get it, we live and operate in a fast-paced world. The onslaught of technology has provided salespeople with new ways of communicating, however; it's put a damper on the personal interaction and ones natural ability to interact and listen with their hearts.

Listening with your heart means giving your full attention to your clients and prospects by allowing them to express their feelings, their concerns and their issues in a way that is heard and understood.

Check out our latest Selling From The Heart podcast as we discuss "Listening to Learn"


What do think would happen to revenue growth if sales reps learned to ask different and better questions?  

A selling from the heart professional rolls up their sleeves and tugs on the heart strings of their clients. They learn how to ask great, sometimes tough and timely questions in order to get their clients or prospects to share their problems, challenges, strategies and plans. This may even entail the sharing of information about their company and their job.

Leading a conversation around asking great questions allows a professional to uncover and learn things they may not have previously known. Asking great questions helps executives think about their situation in new ways, ways not yet explored.

This can only happen if you bring your heart to the business table, you're comfortable in your own sales skin, you have strong business acumen and you have thrown yourself in their shoes. Simply stated, "You give a rip!"

Phrase questions that may challenge the way things are currently being done, ask questions to highlight the consequences of not addressing fixing the problem and ask questions to earn respect and credibility.

The power behind all of this lies in the answers you receive as this is directly correlates to the questions you ask.

A selling from the heart professional starts by asking themselves, "How can I ask questions to get the best from myself and those I'm speaking with?"


All too often, sales reps place their focus on sprinting to identify actionable solutions by listening for one that 'thing', that 'one issue' and 'BOOM' they go right into pitch mode. A heartfelt professional takes the time to ask great questions, listens with intent to get people to share their thoughts and feelings en route to identifying actionable solutions.

They understand racing to a solution is not a wise move. Why?

  • Conversation builds trust
  • Conversation facilitates alignment
  • Conversation improves engagement

When sales reps can learn how to get out of their own way by starting to ask great questions, actively starting to listen and facilitate a business conversation; they will start to learn more and earn more.

I wonder how many of sales reps are capable of making the transition. Are you a selling from the heart professional or just another braggadocios sales rep?

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

I'm writing a book. The title is Selling From the Heart! I'm pouring my heart into every page of this book and I think you're going to love it.Enter your email address here in this hyperlink and you'll be updated as the book is released. You'll also become part of our launch team. As a thank you, I'll have some special bonuses waiting for you! 

You can find more advanced training material inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my stories. Integrating the use of social and sharing my story on LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive office technology world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire sales teams to grow new business by helping them share their story and how they communicate it out by integrating the use of social inside the sales process. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast by clicking on Selling from the Heart.



Copier Parts & Accessories China Tariff Starts in 9 Working Days

For the last forty-five days I've been closely monitoring the impeding tariffs that are to take effect on July 6th of 2018.  

About two months ago the United States had 1,333 lines (products) that are imported from China. That list was recently reduced to 818 lines.  One of those lines is for "copier parts and copier accessories".  For those that are not living under a rock, we know that most of Japanese copier companies have manufacturing facilities in China. If you're not sure just check out the serial plate on one your existing copiers and it will tell you the country of origin.

Below is a recent clip from a NY Times article:

Although the United States economy is especially strong, the tariffs are expected to drive up prices for American consumers as well as for businesses that depend on China for parts.

It seems the only other is industry Publication that's  posting anything is Action Intel (last post date was April 3rd).  Action Intel did some research into one of the sub headings of the classification and believes that the tariffs will also include most imaging consumables. I urge you to read this article Will U.S. Impose Tariffs on Printer Consumables Made in China? This was published on April 3rd, but much has happened since then.

I paid a visit to The United States Trade Representative site and there you can see the most recent June press release. Below is a cut from that release and link.

USTR has determined to impose an additional duty of 25 percent on these 818 product lines after having sought and received views from the public and advice from the appropriate trade advisory committees. Customs and Border Protection will begin to collect the additional duties on July 6, 2018.

In this press release you can also access the current list of 818 products that is set to start on July 6th.

More Tariffs ?

After the release of the 818 lines of products, China exercised their power and added additional items and tariffs to goods that the US imports to China.  Keep in mind that the original list of 1,333 lines included not only "copier parts and copier accessories", however, it also included "copy machines". 

If the trade war escalates I would tend to think that the list of products will be increased to the original 1,333 lines of products.

Other than some chats from existing Print4Pay Hotel members, it seems that most are not aware of the impeding tariffs. A recent call to DSM on the east coast asking about price increases was met with something like, "haven't heard anything about this and this is the first time I heard about it".  Since that call it's been silent. I also offered up a call to a P4P'er on the west coast and asked him to pepper his DSM with a few questions.  The response from the west coast DSM was, "we don't act of threats".  It's obvious that this DSM has no clue of what's about to happen.

Can the US cancel this before July 6th? Of course they can, however, it seems like the US is in this for the long haul. I'm a betting guy and I would bet that the tariffs will go into effect. I guess the next question will be about how long they could last and of additional products are added.

A few days ago I was on the phone with another Prin4Pay Hotel member and we chatted about what manufacturers would be hit harder with the impending tariffs.  We agreed that they were three or four high profile manufacturers that would have some issues.  Not going to mention names, this blog is more about educating all on what will happen on July 6th.

