This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Third Week of October 2004

The Boston Red Sox top the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, and win the series after being down 3-0, winning four straight games in the greatest comeback MLB playoffs history. The Red Sox continue on to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.


          10/21/04 11:06 PM
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          as often as they copy.  they print as often as they copy.  the number of users is greater than the number of copies the unit makes per minute. Paul Albano, Assistant Manager, Product Marketing, Canon U.S.A., Lake Success, NY they find themselves printing
          10/15/04 10:47 PM
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          Japan's Canon to take full control of Niigata Canotec , 10.15.04, 10:37 AM ET AFX News Limited TOKYO (AFX) - Canon Inc, Japan's leading maker of digital camera and copiers, said it has decided to take full control of Niigata Canotec Co Inc, a software
          10/18/04 11:36 AM
          Topic by Darren .... Darren .... is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          approximately 120 pounds. Additional products for the workgroup, include the KM-1650 for $2,995, the KM-1815 for $1,170 and the KM-2050 priced at $3,545 (MSRP). ABOUT KYOCERA MITA AMERICA Kyocera Mita America, Inc. ( ), headquartered
          10/18/04 8:11 PM
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          Can anybody tell me how to fix a machine that has red wrench, door open and no display. This  happens even after I have remove the finisher, lower feed unit and any thing else that would load the machine. I replaced the dc power supply that did not...
          10/19/04 10:10 PM
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Canon U.S.A. Imaging Systems Group Selects VeriTest for Alliance Partner Compatibility and Interoperability Certification Program Tuesday October 19, 1:28 pm ET Lionbridge Expands Relationship with Leading Imaging Organization to Include Certification
          10/20/04 5:23 PM
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          and look forward to future endeavors and building on our business relationship."  -- Thomas Salierno, President, Ricoh U.S.  Siemens Dematic Postal Automation L.P. of Arlington, TX  (Developed DIOSS EC - Delivery Bar Code Sorter I/O Subsystem Expanded
          10/21/04 5:33 PM
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          Here is one for you Ricoh gurus. Scanner drive Shaft screw snapped this was the problem when I arrived. I replaced the shaft when I made a copy to test the machine the top 1/3 ofthe page was blank except for a inch and half square of lines. Every thing
          10/21/04 10:43 PM
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Xerox Profit Rises on Printer Sales Thursday October 21, 2:14 pm ET By Franklin Paul NEW YORK (Reuters) - Xerox Corp. (NYSE:XRX - News) on Thursday said third-quarter net income rose 39 percent as it cut costs and the sales of its more-profitable color
          10/21/04 10:52 PM
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          10/20/04 5:33 PM
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          paper? Kodak, IBM and General Electric all turned him down. Eventually, of course, Carlson started Xerox, and by 1960 the revolutionary Xerox 914 was breaking down in offices all over America. Sure, it was so dangerous that it came equipped with a fire
          10/22/04 9:36 AM
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          The 300 DPI driver is on the Ricoh TSC site for download.
          10/20/04 6:46 AM
          Reply by bandit41076 bandit41076 is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          also works. As a last resort, there is a 300 dpi windows driver avialable through Ricoh tech support - talk to your field tech support from Ricoh to get the driver.
          10/19/04 9:58 AM
          Topic by John John is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Bandit, Do you or anyone else know when Ricoh is going to release the update? I was told any day now by presales connectivity. Acrobat is giving us a headache and I was told this will take care of those issues. Help.
          10/15/04 11:45 AM
          Reply by Darren .... Darren .... is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          My scanning gripe with the 1515 .... the FAX 4410NF is basically the 1013/1515 machine without a flatbed ... correct?  Why does Ricoh not put color scanning on the 1515MF?  If they can do it on the 4410NF, Samsung can do it VERY inexpensively for the
          10/18/04 10:03 AM
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          This may be a dumb question, but where do find the 300dpi winprint driver? It's not on the install sw and there are no downloads from Ricoh. Thx
          10/19/04 2:14 PM
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          I think most ISP's block this...essentially what I was told was the Ricoh's are seen like they are relaying and therfore look like Spam generators by the ISP... Like I said last time I tried the diagnostics avail / error reporting out of the Ricoh wasn't
          10/20/04 10:50 PM
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          Reply post from the AF League) Yes, the Bizhub does do better color, it is 8 bit. If you position the Ricoh product as a black and white copier that does color you will have a better chance then if you try to compete toe to toe. Price is always an issue
          10/22/04 10:29 AM
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          My first thought was that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having them monitor the site. However, everytime one of us gets "pre-launch" info, someone from Ricoh may get in trouble for letting it out. That would be a bad thing.
          10/22/04 3:23 PM
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I was told by a ricoh tech at Ricoh support that this message is generated on the board after so many print cycles and you need to do some button pushing on the power up cycle does anyone know this sequence as Ricoh wants to charge me a fortune to look....
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