Why Copier Sales People Still Need to Demonstrate MFP's & Wide Format Devices


For three days this week I stationed in Atlantic City for an Association event.  I don't care to be away from home for three solid days but the Association event is a solid event to gather leads for net new prospects.

Half the day on Wednesday, 7AM to & 7PM on Thursday and half the day on Friday can drain the best of us.  I was thankful to have backup with reps for Wednesday and Thursday.

Prior to the event I had arranged to have two Ricoh digital whiteboards on hand along with a Ricoh CXW 2201SP wide format printer/scanner/copier.  Last year I only brought the Ricoh white boards and felt that I missed out on many opportunities with wide format because all I could present was a brochure.  Thus the reason to get a wide format device on-site.

Last years event was unique because we were the only technology company there. The white boards were a big hit, we had a lot of interest but did not acquire one order from those leads.  This year it was going to be different, I would still bring the white boards, but the icing on the cake was to be the CW2201SP. It was time to shine with demonstrating our wide format device.

Our Ricoh CW2201 arrived just before vendor set-up time was to close. As our device was being wheeled to my booth, I was floored to see another wide format device coming in right behind it. Frak, there's another wide format vendor? WTF!

After I got over my initial shock of the other wide format device. My focused turned to what makes my device unique and different from the other device. The other device turned out to be one of the new Canon TX series ink based MFP.

What I knew about the Canon TX series:

  • Lower purchase (Dealer & MSRP)
  • Can produce high quality graphics
  • Best image on IJ (inkjet) paper
  • On-board Windows 10 controller
  • Copy/Scan/Print GUI via Software on Windows 10 controller
  • Optional additional paper roll (up to 600 foot rolls of paper)
  • 5 ink colors
  • Color Scan
  • Scan & print from and to USB Drive
  • Pigment inks (will not run or smear when wet

How Ricoh CW 2201SP device stacked up against the Canon TX series:

  • Higher purchase price (Dealer & MSRP)
  • Can't produce high quality graphics
  • Gel ink Technology (will not run or smear when wet)
  • Produces good imaging on bond paper
  • No windows controller required
  • No need to access software for Copy/Scan/Print
  • Optional additional paper roll (up to 590 foot roll of paper)
  • Scan & Print to and from USB & SD Card
  • Print from Hard Drive Library

Alright some better, some not so good. Thus I came up with a plan to show the sizzle of our product.  I pre-printed about 16 color 24x36 plans. I did not leave them in the stacker, but folded each one and laid them on top of our Ricoh. I had then folded down to maybe a 6x6.  On the other side of our Ricoh, I placed a small 6 ounce cup of water. My plan was to start off with "sizzle", because it was demo time!

As attendees walked by and I noticed them looking at the device I would ask them if they had a wide format device, most answered yes. I then told them that I wanted to show them show then something magical about the Ricoh.  I took one of the folded plans. I stated "you know that oil and water don't mix right?", and yes was the response. I then went on to. "well the same is true with ink and water correct?".  I did not wait for an answer I poured some water on the print and then smeared the water on the drawing. There was no running of the ink or smearing of the ink!  All and I repeat all of those that saw this were amazed! 

From there I went on to state that this was a color CAD printer, not a graphics printer. The large roll of paper meant a lower cost per square foot, and the bond paper was much less expensive than smaller rolls. I showed the huge cartridges of ink and gave then estimated cost per square foot of black in. I then showed how to print from the USB drive, the document library and showed the ease of making a copy.  I closed with scan2email, scan2folder, scan2cloud, TWAIN scanning along with how the Ricoh will stack scan originals. Keep in mind that after each feature I explained the advantage and benefit to each person.  I even reverted back to my copier demo days and asked the client to look at the small printed a's, o's & e's, do you see how they are not filled?

I believe we walked away with 20 plus wide format prospects (10-15 leads). It looked good for two sales those days, however one did not want to pay the price and the other ghosted me at the end. I'm okay with the price buyer and the ghosting because I knew we did a killer job with the demonstrating of the device because I had at three people tell me that we knew our stuff.  Even though the Canon TX prints will not run or smear when wet I knew that they would not show that important feature. It was all about the "sizzle" and performing a kick ass demo.

On Friday I had the chance to view the Canon booth.  There was no cup of water next to the device, there was no large roll of paper, and there were no pre-printed drawings. The person manning the booth had a hard time showing me the interface for scan/print/copy. It was then that I knew that I had done my job.

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