I have questions as well:

Will the cost of maintenance & supply agreements increase?

What about MPS programs?

Will all of my copier accessories increase also?

Will the Japanese manufacturers ship more products from Japan?

When the tariffs go into effect, how soon could we see increases?

-=Good Selling=-


Lexmark’s A4 Evolution is now the A4 Revolution

Today, I declare like the patriots in Boston back in April of 1775, The Revolution has begun. So, let the A4 battle for market dominance begin.

I had the pleasure to share the BEI Services data at the Lexmark Roadshow in Boston. As the Copy/Print Industry continues to modify, BEI’s data highlights some of the reasons A4 equipment is driving much of the many disruptions coming to the print services deliverable.

The battles of this A4 Revolution will be fought in the conference rooms of the complacent, there will be skirmishes between salespeople trying to push yesterday’s technology as the end-user customers try pulling what their predefined needs. There will be sacrifice demanded from service providers as yesterday’s extensive services are replaced by new technologies which are more and more void of service.  

“In the future customers won’t evaluate how good your service is, they will buy products that don’t need service.”

The revolution has been long coming, and many have been hiding way too long behind those “Big Paper Drawers.” This A4 Revolution will cause A3’s mortality to finally see its end. Print Equipment Manufacturers will be struggling as their dealer’s orders for A3, are replaced by the end-user customers’ demands for A4.

Soon dealers will be throwing over the preverbal ship into the preverbal harbor the boxes of old sales manuals filled with old billing models, the parts and supplies from old A3 models, and the boxes of the undeveloped aspirations of production print. Yes, the A4 Revolution has started and those who believe that the oversized systems stand of the A3’S Army will prevail against the speed, agility, and price points of the A4’s Militia, are not listing to the sounds of the cannons as they practice for the celebration when 80-85% of all A3’s are defeated by the merits of A4 Melita.

As many manufacturers continue with their stubbornness in making more of things they want. Instead of making things the end-users want them to make. Organizations like Lexmark can and will seize the moment. Lexmark is not getting sidetrack into assimilating A4 into an A3 world like so many other manufacturers.

The Revolution has started, and there is no going back. The Imaging Channels current circumstances will modify continuously, and there is no stopping the A4 militia, soon the A3 warriors with their big paper drawers will sink to the bottom of that preverbal Harbor called Too Stubborn to Modify.

Don’t fall victim to the disruptor become the disruptor.

“You can be the vendor with the greatest relationships and lose to the new unknown innovator who delivers a better experience.”

R.J. Stasieczko

Ten Questions to ask When Prospecting for Ricoh Global Scan NX V2 Serverless

I though it would be a great time to write about Ricoh Global Scan NX V2 Serverless solution.  At time to time I've struggled with when and where to have that conversation with an existing or prospective client. Hoping that this document can help in our quest to solve complex business problems with scanning.

GSNX V2 Serverless

GSNX V2 Serverless allows the administrator to set up pre-defined workflows on the MFP screen that guides the user to scan to the correct destination in the correct format, with the correct file name, all automatically. 

The user has the ability to browse a folder structure to place the scan in the right folder without having to go back to their desks and move it manually. 

The administrator can ask the user simple questions or have them pick from a pre-defined list of options to name the scan file correctly every time. 

GSNX V2 Serverless can leverage the Searchable PDF function of the MFP (optional) to create Searchable PDF files automatically, without the user needing to set anything. 

As the name implies, there is no software that needs to be installed in the customer’s network.  All functions are running on the MFP.  Great for environments without a server.

If the customer later decides they would like a more advanced workflow, a Global Scan Server can be added to the environment to enable features such as full OCR capability (Word, Excel), Barcode scanning, automatic data extraction with Zonal OCR, scanning to Document Management Systems, etc.

Ten Discovery Questions

  1. How are you currently capturing, processing and archiving your documents?
  2. How are you managing your legacy documents and files?
  3. For business processes that still use paper, how are physical files incorporated into your document or content management system?
  4. Where are your paper-driven processes slowing down work flow or hurting your business?
  5. How much are your paper-based systems slowing down billing and revenue collection?
  6. Do you scan hardcopy documents on a regular basis?
  7. Do you need to organize legacy hardcopy files in an electronic archive?
  8. Do you have document workflows that are error-prone?
  9. Do you send and receive scanned files to and from branch or remote offices?
  10. What volume of transactional documents (bills, invoices, purchase orders, statements) do you scan every month?

Bonus Discovery Questions

  • Do you use enterprise document management (EDM) software?
  • Would it be helpful to receive fax documents electronically?


When I'm meeting with prospects I would say that 90% or more are scanning the old fashioned way.  Scanning to their email or scanning to their folder, then opening the file, naming the file and in many cases then moving the file to another location.

Offering Global Scan Serverless can get you the leg up on the competition since most reps will not even dig that deep. In addition you may be able to generate additional GP because you are saving time in the process of scanning documents.

Special thanks goes to a Print4Pay Hotel member that helped me with this.

-=Good Selling=-

It's 5PM Do You Know Where Your Best Sales People Are?

