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What does Fuji Xerox's news mean to USA Xerox Dealers?

Hi All,

       I know that some of the Professionals who read and post to P4PHotel carry the Xerox line. Can I ask you (In all sincerity), what does this Fuji Xerox news mean to you or your Dealership? If you work for a Global Imaging branch what does this mean to Global? Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards,

Vince McHugh

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I have an opinion on Asia-pac only.

FXA/FBI will stubbornly move forward with its weary old manufacturer mentality that the box is the "be all and end all".

Having the right sales team and cultural environment will still hold no sway or importance to the silent hum of hundreds of obedient workers doing everything possible to sell another unit (over a solution).

Acquiring Code Blue however (IT services arm of CSG - ex Canon reseller bought out by Fuji Xerox a few months back - ) could be seen as an attempt to finally enter a space they have traditionally sucked at (managed services).

However most seasoned players see multiple issues across the board not the least of which is FBI/FXA's continual inability to successfully integrate acquisitions (and their beneficial aspects) into the central entity along with a penchant for creating artificial conflict by allowing multiple channels to cannibalise each others users/customers and MIF.

Take Upstream as an excellent example, its been run as a separate entity (in competition with existing Fuji Xerox sales channels and much to the dislike of the master/sales agents/dealers (sales channels) across the country) since it was acquired in 2010.

FBI/FXA's moves in the Asia Pac marketplace have been quixotic at the best of times but you can say they have mastered and continue to refine their signature move:

"to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"

That folks, is Fuji Xerox, or FBI or whatever name they will be coming up with!

It just won't probably be: (we know who has this!) (taken) (canadian owner) (taken interestingly years ago by a Fuji Xerox regional dealer)

We're not a Xerox dealer however I did read the article and I have think there should me many concerns with the recent developments. Here is a link for that article

My thought has been that one of the mega dealers here in the US would partner with Fuji and then relabel the Fuji equipment as their own.  Would be a real power play.

Not sure what Xerox could do at that point with OEM to go to.  Thinking Xerox might have to make a play with another partner. Who might that be?

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