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Top Ten "Why Copiers Should Have Warning Labels"


I wrote this back in 2011 and thought it would be a good repost for everyone.  Enjoy!

Yes sir, 31 years in the business and counting...over those 31 years I've seen and heard some strange things happen in the copier business.  Here's some warning labels that I'd like to see on copiers. BTW, most of these threads came from Print4Pay Hotel Members forum.  Enjoy!

1. Warning:  If you don't insert the toner cartridge carefully you're gonna ruin your clothes and your co-workers are gonna have a good laugh.

2. Warning:  Excessive weight on the copier glass will cause it to break and you will suffer.

3. Warning:  Don't stare at the exposure lamp while the copier is running, it could cause temporary blindness.

4. Warning:  Don't copy or print on to glossy ink jet paper, this will cause a major cluster %$#$ in the fuser (melted plastic is never good).

5. Warning:  Don't place your cup of coffee on the copier while waiting for copies or prints.

6. Warning:  Don't put the wrong toner in the unit, if it doesn't fit.....where have I heard that's not legit!

7. Warning:  Don't scan your face or any other body part since a digital copy will be held on the hard drive for ever!

8. Warning:  Excessive use will cause the system to fail on a regular basis.

9. Warning:  Dispose of properly and in a safe manner, these systems are not eco friendly to be used as for the start of an artificial reef.

10. Warning: The printing or copying of money will land you in jail, if you don't believe me than print some money, spend it and email us to let us know what happens!

If anyone would care to add to the list, feel free!!  I'm sure there's a heck of alot more than this! 

BTW next week I'll have a Top Ten of the Funniest Copier Moments in the Industry. 

If you'd like to have one of your Funniest Copier Moments in the Industry published then log on to the Print4Pay Hotel forums, and post your thread along with the others.

Dam, I can't wait to read the threads on the forums.

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