I'm with you, in recent years it's been tougher and tougher to get through to DM's (decision makers) to schedule that first appointment.  In some cases it's taken me a hundred plus calls and many years of trying to get the DM on the phone.  The good thing about the 100 plus calls is that by the time I do get the DM on the phone they definitely know what I'm calling about.

Gatekeepers are better than ever, and the thought of potential phone scams keep them vigilant in their quest to not let you through.

There's much talk in sales about building relationships and that's all well and good as long as you can make contact with the DM. You can't start or build that relationship until you've made first contact.

You can't sell everyone is something you always here in sales, and I believe it's the same for building relationships. Not everyone you meet or greet is going to want to build a business relationship.  Thus it's the numbers game that can really increase your opportunities and your potential business relationships.

So where are your best sales people after 5PM?

1) They're still out in the field making cold calls!  One thing that I've noticed is that many gatekeeper leave in between 4:30PM - 5PM.  If you're in the field making calls after 5PM, it's a good shot the doors will still be open.  Most likely you'll trip over the DM as you scout your way around the office to find someone.

Instead of starting your day at 8AM.  Why not start your day at 9AM and work still 6PM, with the last two hours of the day dedicated to calling on those that you can't land the DM on the phone. It makes sense right?

2) Other sales peeps are attending and working at charity events.  There's nothing better than meeting that influential person while they're volunteering their time for a great cause.  Remember the six foot question? That's when you get within six feet of someone that you strike up a conversation and one of your questions is "where do work"? Of course then continue the conversation asking about what their roll is within that company.

3) Still at their desk or parked in a parking (by the beach) lot trying to squeeze in a couple of extra calls on their cell phones after 5PM.  You just never know who will pick up the phone.  Think, if this were your business, wouldn't you be working whenever and wherever you can? 

4) Continuing their education with reading sales books and or learning more about their industry. The web is a great tool because it's open 24 hours a day.  It's those rainy weekends that can give you a great kickstart to the week.  Been there and done that.

5) Continuing education not for sales people but for Professionals such as attorneys, architects, engineers, surveyors.  Each month these associations meet to deliver educational courses to their members so that they can stay up to date for state requirements.  Most associations will accept speakers (as long as they pay for booze or dinner) allow you to speak for 15 minutes and maybe have a small table.

6) Some are even sending emails late into the night.  Can't sleep, nothing will get a DM's attention more than an email sent at 2AM.  That DM can only wish they had that sales person with their company.

It's more about doing the extra work than it is about having fancy lines, trinkets or lame cold call gimmicks.  You need to be where the DM's (decision makers) are and interact with them. Not every stop in will generate a lead or build a relationship.  But from years of experience I can tell you that being in front the DM's if much better than not.

-=Good Selling=-

Special thanks to our friends at Polek & Polek for sponsoring tonight's blog, please make sure you check out their site and their awesome products for copiers


This Week in the Copier Industry 15 Years Ago, The Third Week in June 2003

All I can save is, it must have been a slow week at the Print4Pay Hotel

Peerless Controllers "In The News"

multifunction office products and digital appliances. In order to process digital text and graphics, digital document products rely on a core set of imaging software and supporting electronics, collectively known as an imaging controller. Peerless' broad line of scalable software and silicon offerings enables its customers to shorten their time-to-market and reduce costs by offering unique solutions for multiple products. Peerless' customer base includes companies such as Canon, IBM, Kyocera/Mita, Minolta

Ricoh with Revoltionary PrintCabinet

press releases Ricoh Corporation Introduces Revolutionary PrintCabinet PrintCabinet Manages Network Printing, Copy Costs, And Security West Caldwell, NJ, June 9, 2003 -- Ricoh Corporation, the Dependable DigitalTM output company, today introduced PrintCabinet, a state-of-the-art Linux-based print appliance. With the addition of PrintCabinet, users can now benefit from a complete turnkey printing solution. PrintCabinet provides total print management and hosting services as well as print and

Printer Warranties (Xerox is not truthful again?)

making the sale in an informed manner,” Tipler said. Fuji-Xerox’s marketing and communications manager Ben Gardem, added that the company does not specify a print life because it’s unlimited. “The customer could have it [the printer] for 15 years and we would have to support it,” he said. Kyocera’s Finn also said Samsung was incorrect in recent advertising where it claimed it was the only laser printer manufacturer with a three year warranty as standard. “We’ve been doing that for the last four

Fuji-Xerox merges internally

Fuji-Xerox merges internally Byron Connolly, CRN Wednesday, 02 April 2003 Fuji-Xerox will audit its printer-distribution channel over the next three months, following its decision this week to merge its Phaser printing and Fuji Xerox channel printer business to form a new company dubbed Fuji-Xerox Printers. advertisement Essentially, Fuji Xerox Printers was formed from the melding of Fuji-Xerox Phaser printing, based in Frenchs Forest, Sydney with 53 staff, and Fuji Xerox Australia’s

Re: Perfect for throw-ins

Wholesaler, not sure if you can buy this from RICOH or not.
-=Good Selling=-

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago, The Third Week in June 2008

Happy Fathers Day to everyone, I spent the entire day with my Son and his wife. It was a great day, hope everyone else was able to have a great day!

Enjoy the threads from ten years ago this week!

