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What Comes Around Goes Around...


About a week ago I posted a thread in our forums about an appointment I had with a net new account here in New Jersey. 

I met with the client on Thursday or Friday of that week, went through the discovery process and got the feeling that this opportunity would have a decision sooner rather than later.  The reason for that assumption is because the client just completed building out a new space and the supply chain issues our entire industry is experiencing.  It's interesting how no one bats an eye when you tell them 5-10 days but when it 4-8 weeks things seem to heat up quite quickly.

By Monday of the next week the client had their quote (via email), we were still in a moderate lock down then.  The client also told me that they are required to get at least two additional quotes.  I thought, let the **** show begin. 

In my early selling days I was one of those that was taught the tactics of high pressures sales that came along with those closing questions.  I used them but really never liked them.  Yes, at times they worked but I always wanted to sell the way I wanted to be sold.  Meaning give me all of the information that I need in order to make an educated decision on what's best for my company or me. Which led me to being patient with existing and net new clients. 

It was about 10 days later when I followed up with the client and they told me they had still not received the other quotes. Once I heard that I asked if we can schedule the second meeting to review the proposal and that meeting was granted.  A few days later we had our virtual meeting for the review. 

At the end of the meeting I was told that they are not interesting in getting the additional quotes and they will put my quote in for approval. Yay!  Today I received the approval from the client and not a bad opportunity since it was net new and had two color MFP devices (A3 & A4).

All of this brings me back to the other proposals, the client did reach out to two other companies and both of those companies failed!  One of my first guesses would have been if the company can't follow up on lead how good can they be at service?   I'm astonished that neither of the reps followed up with a phone call or email.  Is this the way it's going to be in a post covid19 world? If so I'm going to really like the new normal .

The best part about this opportunity is that I lost when they were in market five years ago for MFPs.  At times I do consider myself to be like a dog with a bone with a lead.  Not gonna give it up, will place it off to the side and when it's time I'm going to be back on the bone. Consistent and not nagging follow up calls produced this decent opportunity and I'm happy that I lose from time to time because that increases my chancing of winning next time. We like to win.

-=Good Selling=-

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