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Todays Hacked Update 8/17/2022


Todays Hacked Headlines

Confused cyber criminals have hacked a water company in a bizarre case of mistaken identity

A company which provides 1.6 million people with drinking water says it has been targeted by cyber criminals -- who appear to mistakenly believe..

Indian embassy's website hacked -

To mark their protest, Kashmiri hackers hacked website of Indian Embassy in Egypt....

Collin County hospitals get hacked, exposing social security numbers and health data

MCKINNEY, Texas — Methodist McKinney Hospital and two of the company's surgical centers had their computer systems hacked earlier this summer, ...

Nearly 1,900 Signal Messenger Accounts Potentially Compromised in Twilio Hack

Signal says attackers may have compromised the end-to-end encrypted messaging account of about 1900 users as a result of Twilio hack.

CS:GO trading site hacked to steal $6 million worth of skins - Bleeping Computer

hack-announcement. The platform is still restoring its services and has entered the third day of its extended outage, while the impacted users ...

Signal hack: Private messaging services hit by hack, leaking users' phone numbers

Signal, the secure messaging app, has been hit by a hack that leaked its users phone numbers.....

UK Water Supplier Hacked, But Did Ransomware Gang Hit Wrong Target?

South Staffordshire reported the hack after a ransomware gang called CL0P announced it had recently hacked a UK water supplier. The only problem?

the data of 5.4 million Internet users has been hacked

Twitter notifies affected accounts. Twitter specifies thatno password was stolen by pirates. Among the hacked information, however, we find the ...

Website that lets you send poop through the post gets hacked

A known threat actor has hacked his way into notorious revenge website ****Express and leaked the company's secure data, including customer email ...

The Law Firms That Get Hired When A Firm Is Hacked | The American Lawyer

Law firms have additional vulnerabilities to cyber hacking, namely disclosure requirements and fiduciary duties to clients. Leaders of Lewis Brisbois' ...

7 tips to help avoid your Twitter account from being hacked

For a long time now, there have been multiple cases of Twitter accounts being hacked. In the recent past, many high-profile and verified Twitter ...

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