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Where's the sizzle for selling Managed IT or BDR (backup Disaster Recovery)?

I've been thinking about this for the past week or so. 


Where the frak is the sizzle for selling Managed IT or BDR (backup Disaster Recovery)?


Selling Managed IT and BDR is boring!! As my wife states "it's a real snooze"! 


Where is the sizzle?  Am I missing something? There's no oohhs and ahhs with Managed IT/BDR, unlike when you see a beautiful color print emerge from an MFP aka copier.  Or do you see a clients eyes light up with that look of "buy me" when you tell them your BDR service will mirror all of your data in two separate data locations on the east and west coast.  Nope, it's still a fraking snooze.


Is this what sales have come down to in the office equipment industry, selling services from a brochure? 


Even now, when telling clients about the new cloud services that they can print from the cloud, scan to the cloud and even enable documents as searchable .pdfs can still get a "really, we could do that"? or "gee these would be nice features to have" and "we want that". This is SIZZLE!


"I'm mad as hell and not gonna take this anymore", was actually a famous line from the 1976 flick NETWORK.


I'm mad as hell and I'll dig deeper on appointments and look for those opportunities that will enable me to NOT to be the same as everyone else. I will help companies manage the great expanse of data and help them manage, collect, analyze and store their data that will help them improve their business process!  I promise to find the pain that every company has and bring forth a solution of hardware (SIZZLE) and software that will be the correct prescription to alleviate the pain and improve their business and make them more profitable!


I'm thinking what I may have just posted above is the new Art Post manifesto for taking my sales to the next level. Everything changes nothing is constant and we need to be prepared and excited to change and try new concepts. Not changing or diversifying can be our demise, but look at how much some of us have changed in the last 20 years.  Did I ever think 20 years ago that I would ever even consider selling Managed IT or BDR, NO, because it's still a fraking snooze!


-=Good Selling=-

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