When Was the Last Time You Named your Printer or Copier?


Note: I wrote this back on 2013 on the old blog site MFP Solutions, thought it would be a good recycle.

When Was the Last Time You Named your Printer or Copier? 

"Can anyone come up with a fun and creative name for a Canon copier/printer? It's my job to name it since the office just got a new one the other day and I'm the new work study employee. All the other ones were named by previous work studies and were good like a leased Canon was Lisa Canon...since they leased a Canon. Thanks!"

Whoa, this was a thread I picked up the other day in my google alerts for a yahoo forum.  After 32 years in the industry, WTF,  I now find out that office workers actually give a name to the copier?

I have to admit that the old name for the Canon for Lisa Canon was pretty creative! Of course everyone could use the Lisa for Ricoh, Xerox, KonicaMinolta and the rest. So, I thought I would try my hand at thinking up some names for copiers.

Here we go (I took these names that were popular in the Victorian Era):

Hope Xerox  (hoping it works all the time)
Lottie Ricoh  (we make a lot of copies)
Lulu Kyocera  (our copier is a loser)
Benedict Arnold Toshiba  (the copier never works right)
Nimrod Sharp  (odd name for an odd copier)
Owen Savin  (we owe a lot of money on this copier)
Pleasant Muratec  (we like our copier)
Zebulon Xerox  (it's our prized copier)
Newton Ricoh  (we just got it)
August Kyocera  (the month the new copier was purchased)
Merlin Toshiba  (our system is amazing)
Avis KonicaMinolta (we're only leasing this system for a short time)
Beaton Sharp (we beat on this system all the time)
Charity Savin (a hand me down)
Eustace Muratec (our system is useless)
Faithful Xerox (always works well)
Hercules Ricoh (our system is a workhorse)
Marmaduke Kyocera (our system is huge)
Patience Toshiba (it'll work just give it time)
Postumus KonicaMinolta (our last copier died unexpectadly)
Temperance Sharp (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't)
Thurstan Savin (our system is always going through toner so fast)
Wy Muratec (why did we ever get this system)

I'm done, my favorites would be Hope, Benedict Arnold, Dick, Owen, Avis, Charity and Marmaduke.  But maybe we can name copiers and printers after rock stars right, these copiers and printers keep the wheels turning at the office everyday and with out them the paper process does start.  Think about Bruce, Billy, Mick, Ringo, Frank (I'm aging myself), and another thought might be to name them after songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Stairway to Heaven, Under My Thumb, Wild Horses.  

So, the next time I sell a copier, I will ask the new owner what name they would like to use for their new copier or printer, and I'm sure I'll get one of those strange New Jersey looks and be escorted to the door. Hey!  If you've got any really cool names drop them here in the response section!!

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10 years ago, I sold two 45 cpm colour copiers to one law firm both located in the same copier room.

I named them Bert & Ernie and even put stickers for the same on each copier.

The grouchy law firm after about a month asked me to remove the stickers and give each copier an IT asset name.  They found it difficult to relate to a copier with a name.

I have not named copiers since.

Good repost!  While I can't remember the specific names, I know I've had my fair share of copier names.  You also have the ones who have named them and shamed them with the Bob marley meme's and other funny ones about jamming, sucking, etc.  Love knocking those out of the field!   

I have one office staff comprised mostly of some interesting females that name them after good looking celebrities and tv/movie characters; Channing, Joe, Darryl..... 

Also have one customer who specifically refers to his copiers as she/her and his printers are he/him.  No idea, have never questioned why but think it's hilarious!