Xerox "Unable to Adjust"

About four weeks ago I was told that that Global Imaging was going to be absorbed by Xerox in the next few months.  In addition it was mentioned that this absorption would result with the loss of many managerial positions. In fact one of those managers called me to ask a favor in reference to a past issue that was posted on this site.  It didn't take long for me to put two and two together and I agreed that most of what I heard could come to fruition.

After that initial conversation the last four weeks proved to be unfruitful with not a peep out of Global or Xerox.

That all changed yesterday  

Early the AM I had a call from a former Global Manager that stated "the **** is about to hit the fan and I've had several texts from others confirming lay-offs with Xerox." I was then asked to reach out to my peeps and do some searching on the internet to corroborate the call and the texts.

A simple search on google for Xerox and the filter change to the past 24 hours showed at least four local news stories that the lay-offs had started.  One of those reporters stated that the round of lay-off was more with management rather than Union employees (after all these years I never new Xerox had Union employees).  Indeed something was happening in Xerox's Rochester, New York Campus. Yet more than halfway through the day there was no official word from Xerox.

Thus, I started posting some threads on the forums Xerox Global Rumors Today. Those threads are basically a mix of threads and links that I found on the web.  

I don't like hearing about people losing thier jobs at any time. However, the economy is in a good place right now and I'm sure many of those talented people will be able to find a new home. In fact on a recent forum that I visited there were recruiters posting threads to snap them up.  

I believe one of those threads mentioned up to one thousand peeps getting the pink slip, and some other threads had less. However, there was the common theme that the lay-offs were management positions.

I came across one thread that stood out among the rest. An anonymous person (they are all anonymous and I can't blame them) posed this question on a thread "3 Word Statement: Define the Cause of Xerox Decline".  That person stated "Unable to Adjust". You can find all of these threads at the

FYI, another one of those threads made mention of the lay-offs within the Global ranks also.  "Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you read", someone told me that year ago and it stuck. I guess we'll just have to wait for some official announcements from Xerox in the upcoming days

Those of us in the copier industry understand that only the strong will survive the decline of office printing.  There are too many manufacturers competing for a piece of pie that continues to dwindle.  In major markets the race to zero frightens even me because I'm seeing cost per page agreements sold to clients that are unsustainable for dealers and direct branches.  Along with hardware pricing that can be as much as 65 points off MSRP. Just thinking about that type of discount really makes me wonder how low the manufacturing cost really is for MFPs.

What's the future for Xerox? I have no clue

Would love to hear from others on this.

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