Top Ten Copier & Wide Format Proposals & Quotes for June 2020


Top Five Copier & Wide Format Proposals & Quotes for June 2020

I'll admit I've fallen off the wagon with posting many of these, but in recent weeks we've having a flurry of quotes sent to us.  FYI for every quote we receive we're giving you a FREE Premium/VIP Membership.  Why not send us one or two to get started?

I always enjoy getting the chance to see quotes and proposals from others. It's not just always about the pricing of the hardware and the clicks.  In many cases it's about the presentation, the content used along with the graphics.  I'll admit over the years I've borrowed content and graphics to make my proposals stand out.

Top Five Copier Proposals & Quotes for June 2020

HP e87660dn + HP e77822dn. Proposal

Canon iPF TX3000MFP Wide Format Quote

Ricoh Pro_L5160_Quote

HP e77830z MFP Proposal (#2)

Canon fleet Proposals June 2020 (many mfp's)

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