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Today's Hacked


Today's Hacked! 9/18/2022

GTA 6 Hacker Claims He Also Hacked Into Uber -

Companies are getting hacked, and games are getting leaked. This time around it was the turn of Rockstar's next big project and one of the most ...

How to practice good credit card hygiene, avoid getting hacked - Los Angeles Times

How to practice good credit card hygiene to avoid getting hacked. Credit cards. A key component of good credit card hygiene is reducing the number ...

18-Year-Old Claiming to Have Leaked the GTA 6 Videos Was Apparently Also the Uber Hacker

Instead of playing video games all day and sprouting roots like a couch potato, apparently, nowadays they're hacking left and right.

Week in review: Uber hacked, QNAP NAS devices under attack, 5 Kali Linux books to read this year

Uber has been hacked, again – this time by an 18-year-old (allegedly), who claims to have gotten in by social-engineering an Uber employee. Attackers ...

Sixers coach Doc Rivers under fire for NSFW reactions on 'hacked' Twitter account

Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers' Twitter account was reportedly hacked before the club even managed to fully recover it.

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