, profitable printing” = HP o “Print is Powerful” = Kodak o “Connect With Opportunity” = Xerox o “We Speak Image” = Canon o “Produce, Persuade, Perform..on the network” = Canon o “We’re Listening” = Ricoh o “Empowering Print Communications” = Sharp o “Leading Innovation” = Toshiba o “Print To Win” = EFI o “Business Beyond the Ordinary” = Oce’ - Ricoh claims it has sold its first Aficio Pro C900 production color system (90ppm) to Integrated Graphics Ltd, a print shop in England. - Ricoh announced it

Weekend Copier Notes from 06/22/08

and management software to large corporate customers  Graphic unit will offer printers and supplies to wide format users o Most of the U.S. employees of the printer division (3,400) work at the division headquarters in Boise, Idaho, which designs the products, while manufacturing is done overseas. - Ricoh launched a new print-only color laser system, the Aficio SP C420DN offering: o 31ppm top speed color or b/w o 1200x1200dpi top resolution at half speed (600dpi at full speed) o Does NOT offer

MT Business Technologies Acquires Ricoh Business Solutions Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MT Business Technologies Acquires Ricoh Business Solutions Office Toledo, Ohio June 10, 2008 - MT Business Technologies, Inc., a leading independent provider of office technology solutions in Ohio, announced today that it has acquired the Ricoh Business Solutions (RBS) office in the greater Toledo Market. Ricoh Americas Corporation and MT Business Technologies have enjoyed a solid business partnership for over 25 years. MT Business Technologies is pleased to broaden

Ricoh Expands Relationship with CIMA Software

deliver on this promise,” said Nelson Cano, vice president, Sales and Marketing, CIMA Software Corporation, Inc. “We are excited about our admission into the Ricoh Technology Alliance Program as this is a great honor and we look forward to continuing our work with this innovative organization.” As CIMA’s signature document management solution, DocuClass is a robust, and user-friendly system for both operational office staff and the information technology department. For users, it features an


. Headquartered in San Diego, Premier has offices in Charlotte, N.C., Philadelphia and Washington. For more information, visit www.premierinc.com . About Ricoh Americas Corporation Ricoh Americas Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 72-year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2007 sales in excess of $19.4 billion, a 7.3 percent increase over the previous year. Ricoh Americas Corporation is a

Ricoh is pleased to announce the introduction of the Aficio SP 8200DN.

. All of these enhancements make the Ricoh Aficio SP 8200DN an ideal printing solution for mid-volume customers with sensitive application needs. The Aficio SP 8200DN is designed to deliver high quality output across a wide variety of applications with 600 x 600 dpi image quality, fax print speed, large paper capacity, network readiness, and data encryption. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE RICOH SP 8200DN: • 50 ppm black & white printing with standard duplexing up to 11” x 17” • The latest GW controller

'Japannovation' marketing strategies

the most sustainable companies in the world. During Earth Day, the firm turned off all its lights as a "gesture of commitment to environmental protection." Today, Iwamoto said Ricoh has overtaken Fuji Xerox in the copier business. Iwamoto said "there is really no stereotype innovation model." "Every company tries to create its own innovation model to promote brand differentiation. Today, the Made-in-Japan or the monozukuri concept is no longer just for manufacturing high quality products as in the

Re: Network Install Guide For Dummies

· for example, I start pinging and up to find an open one. I assign this to the mfp (never use dhcp) and make it static. I connect the product and ping it to make sure it is at that location and can communicate. 4. I resist the temptation to make a pc/server a print server and spend the extra time installing a straight TCP/IP port on each client computer for printing purposes. 5. If installing LAN-fax, I show the customer how it works and send a test page. If they ask about a

KonicaMinolta Lease

I have a customer who has an old KMBS lease here in NJ, that was done back in 11/03, he dopes not have a copy of the t's & c's. Can someone pleae forward to me. art@p4photel.com

User Code Authentication with PostScript

Customer wants to use User Codes to keep track of individuals and departments usage. Not an unusual request, right? Well, it works fine with printing from PCL or RPCS, but has anyone had issues with PostScript? We placed an MP C6000 w/PS3 and the users cannot print with VALID user codes when using the PS driver. We happen to have one in our demo room and it showed the same error. Our Ricoh DSR was in our office on Friday and helped us escalate to Ricoh support, but has anyone else had this

Re: MT Business Technologies Acquires Ricoh Business Solutions Office

This is the only one I have heard of. In the same week Ricoh aquired a dealer and then sold an RBS location. What gives???? Yes, you are right, this can be used against RBS, and can be quite powerful. Think I'll print it off and keep a copy with me at all times!

