This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Third Week of September 2004

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security intercepts a United Airlines flight from London, so that Yusuf Islam, the musician formerly known as Cat Stevens, can be arrested and deported for allegedly financially supporting groups linked to terrorism.


Geesh, I loved the music that Cat Steven performed when I was younger. Hope the SOB is still in jail!!!  However, I still love his older music.



          9/16/04 4:50 PM
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          The new Muratec flagship features an interactive voice guidance system, single-pass duplex scanner, touchscreen control panel and affordable OfficeBridge Pro digital connectivity. Muratec America, Inc., manufacturer of multifunction office equipment and
          9/16/04 9:57 PM
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          Check out the attached pdfThis document has been archived, please send me an email in order to purchase. art@p4photel.comBulletin_04-19_Print_for_Pay_(Extension).pdf
          9/17/04 4:40 PM
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          Does anyone know what a code 0072 is for a minolta di620 any help would be appreciated
          9/20/04 10:45 AM
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          Does anyone know how thick a document you can put through these systems?
          9/21/04 7:15 PM
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          See attached Press release (Word Doc) RICOH CORPORATION PROVIDES ONE-STOP PRODUCTION CENTER WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF THE AFICIO 2228C Digital Imaging System is Newest Addition to Ricohs Black and White to Color Line West Caldwell, NJ, September
          9/16/04 6:29 PM
          Reply by pcb0960 pcb0960 is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I need them for the Ricoh IS450DE TIA Patricia
          9/20/04 12:37 PM
          Reply by Darren .... Darren .... is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          It appears that the AC204 is equivalent to the Samsung SCX-5315F (wholesale $850 to $900) - although the Ricoh model claims to be 16 ppm and the Samsung model 15 ppm.
          9/22/04 5:17 PM
          Reply by H2OSkier H2OSkier is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Found out a couple of more things on this:  - supposedly 8-bit color  - both Fiery and Ricoh controller options available
          9/22/04 6:18 PM
          Reply by jswinberlin jswinberlin is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I think you're right Jomamma. This may be where we have to draw the line and say, "hey, you have to contact your IT person. It works fine on all of the other PC's." But, I think this may be an ongoing thing. MS updates their OS and Ricoh has to create a
          9/15/04 11:20 AM
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          I set-up scanrouter for scanning on a Savin 4018d(B121/122/123). Since then they called and said that scanning stopped working. I looked on the computer and it shows that they upgraded to service pack 2. I called ricoh's technical support and he didnt
          9/16/04 4:36 PM
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          Out goes X, in come digital services  After a decade, enough is enough. . Ten years ago, Xerox, recognizing that its long distinction as the King of Copiers was a major liability in the digital age, trumpeted a new identity to the world. Henceforth, its
          9/16/04 10:00 PM
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          owned subsidiary of Ricoh Company Limited, one of the world's leading manufacturers of office equipment. More information on Ricoh can be accessed on the Ricoh website:
          9/18/04 7:59 PM
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          Leonard Mingoia, president of FaxWorld, a Huntington Beach, California-based Ricoh dealership first became aware of the dangers of impending FCC legislation (The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991, 47 CFR Part 64), which is aimed at reducing
          9/21/04 6:40 AM
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          I have a Ricoh AF2018D when i print from a Program (Drawing Program) it reduces the sub scan line by about 0.5mm per 100mm, the line must be 100mm but when we measured it after been printed it is only 99.5mm. The paper isn't shriniking it's the the line
          9/21/04 7:27 PM
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          Download attched pdf. This document has been archived, please send me an email in order to purchase. Ricoh__1_in_Color_Chart.pdf
          9/16/04 8:32 AM
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          Try these Canon fax manuals ask an owner Find Manual
          9/16/04 11:27 PM
          Reply by v-tec v-tec is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          What board is it? Have you tried Ricoh?
          9/16/04 11:38 PM
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          DV unit. However MICR is specialist and not currently supported by Ricoh.
          9/17/04 12:45 AM
          Reply by Jayson Gilbertson Jayson Gilbertson is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.  I never heard of a dual componant system with micr before.  I am unfamiliar with the Hitachi DDP90.  Is it a common machine?  Are the drum and devs. seperate units.  All the ricohs I have using MICR
          9/20/04 7:57 PM
          Reply by bandit41076 bandit41076 is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          product support guide says up to 1 mm, but i have feed up to 3 mm with no problems. Ricoh tech will only support up to 1 mm though.... See page 9

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