This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Third Week of August 2004

I got nothing for some type of world event headline for ten years ago this week.  Thus enjoy these Print4Pay Hotel threads from Ten Years Ago This Week! 



          8/19/04 6:28 PM
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Minolta South Africa to distribute Konica Minolta brand in southern Africa    ISSUED BY: OGILVY PR   [Johannesburg, 19 August 2004] - Appointment expected to further entrench market share Bidvest's Minolta South Africa will import and distribute Konica
          8/22/04 8:07 PM
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          Options to Consumers, Graphics and Office Professionals Canon U.S.A., Inc., the nation's market share brand leader in black-and-white and color laser copier/printer solutions(1), announced an agreement with OfficeMax, the retail channel of Boise Office
          8/22/04 8:14 PM
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          August 17, 2004 - Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. Recognized As One Of The Top 100 Agile Companies In CIO Magazine's 2004 CIO 100 Awards Framingham, MA, (August 16, 2004)  IDG's CIO magazine today announces Toshiba America Business Solutions
          8/17/04 8:16 PM
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Sharp and Xerox offer functions to electronically "shred" data stored on copier hard disks after copy jobs are complete. Other features that are available are firewalls and security options between fax and networking functions, improved auditing of user
          8/18/04 6:51 PM
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          company into the red in a very short period of time. As for the Memory Card Explorer for XP 1.00 issue: I can't help you there. It loaded up just fine on my Dell Laptops. I did hear from Ricoh that this software doesn't work right with some computers
          8/18/04 8:06 PM
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          , "Z" is only needed to reinsert the s/n in an memory cleared machine. I read all the "readme"s first before I upgrade any firmware. As to Ricohs Explorer program, in some cases, expecially on laptops, you need to modily the memory area so the program can
          8/18/04 9:22 PM
          Reply by John Roof John Roof is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Paducah is about the size of 100,000 but unfortunately we also have a Gestetner dealer, a Lanier Dealer, and we are both Ricoh & Savin.  As for the SM being literate, I know he has been servicing copiers for the last 20 years, but he is better at analog
          8/22/04 12:40 PM
          Reply by bandit41076 bandit41076 is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I was told that the hold up is customs entering Canada. We had similar issues trying to support a trade show in Vancouver. If it has been through customs before, it is a little quicker than if Ricoh US needs to fill out new paperwork.
          8/18/04 7:29 AM
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Ricoh say's officially the z-fold option and 3 hole punch can not be used together but unofficially they say that it can. They say the problem is that there may be some variance on the 3 hole punch when z-folding. I need this function for an application
          8/23/04 6:32 PM
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          Polek & Polek announces the release of two compatible PM kits for use in the Ricoh Aficio 350/450 and 1035/1045 copier machines. These kits provide all the necessary parts for a technician to complete a 150,000 copy PM on these machines. Their components
          8/24/04 10:23 AM
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          Atlantic Ocean up to the Raritan River and down to the Trout laden Manasquan River in New Jersey (USA). I sell Ricoh products (the finest products in the world), the MFP's, fax, duplicators, wide format, software and whatever else I can learn that will help a
          8/25/04 1:20 PM
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          Fax Expander feature (resource)with the other computers on this little network? Ricoh says NO on the AF 180, but they say you can share this resource on the Aficio 220 (which uses the same PC Fax Expander kit) even though it is not "true" network faxing
          8/17/04 11:36 PM
          Reply by v-tec v-tec is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          by the fuser lamp cycling on and off. Xerox 2510 series were louder, and would make florescence lights flicker
          8/18/04 6:29 PM
          Reply by jswinberlin jswinberlin is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          the cause.  Maybe dual access or memory although the Samsungs have 2MB and the Ricoh's I believe a little more.  We're going to try one of the Ricoh's and put it side by side with the Samsung.  Another problem with the Samsungs is multi-page feeding.
          8/21/04 11:09 PM
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settings are all set to defaults (in case some other tech was trying to compensate). Then perform all upgrades and TIBS that Ricoh has published.  Then hope for the best. Star1

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