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Top Ten Copier & MFP Proposals for April 2015

You've heard me preach about proposals before. If you're new to the site, P4P'ers will share quotes and pricing for systems with other P4P'ers.  These quotes are accurate, real time and can tell you if someone is using padded lease rates, heavily discounting, holding margin on hardware and the latest maintenance and cost per page pricing.


For those of you that are Premium Members, thank you for your continued support and the time you've taken to send me those proposals.  To all P4P newbies, please consider a Premium Membership to view and print these quotes and to also have access to the entire Print4Pay Hotel site.



  1. Bid Tabulation for Xerox_Sharp_Samsung_Canon_Kyocera.pdf
  2. P4P Pricing on the street Xerox 5655PT.pdf
  3. P4P Pricing on the street XEROX WC5638 .pdf
  4. P4P Pricing on the street Xerox 5655PT (v2).pdf
  5. P4P Pricing on the street Xerox 4260XF .pdf
  6. Multiple Copier Pricing Spreadsheet
  7. P4P Pricing on the street XEROX W5638T .pdf
  8. Xerox Proposal
  9. Samsung SCX-8240 Multifunction.pdf
  10. Samsung CLX 8640 price quote.pdf



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