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Twelve Days of Selling "Day One"

I started this series of blogs off with the title, "I Want it All".  For those of you that are old enough that was the title of a splendid Queen song in 1988. 


I grew up with the attitude that I Want it All, and through out the years, I pretty much always got what I wanted.  Some may call it luck, some may call it fate, I say that it's the fire of desire that burns inside you that drives you to fruition.  I also believe that everyone has the fire of desire inside of them, yet most don't know they have it and most may never find it or find it when it's too late in life. In my case there was an event early in my life that trigger the desire to be GREAT at something.  It just so happened that I picked the copier industry.


Thus, the embedded picture on the left of this blog is another one of my favorite sales songs.  "Under Pressure", recorded in 1981 by David Bowie and Queen.  "When the going gets tough, the though get going". 


Sales by nature is pure pressure, and over the years I've been able to cope with it, and not let the pressure turn me into a wishy, washy, whining sales person. Yes, at times I'm know as the curmudgeon of the office, but that's because I get so upset with myself when I don't have my numbers.  You see, I know I'm better that that!


Alright, enough of that.  The last day of the month, and that being the 23rdof December was somewhat of a bummer.  I made the calls, but found that 95% of the people that I needed to speak to were not available or just did not have the time to speak with me (I understand payroll is important, especially in a short week).


I had a small A3 monochrome printer order come in, at the last hour was going back and forth with a net new customer for a wide format.  The customer threw me a curve at the last minute,  that in order for him to move forward with my system, he needed me to give him money for his old X 510 and or find a buyer for it.  It was just too late in the day to make that happen.   Guess this will be January business.


The end result is that I did not reach my goal of selling $185k for the month! I'm figuring I was $20-$25k short.   I did not make the club (unless one of our bean counters finds a mistake when the numbers are double and triple checked).  Hint, hint, come on bean counters help me out! 


However, what I did accomplish is to have the highest monthly revenue in my career, along with that I also had the highest quarter revenue in my career!  In additional, according to Art's math, I will also have the best commission check in the last 25 years!! 


Thus, I have a lot to hang my hat on this year. I will have top sales revenue for the year, I may have squeaked out top new business sales for the second time in a row (I'm not so sure about this, but I think it's going to come down to a few dollars if I win or lose).  I don't mind losing because the rep that would win is pretty awesome and deserves it.


I'm taking the next few days to wind down, not shave, not wake up, not answer the cell phone, not drive and recoup for 2015!!! For we all know that you're only as good as your last sale!!!


-=Good Selling=-

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First great year, month and quarter!  Even after your time in industry it always has to feel good to close out as strongly as you did! 

I'm a sales manager and have been using your twelve days of selling emails as an example for my sales team.  In particular a new rep who's been selling for less than a year really loves these emails.  I also have a rep on my team that's been in industry close to 30 years and these emails have helped reinvigorate him.  Essentially your emails are the same message I've been trying to get across to them about the daily activity needed to knock it out of the park, but for some reason they take your blog to heart.  Either way I don't care because it's motivating them!!  I really appreciate your site and even though i don't contribute a whole lot, really find your information useful and helpful.  I'm setting a goal for myself to engage myself with other liked minded individuals in our industry for 2015 and know p4photel will be one of the avenues utilized to do so. 

Have a happy new year and I can't wait to see what new and exciting things this industry brings in 2015!

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