Drawbase & Plot client

I have a customer using drawbase and needs to batch print these files, does anyone have any ideas for us?

discontinued parts for Aficio 240W

As you are aware this item has been discontinued and is NOT available any more from any where. But, we do occasionally have a customer in the field who at this late date may want to "connect" the copier and make it a printer/scan unit. Or, they bought the used trade in from a dealer, etc. You can order the "parts" necessary to build an interface by ordering the parts listed below. PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL S Part # Description G068 5750 Interface Cable B126 5560 Cover: Middle: C/Tbox B

Remote Web Workplace

Not sure really where to post this, so here goes. I use a Windows 2003 Small Business Server at the office and Remote Web Workplace to work from home. It appears that in order to enable printing to the printers from the house, the server establishes a connection by sending what appears to be a print job and then deleting it. The problem is that although I try to keep it clean, I often have many printers installed on my laptop and it ends up with hundreds or thousands of jobs in the queue of the


Re: Up Coming Ricoh Launches

August 08 Ricoh Pro C900 October 08 MPC 1800, MPC 2800, MPC 3300, MPC 4000, MPC 5000 November 08 SPC 310N, SPC 311N, MPC 2050, MPC 2550, PRO C900s

Re: Gas Price Check

come away from reading it with the mistaken impression that most of the USA's crude oil is imported from the Middle East. It isn't. According to some recent figures regarding crude oil imports, in December 2007 only 23% of the USA's crude oil imports came from countries classified by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as Persian Gulf exporters (i.e., Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain). The top six countries (by percentage of total USA imports) supplying

Re: Gas Price Check

solution: We all ride bicycles! I did last week and put on 642 miles. I am now into a size 30 from a 42. I have also left copier sales and have just been added to one of the teams for the Tour De France!!!

Re: MT Business Technologies Acquires Ricoh Business Solutions Office

I am somewhat surprised this has not had any responses. Here's a case where the local RICOH Business Solutions Office was acquired by a local dealership. Must've been a rather underperforming branch office. Does anyone know of other situations like this. This could be used to create doubt in prospects minds that they're dealing with "the manufacture" - "So what guarantees does that give you Mr. Customer . . . yada, yada, yada"!

Re: KonicaMinolta Lease

It is probably the same as Ricoh's since they both used DLL back then.
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A Selling From The Heart Professional Crushes The Sales Settlers Mentality!

"The Status Quo Is Simply Unacceptable"
Brad Henry, Former Governor of Oklahoma

Settling... Contentment, creatures of comfort; it's out there within the closets of all those in sales. Lurking in the dark shadows of their successes, hiding where you least expect to find it is a great balancing act of excuses. It's the silent sales killer, lurking and striking sales reps without warning. It even brings the biggest and brightest to their knees. 

"Settling, better known as Complacency"


Don't think it can't happen to you? It strikes, every day. Settling, it's a ruthless disease. It cares not about how long you've been in sales, where you rank within your sales department, or what day of the week it is. It cares only of the weak and timid or the wait and see mentality, the hard reality behind all of this is while you've become content, another breed of sales professionals has been lurking inside your accounts. With extreme precision they're rewriting the playbook adapting to the changes inside the buyer's world.

"We plow our sales fields for growth within a digital business world yet sales reps fertilize their sales fields with analog sales tools, WHY?"

A selling from the heart sales professional has remodeled, retooled and re-engineered their sales business model cultivating it, making it better, rebranding it to resonate with today's modern business executive and KABOOM your client's have become their appetite for destruction. You've allowed them right into your sales jungle. Your client base has now become their paradise city where the grass is green and the sales revenue is pretty!


Giving a rip is the single best attribute a selling from the heart professional possesses. They care about their career, their sales growth and most of all, they care about their clients. They understand other sales reps may outsell them or outsmart them but no one will out care them.

A selling from the heart professional crushes the sales settlers' mindset. They're self-aware, genuine, authentic and comfortable in their own skin. They understand being themselves is what it's all about as opposed to being somebody they're not, a sales settler.

A heartfelt professional settles in to be of HELP; not a sales shark looking for another commission check reeking of commission breath.

“Offer to help without expecting anything in return as this will come back tenfold.”

These professionals are constantly looking inward to avoid being crushed by the sales settlers' syndrome.



When sales reps stop investing in themselves, it's a warning sign they've lost their drive to become a high performer. Equally concerning are the tenured sales reps who stop investing in themselves because they feel they've learned enough, earned the right to be taken care of or believe they know enough people (established client base) to get by; cruising through business life.


When sales reps stop asking questions, becoming curious about self-growth or challenging themselves, this is cause for concern. When they've mentally settled to just go with the flow, they've decided to stop thinking as their only concern is completing what they're only managed to do.


I'll admit, most sales reps aren't managing their personal brand because they don’t know how, however; those professionals who are motivated to achieve greater success in their careers are aware of the importance and are making every effort to figure out their personal brand.

What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of your name? 


Playing the waiting game. Waiting for customers to call them or a little birdie to drop a lead on their desk. Lack of urgency in developing business is a sales killer. No matter how successful your day, month or sales year has been you must act as if you're always climbing to get to the next level.

Proactive sales development must come by doing things to push one out of their comfort zone. One huge area involves prospecting for new business and not constantly relying on current accounts. Sales reps who fail have a hard time making calls on new prospects for one simple reason; they spend a majority of their time in the comfort zone of conversations with people who know them and not enough conversations with people who don't know them.

"Salespeople have hypnotized themselves into believing what they aren't doing doesn't work"

A selling from the heart professional lights the fire deep within their soul to prevent never being burned by the sales settlers' disease!

"We're operating on autopilot and it's killing our dreams and stunting our success"
Jim Keenan, Not Taught

The luxury of time no longer exists. Settling and complacency have become a rampant epidemic within sales world.


These heartfelt warriors never settle. They inspire themselves as they crush the settler's mindsight by creating change.

Acceptance of change is critical within the information age we live in. This applies directly to the sales settlers' mentality.

