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Todays Hacked Update


Todays Hacked Headlines

SEC Charges 18 Defendants in International Scheme to Manipulate Stocks Using Hacked ...

Those charged include Rahim Mohamed of Alberta, Canada, who is alleged to have coordinated the hacking attacks, and several others in and outside the ...

Melbourne mother hacked and robbed of $200,000 | 7NEWS - YouTube

A Melbourne mother is warning bank customers to check their accounts regularly after cyber criminals infiltrated her account...

Cisco Confirms Hack: Yanluowang Ransom Gang Claims 2.8GB Of Data

Talos Intelligence Group confirmed that Cisco had been hacked by the Yanluowang ransomware group. The confirmation in a Talos blog posting, ...

EU's Green Pass Vaccination ID System Has Been Hacked to Make Fakes—Including One ...

EU's Green Pass Vaccination ID System Has Been Hacked to Make Fakes—Including One for Adolf Hitler · Three People Reportedly Shot at Six Flags Great ...

This guy hacked a John Deere 4240 tractor display, plays DOOM on it | TweakTown

The current DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas, with a video posted by Sick Codes on Twitter that saw New Zealand modder "Skelegant" getting ...

Hack Summer Continues with Acala Becoming the 4th Victim in August, 'We'll See More Attacks'

A scorching hot decentralized finance (DeFi) hack summer continues, with the latest in a string of at least eight protocols to fall victim to an ...

Ukraine cyber chief Black Hat, Lockheed Martin breach?, $25 Starlink hack - CISO Series

Ukraine cyber chief Black Hat visit, Killnet claims to have hacked Lockheed Martin, Starlink successfully hacked using $25 modchip.

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@Art Post Just seeing this.  For the time being, no, as my current workload is insane getting up to speed.  My nose is above water currently and with baby 2 coming in 2 weeks, my load will be growing.  When I come back up for air in a few months, I'll consider it but need to be 100% focused right now.  Sorry!

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