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Top Ten MFP Copier Industry Predictions for 2015

Looking back 2014 was one of my best years in the business. The fourth quarter of 2014 was the best quarter I've ever had!  I can only hope that 2015 will be as good as 2014 if not better.


Last years Top Ten MFP Copier Industry Predictions for 2014 had me wondering if we'll ever get back those glorious years of 2000-2007.  Thus, I'm pretty optimistic that 2015 will turn out to be one of the best years ever!


Some of my predictions over the years did come to fruition, and for the life of I can't figure out why!  I try to have fun with these, some predictions will come from trends that I've seen in the industry and others are predictions that I'd like to see come true and there are some that I just post because I know it will irk someone the wrong way.  


Have fun with this and of course if you have some of you own, please comment!


1) Acquisitions of smaller office equipment dealers by larger office equipment will grow even stronger this year.  Those smaller dealerships that have no line of succession will be enticed to give up the ghost.


2) The Age of the Mega Dealers continues and we'll see more of these dealers coming to market with their own GEO branding.  These Mega Dealers will expand their own geographic territories and also establishing new beach heads hundreds if not a thousand miles away.


3) Dealerships that named their dealerships with  "copy, copiers, office solutions, office systems, office technology, print, and office" will be dropped. Dealerships will create their own strategic branding and will no longer be defined as just selling copiers, printers, faxes, etc.


4) It did not happen last year, but maybe this will be the year that one of these three manufacturers throw in the towel.  If one does drop, then I'd be betting it will be Sharp, Toshiba or Kyocera.


5) One of the Big 3 (Canon, Ricoh, KonicaMinolta) will buy a Document Management Software company.


6) 2015 will be the year of A4 devices!!  I see 70, 80 & 90ppm devices A4 devices coming to market with the cost per model of A3 devices.


7) 2015 will not be the year that Ricoh upgrades the W3601, nor the W5100en & W7140en.  Guess we'll have to put that on our Christmas wish for next year! Hey, I'm really hopping this one does come pan out!


8) When it comes to Production Systems, Ricoh will be the force to be reckoned with.  No manufacturer stays on top for long, thus the reign of KM at the top spot is coming to a close.


9) Keywords for 2015?  Workflow is out, MPS is DOA.  BPI is in!!!  Business Process Improvement says it all!!


10) I predict 2015 will be a record year of sales for all Print4Pay Hotel members!  The reason for that bold prediction? Would be because we share knowledge, inspiration, ideas and our passion for the industry!!


Have fun with this, I did!


-=Good Selling=-



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