We have only three responses to change --- resist it, accept it or create it. A change resistor likes things just the way they are. A change acceptor will wait to see what is happening. While change creators have become today's problem solvers. 

These heartfelt change creators identify new processes, look for new opportunities, bringing new and different insights into businesses with the goal of helping executives solve business problems or challenges. They do this because they care!

Adopting a heartfelt change creator mentality will enable you to clearly focus on helping your clients and prospects for all the right reasons versus closing the "big deal" for your personal benefit.

"A sales professional who is heartfelt, fills out a suit with empathy, emotion and excitement."

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

I'm writing a book. The title is Selling From the Heart! I'm pouring my heart into every page of this book and I think you're going to love it.Enter your email address here in this hyperlink and you'll be updated as the book is released. You'll also become part of our launch team. As a thank you, I'll have some special bonuses waiting for you! 

You can find more advanced training material inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my stories. Integrating the use of social and sharing my story on LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive office technology world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire sales teams to grow new business by helping them share their story and how they communicate it out by integrating the use of social inside the sales process. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast by clicking on Selling from the Heart.

Margins Getting Tight? Saving Money AND Increasing Marketing Effectiveness

If you are a small to medium sized business you may be looking for ways to grow by developing a more effective marketing program. You also know that the world is changing and what might have been effective even 5 years ago might not do the trick today. That’s why we’ve written this blog! To help you shorten your cycles and to more effectively build a marketing strategy that won’t break the bank.

A traditional marketing department for a small to medium sized business focuses on 2 key areas: advertising and promotion. Each of these areas are ripe for new and more economical ways of reaching your target audience while increasing your ability to measure success! Let’s break them down:

The purpose of all advertising is to create brand awareness. Your first job is to ensure that you get your name out there, that people start to become familiar with you as a brand. After that you need to establish influence and trust. Here are 3 different and effective ways for you to do that:

1. Print Advertising: Currently you may do that through print advertising. According to studies Print advertising is still extremely valuable. You can better target your audience by advertising in trade magazines specific to the customer you are trying to reach.

  • Cost: Medium to High

2. Digital Advertising: Print advertising provides good results especially with older demographics, but if you are selling to younger customers (think Millennial's), effectiveness could be reduced. You will want to ensure that you have a digital strategy to effectively reach those that do 90% of their research online. Think banner ads and targeted advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook. For B2B, LinkedIn has become the most effective digital platform for us, followed by Google Adwords.

  • Cost: Medium

3. Content/Social: In the last few years, this type of advertising and promotion has taken center stage yet most organizations in the office equipment channel don’t make very good use of it. Younger buyers want to be educated, to be part of a conversation, and nothing delivers this like social and content. Think blogs, podcasts, videos and eGuides. Most people that know me know that I’m a big fan of content and social as a marketing platform. This blog is an example of just that! You are taking the time to read it, to learn something new that you can apply to the benefit of your business. Maybe you’ll go to my website after this, maybe you’ll look for additional blogs from me in the future to help your business even more. That’s called influence, and the value I give to you the more likely that you’ll consider buying whatever it is that I actually sell.

  • Cost: Low to Medium

What is the right mix? This is a really hard question to answer because it really depends on who you are selling to. A good rule of thumb is that the older your customer (55+) the more print advertising might hold influence. The younger your prospects (25-50) the more likely they are to be influenced by social media and content. At Print Audit, our mix is 70% of our efforts are social/content, 20% is digital, and 10% or less is print advertising. We do surveys with our Premier members to find out what kinds of marketing channels work best and our statistics are pretty much inline with their responses. Of course this is not a recommendation as your business and target audience could be entirely different.

If you are serious about increasing your social and content marketing and advertising efforts, here are some links for inspiration:

If you want any additional help make sure you give us a shout. We love helping businesses to do more and could have the answers you’re looking for! Also, be sure to leave your comments on things that are working for you.

About the author:

West is Vice President of Business Development at Print Audit and Founder of FocusMPS. He has been recognized as one of the top 40 most influential people in the imaging industry and an ENX Difference Maker in 2015 & 17.

Jersey Shore Electric Contractor Lease Ricoh CW 2201SP Color Plotter

Sometimes it’s that one little feature that makes the difference from leasing a Ricoh CW 2201SP or an Oce/Canon wide format. For our Jersey Electric Contractor it was the TWAIN scanning feature that drove their decision to lease the Ricoh CW2201SP.


TWAIN scanning is also known as ‘pull scanning”.  Pull scanning means that your software program has the ability to use a TWAIN scan driver. With our Electrical Contractor they have the ability to use a TWAIN scan driver with their business line of software.  We demonstrated that the use of the twain scan driver would allow them to scan wide format drawings directly to their client records. This eliminated the tedious task of scan2email & scan2folder, naming the file and then transferring that file to the software.

read the rest on my Jerseyplotters wordpress blog

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago, The Second Week in June 2003

I couldn't help my self and re-read the two HP threads from ten years ago. Back in the day, there was a saying that buyers used to clung too, the saying went like this.  If I buy the Xerox, and even if it doesn't work, no one is going to fault me for buying the Xerox over the Japanese brand. I feel this is the same with HP, even if that HP plotter, printer of copier stinks, the buyer will never hear a word from anyone for not buying the other brand. 

