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What's Hot With Color Labels!


I'm a huge fan of color label presses and that's because it's about putting ink on paper and it's so simple.  Heck we've been putting ink (toner) on paper for the last forty years. Yes, there are some nuances with different substrates and laminates but it still comes down to putting ink on paper.

If you can sell digital color presses you can sell digital color label presses with a heck of a lot more GP for each device.  The market potential is enormous especially since many states are now legalizing the use of weed.

Consider This Your Invite

David Clearman (Director of Marketing and PLS Sales at Muratec America) and I  will be hosting and informal ZOOM chat on May 3rd at 4PM Est.  Our talk track will be "What's Hot With Color Labels".  Our chat should be about 30 minutes and we'll open up the mic for the last 15 minutes for everyone.

In addition David will raffle off a bottle of his famous bourbon for one lucky attendee. If you've been curious about digital color labels presses or you may think color labels presses offer a viable way to capture more dough and vast amounts of clicks then by all means tune in for our chat!

We're asking that everyone hit the RSVP button here (that's how we're keeping track of attendees). In addition once you hit the link you will see the ZOOM meeting link.

-=Good Selling-=

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