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Top Ten Copiers Leads for This Week in March


Wow!  So far this week in March has proved to be filled with opportunities for copiers.  We even had one this week for a commercial account in East Ohio.  As of today I' haven't found a home for that lead. If you're reading this please contact me about that lead if east Ohio is your territory.

Since the first week of March we've posted 23 Leads for copiers. While most of these are in the US, there's a couple in Canada also.

These leads are reserved for our Premium Members. During the first few weeks of this year we had a special for Premium Memberships.  Where the price was $119 annual, we offered up 20 Premium Memberships for $99 and that was for a Lifetime Membership.

If you email me this week, and mention this blog, I'll release another 5 Premium/VIP Memberships at the special sale price of $99 for a Lifetime.  This special is only open to new Premium/VIP members.

Here they are for this week!

Lead for Fleet of Printers in Tennessee

Lead for Five Copiers in Florida

Lead for Grand Color Wide Format in California (this is a $100K opp)

Lead for Fleet of Copiers in Canada

Lead for Color Copier in California

Lead for Fleet of Printers in Connecticut

Lead for Fleet of Copiers in Missouri1

Lead for Fleet of Copiers in California (2)

Bid for Fleet of Copiers in California

Lead for SMALL FLEET OF Copiers in Maryland

All of these are time sensitive leads. Some big some small! 

-=Good Selling=-

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