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Xerox Financial Services - More Than A Copier Lease


When I started "The Leasing Revolution" back in November, I was banking on someone stepping up. Xerox Financial Services has indeed disrupted the status quo of the document imaging channel's leasing.

I am looking forward to witnessing the many changes coming to the channel as it consolidates and as new challenges and determined bold legacy players change the game. Nearly all within the document imaging channel's borders understand that without diversification, the legacy dealer or reseller model is doomed.

For two years now, Xerox has fearlessly led the top five in the industry in disrupting themselves as they prepare for a new future, a future Xerox seems intent on creating.

As I say,

"Those who cannot disrupt themselves will never disrupt the marketplace."

When Xerox announced the three separate business platforms, they were introducing to the world their new path toward continuous relevance. Xerox is undeniably the largest service provider in the Americas and EMEA within the print equipment and services industry. It now appears Xerox is aligning to expand past the printed page in ways its competitors can not even imagine.

Xerox is taking their core competencies and expanding out, while most of its competitors are still struggling to implement the barge of acquisitions they have made into their customer bases.

Xerox is asking who else besides our print customer can we provide services to? Or Who else can we offer what we do well? While its competitors continue asking, what else can we sell our print customer? Or continue failing at delivering the barrage of diversified acquisitions they have made.

The document imaging channels actors should think, as Xerox appears to be thinking, and seek a diversified customer over continuing to fail at delivering diversified products to existing customers. 

Think about the strategy with the financial service announcement regarding Lexmark. Xerox just opened the door to the realities of a changing landscape. Which other manufactures would benefit by outsourcing their financial services to Xerox? Konica, Ricoh, Kyocera, Sharp, Toshiba. Ok, now let's go past print.

Does anyone see Xerox becoming a powerful financial instrument for the distributors? Tech Data, CDW, or Ingram Micro as examples. Can anyone else see Xerox Financial services providing financing options for the end-users of Apple, Dell, or Lenovo products?

What about Xerox as the finance partner with significant software organizations who deliver through term contracted monthly subscriptions and would benefit greatly by collecting the contracted revenue upfront. Xerox can teach many the benefits of leasing.

The possibilities I imagine are tremendous for Xerox and I most definitely see them playing a significant role in what I describe as "The Leasing Revolution."

Everyone in the industry understands the tremendous knowledge of the channel's actors regarding leasing.

Since my November video declaring "The Leasing Revolution," Xerox is the only one who appears to be challenging the leasing status quo. It's those who create the new normal who avoid falling victim to what others created.

Congratulations Xerox Financial Services!

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