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Today's Hacked!


September 20th, 2022

Uber Says It Was Likely Hacked by Teenage Hacker Gang LAPSUS$ - Gizmodo....Uber has published additional information about how it was hacked, claiming that it was targeted by LAPSUS$, a cybercriminal gang with a hefty ...

Grand Theft Auto 6 leak: who hacked Rockstar and what was stolen? - The Guardian.......Grand Theft Auto 6 leak: who hacked Rockstar and what was stolen? A major data breach has given the world an early look at Grand Theft Auto 6.

Kiwi Farms says someone hacked its website - Engadget......Kiwi Farms says someone hacked its website. It told users that their password, email and device IPs may have been compromised. Kris Holt.

FBI investigating reports GTA 6 leaker hacked Rockstar Games and Uber - Dexerto.....It also stated that the attacker is believed to be a part of a hacking group known as Lapsus$, a group that is responsible for illegally accessing ...

Game dev 2K's support site hacked to push malware via fake tickets - Bleeping Computer......It is also one of the most widespread malware sold on dark web markets and hacking forums, now used in various attacks such as phishing, ...

Crypto Market Maker Wintermute Hacked for $160M, OTC Services Unaffected - CoinDesk.....We've been hacked for about $160M in our defi operations. Cefi and OTC operations are not affected. 1:03 AM · Sep 20, 2022.

Woman's Facebook was hacked and disabled. Her Instagram, too. What is Meta doing to fix it?.....She tried to appeal, this time sending a photo of her passport along with an explanation that she thought her account was hacked and the ...

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