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When It Comes To Your Brand BIGGER Is Better!


Signage is often something taken for granted by customers, but it is a key component in an overall business marketing plan. The right signs, banners and posters – both inside and outside your business – effectively attract new customers and direct current clients to the products and services they need. We have tips to help you make the most of the signage you use.

Use the Right Materials

There are many different types of materials that can be used for your signage today, including metal, plastic, paper, wood and vinyl. When you choose a material for your signage, consider the location and use of the sign. For example, signage located outdoors needs to be crafted of a weatherproof material that will hold up over a period of time.

Consider Branding in Your Design

As you are choosing colors, graphics and fonts, make sure your signage coordinates with the rest of your company branding. Signs should make it easy to identify your business at a glance, with a consistent color scheme and logo prominently displayed somewhere on the signage. Professional appearance is another must if you want your signage to help your business put its best foot forward.

Make it Easy to Read

Signage posted outside the business needs to feature much larger lettering than signs inside your business directing customers or advertising new services. A good rule of thumb is for signs 100 away from the customer; letters should be at least three inches. Signs meant to attract passing cars should also sport fewer words – 7 or less – to advertise your business. Dark lettering on a lighter background is also easier on the eyes for quick reading.

Consider Local Regulations

This is an especially important point for exterior signage. Most cities have regulations regarding the size, height and design of signs displayed outdoors. Become familiar with the regulations for your community, so you don’t make a costly mistake that requires you to replace a sign after it has been hung.

Signage is an effective way to promote your business when it is used properly. These tips will help you make the most of the signage you choose for your company.

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