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Top Three Value Points for Print Audits New FM V3

Value...the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.


As sales professionals we always strive to present value to our prospects and customers.  It's the value of what we bring to the table that sets my dealership apart from the other dealership down the road.  Value...can come in many forms such as excellent on-site service, support, hardware and software.



Everyone wants immediate results, the quicker we can alleviate an error code, a service call or be pro-active and have a tech on-site before our customer places a service call is a huge advantage!  We can let them focus on their core business and let us manage the hardware for them.   


I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to Fleet Management software, but I'm not a novice when it comes to service and support.  I preach that we are not in the business of selling copiers, printers, scanners, MPS, DMS, or MNS. We are in the business of giving EXCELLENT customer service!  Thus if there's a new product on the market that can add VALUE to my customers that will enable then to have an even better customer experience, then I'm ALL IN.  


Print Audit has just released FM Version 3, there are three key advantages with this new product that will allow me to create additional value for every prospect and customer that I meet.  Having FM Version 3 will set me apart from the dealers than don't have FM Version 3 or don't believe in Fleet Management.


Here's some key points that Rob Thiessen (VP Sales for Print Audit) that we spoke about in a recent teleconference:


Changes to FM
1) New Smart Alerting functionality that lets you customize the way that Alerts are cleared as well as triggered. 
- You will now be able to configure an alert to automatically clear if the condition has not occurred for a designated number of hours.  This is important for mitigating situations where the actions of users within a managed environment could cause device alerts to be improperly cleared and as a result duplicated. For example, users often remove toner cartridges to shake them, and then put them back in the device.  In this circumstance the device can be “tricked” into clearing the alert temporarily.  Setting the smart alert to clear only when the condition has not occurred for “X” hours will eliminate duplicate alerts that occur for what is actually the same condition.

- A new "Manual Clear" option will leave an alert active until someone logs into Facilities Manager and manually clears the alert.  This clearing option gives the user complete control over the clearing of alerts at the system level.  For example, even if the device shows the alert condition as having been cleared, the Facilities Manager will not clear it without manual input.

2) Ability to create Machine Alerts that trigger on device specific error codes


- Provides clarity to service personnel regarding service alerts they receive

- Eliminates the need for customer help in diagnosing printer issues remotely
- Greater control over the workflow associated with alerting on specific issues

3) Option to deliver Supplies and Service alerts to a web service


- Used to completely automate the dispatching of service and supplies tickets through web services

- Eliminates the need for manual entry of service information into ticketing system


In addition, Print Audit FM3 now offers viewing on one page or report, of all Active Alerts and Alert History for each device or selection of devices.  This allows administrators and service personnel to view all of the issues affecting their devices at once.


I've also included the marketing release notes for FM V3 which are available at the following link;


Ask yourself are you going to be the dealer that's ahead of the curve with technology or the dealer that's always trying to play catch up.  Me? I'm elated that the dealership that I work for is a Premier Print Audit dealer and they give me the tools to kick some butt!!


-=Good Selling=-


Facilities Manager Webinars:

For those who missed our previous webinars, Print Audit will be hosting one more webinar to demonstrate the exciting new smart alerting capabilities in Facilities Manager V3.  The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 19th at 11am EST.
  Click here to register for this webinar.  Space is limited so please do not delay.

You can also use the following link to watch a previously recorded V3 Technical Training webinar: 

Learn More:

Visit the Facilities Manager web page:

If you are not a current Facilities Manager customer, you can sign up for a free trial here:

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We don't have a yearly price.  Our subscribers pay monthly for our services and the cost varies based on the subscription.  I'd be happy to discuss your companies needs and provide you with the plan that works for you.  I can be reached at 1-877-412-8348.


As a side note, our members generate recurring revenue directly from our user management licensing which typically covers the monthly cost and more.  So essentially to them it's free!

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