Weekend Copier Notes from 06/08/08

association of graphic solutions providers, announced results of lab testing of several production color systems during the IPA Digitial Print Forum in Chicago, IL on 4/24/08. Details: o Devices tested include:  Heidelberg XL-105 traditional offset press  Kodak NexPress S3000  Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6500  Xeikon 6000 & 8000  Xerox iGen3 110  Hewlett Packard Indigo 3050 and 5500 o Support came from:  Rochester Institute of Technology  Western Michigan University  Ryerson University  Q

Konica Minolta Announces Availability of the KIP 3100 Series of

06/09/08 - Konica Minolta Announces Availability of the KIP 3100 Series of Wide Format Printing Systems Konica Minolta Announces Availability of the KIP 3100 Series of Wide Format Printing Systems Jun 09, 2008 Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. announced the availability of the KIP 3100 Series of wide format network print systems from KIP America, a leading manufacturer of wide-format printing and imaging technology. The KIP 3100 Series is a highly advanced wide format

KIP stings Ricoh, Oce & Xerox w/ New 6ppm System

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 KIP stings Ricoh, Oce & Xerox w/ New 6ppm System I'll commend KIP, someone over there was thinking when they made the decision to offer color scanning with their monochrome wide format systems. Kudos to KIP! Ricoh, Xerox and Oce are now under the gun in the low volume wide format market. KIP recently introduced the 3100 a 6 page per minute wide format device, with the sexy color screen, the 3100 seems to be the 3000 with a few more bells and whistles and a chip that

HP Printers

We sell Savin printers but we have some accounts that are die hard HP and are our customers for MFPs. I would like to be able to sell them HP to lock our competitors out. Is there anywhere I can purchase HP and sell at close to staples prices and still make a little? How about supplies? Any suggestions from someone else who is selling/servicing HP would be great. Thanks for any input!


, Ringdale has joined Ricoh’s Technology Alliance Program as a bronze member. Ringdale’s FollowMe is a roaming, secure printing and accounting solution designed to enhance, track and secure document output without requiring major changes to the existing network infrastructure or printer hardware. That means organizations can improve the cost-effectiveness of document output while leveraging existing investments in technology. FollowMe Embedded for Ricoh technology works on Ricoh’s Embedded Software

Newly Designed e-STUDIO(TM) Color Multifunction

businesses with moderate output needs. Utilizing Toshiba's leading-edge enhanced laser image technology (e-Fine), these new color MFP products deliver best-in-class color clarity and rich text renditions in all scanning, printing and copying jobs. Supporting print resolutions of 1,200 x 1,200 dots-per-inch (dpi) and 10-bit scanning resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi, the e-STUDIO2830c/3530c/4520c series provides razor-sharp text and superior graphic detail in all printed documents.

Re: New Ricoh Color Pro C900 & C900s

3,000万円以下のカラープロダクションプリンターにおいて(2008年5月7日現在) Body standard price of 30 million yen or less in color printer production (2008 year on May 7) 製品名 Product RICOH Pro C900 RICOH Pro C900 標準価格(消費税別) Standard price (consumption tax.) 1,230万円 123.0 million 発売日 Release Date 2008年8月 August 2008 販売台数 Sales 300台/年間 300 units / year ※ ※ このニュースリリースに掲載されている価格および料金には、消費税は含まれておりません。 This news release is the price and the price of the consumption tax is included. 商用印刷市場や企業内印刷市場では、印刷物の多品種・少ロット化により必要な時に必要な部数を低コストで印刷できるカラーPOD(プリントオンデマンド

New b2c color boxes from Ricoh

I was poking around on ricoh.jp and found a new MPC5000, MPC4000, MPC3300 & MPC2800, will these be the new boxes here in the US?? Here is the linkm use google as a translater. 6.5 sec FCOT for color [URL= http://www.ricoh.co.jp/] http://www.ricoh.co.jp/[/URL]

Re: Konica Minolta Announces Availability of the KIP 3100 Series of

associated inks and a specific media type creates an accurate, uniform color standard copy. Recall, Modify and Reprint: The KIP 3100 features the ability to save print and copy jobs to the IPS for future use. This print job history is configured via KIP PrintNET and is expandable up to 25 GB. Scan to DWF: Operators have the ability to scan monochrome technical documents into DWF format which can be printed on the KIP 3100.

Re: Konica Minolta Announces Availability of the KIP 3100 Series of

): 21995 Ricoh W3600 Ricoh W3600 (1 Roll Feeder) 16120 Ricoh W3600 (2 Roll Feeder) 17200 Ricoh W3600 (1 Roll Feeder & Embedded Print) 19005 Ricoh W3600 (2 Roll Feeder & Embedded Print) 20085 Ricoh W3600 (1 Roll Feeder & Embedded Print + STF) 21529 Ricoh W3600 (2 Roll Feeder & Embedded Print + STF) 22609 Can't compete Can't compete So there it is a comparison vs KIp and Ricoh W3600, both are 6ppm, both copy, scan and printi blueprints. Ricoh wide format needs to make drastic price changes for the 6ppm

Re: Konica Minolta Announces Availability of the KIP 3100 Series of

-directional infrared communication with printer. Holds up to 350 A - E sized prints. KIP Print Receiving Rack: Stacks up to 100 A - E size prints. KIP Print & Original Stacking System: Stacks up to 100 A - E size prints and 50 originals.

Re: HP Printers

Try going to the nextag website. You will find sources there to buy HP printers.
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A Selling From The Heart Professional Wages War Against Mediocrity

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart"
Thomas Watson, Sr.

Sales people who are mediocre are afraid to think big. A mediocre sales rep operates in a state of accepting and working according to average standards, in other words: just getting by; barely making it. Operating with mediocrity creates a mindset that living in the comfort zone is acceptable. Too many sales people are comfortable living in mediocrity. They choose to follow in the foot steps taken by many other sales reps because they believe it provides a sense of security.

There are way too many sales reps out there who believe they are 'A' players but in actuality they are nothing more than 'C' players hiding inside an empty suit

A mediocre mindset prevents those from becoming the best version of themselves. They settle by following other like-minded sales reps down the same mediocre sales road, terrified of taking the steps towards loftier sales goals.

“Mediocrity is the worst enemy of greatness"
Icelandic Proverb

You can survive and get by operating with a mediocre mindset but you'll never thrive. You'll always be among the other "me too" sales reps. A "me too" sales rep follows the other "me too" sales reps, mirroring and mimicking their every move; just like the pied piper. This keeps them all average as they suffer in togetherness through the same problems afflicting a majority of today's sales teams.


Taking a risk is scary. Within our sales lives, each one of us will face a risky decision. One can decide to take the risk, leading them down the road to betterment or avoid it, staying mediocre. When the time comes, many simply freeze, stopping dead in their tracks becoming afraid to go for what they desire, a better sales life.

"Trust yourself, let go of expectation, go for everything you've ever wanted and stop living your sales life as never having tried"

It's the numbing of the mind that condemns one to a mediocre, boring life. Whenever you come across risk, search within your heart and go for it. This requires courage and resilience. Rest assured, you will survive and lead a fulfilling sales life.


There are millions of sales reps out there, yet few excel at it. A selling from the heart professional takes the art of professional selling seriously. They study the profession. They read, learn and continuously grow; nurturing their mind knowing it pays off in the long run. They understand the road to success takes time and patience. They hold themselves accountable to never becoming mediocre.

Three truths you should know about a selling from the heart professional as they wage war against mediocre sales reps...


A selling from the heart professional practices for countless hours, just like that of professional athletes. They understand the process of developing their talents will have obstacles along the way. They embrace the challenge by getting better every day. They understand failure is another challenge, a roadblock to overcome. 

They consistently practice prospecting, networking, asking great questions, uncovering their value, presenting their value, advancing their career and most importantly serving their clients.

Top athletes encourage feedback from their coaches, using it to focus on areas of improvement. The same can be said for a heartfelt sales professional. A less successful sales rep will tend to dismiss, ignoring feedback and focus on the person providing it, rather than using it as an opportunity to reflect and grow. Does this sound all too familiar?


There's no one single thing that makes a great sales career, it's a bunch of little things done well, every single day. It's consistent prospecting, building a strategic network, gaining business knowledge, self-awareness, practicing the art of conversation and time management, to name a few.

Stop looking for the one thing to propel you to greatness. Instead, focus on developing your personal and professional skills.

A heartfelt sales professional chases their potential with patience. They understand their clients, their family and their career desperately need the best version of themselves.

Patience takes time and a conscious effort to master. A professional understands impatience leads to their demise.


The highest calling for a selling from the heart professional is to serve others. They understand serving the interests of others by helping them overcome challenges in order to achieve their goals is a satisfying way to live their sales life.

Life is truly lived through moments of service to our fellow human beings. These individuals find absolute joy and contentment in serving their clients.

"Actions speak louder than words when serving with the heart"
  • Servants seek to make themselves available to serve
  • Servants seek to pay attention to others needs
  • Servants seek to do every task with equal dedication

Seek to be 'great', if you want to be 'successful', learn to become a servant. Stop selling…Start serving... Start being a leader of yourself.


A mediocre sales rep easily gives up in their quest to become a heartfelt sales professional. Why do they do this? It's because pursuing this lifestyle is lonely, hard work and often goes against the general opinions shared by other sales reps.

"A vast majority of sales reps are mediocre and average at best."

Being mediocre is the classic stick or twist. Are you going to hold on to what you have or take the gamble in search of more? All too often, sales reps stick with what they know because it's safe. “The reason mediocrity is worse than failure is very simple,” says HubSpot founder Dharmesh Shah. “Failure lets you move on, mediocrity stalls you and keeps you from reaching your potential.”

Success is exciting and so is failure. Mediocrity? Well that's a decision you need to make!

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

I'm writing a book. The title is Selling From the Heart! I'm pouring my heart into every page of this book and I think you're going to love it.Enter your email address here in this hyperlink and you'll be updated as the book is released. You'll also become part of our launch team. As a thank you, I'll have some special bonuses waiting for you! 

You can find more advanced training material inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my stories. Integrating the use of social and sharing my story on LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive office technology world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire sales teams to grow new business by helping them share their story and how they communicate it out by integrating the use of social inside the sales process. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast by clicking on Selling from the Heart.