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This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Second Week of May 2004

5/14/04 11:00 AM
Topic by Guest
Download attached pdf. received this at the show in Vegas. CL1000N, CL2000N, CL 3000e to launch in June 04 (yeah right)!
5/8/04 4:18 PM
Reply by Guest
Got back from Vision and Ricoh had a seinar on how to beat theCanon 3200. Hopefully I brought the disk back with me. 1. Thecanon take a tremendous amout of time to print. The 2238 is a lot faster for the first page. I'll look for the rest over the next
5/10/04 10:28 AM
Reply by Old Glory offline
I'll let Art give you his impressions of the unit but I will tell you that the control panal is Toshiba's, not Ricoh's.
5/10/04 6:35 PM
Reply by Guest
look of being dated, especially with the Toshiba key pad. However users will not be aware of this. In reference to the panels, all Ricoh did was put thier panels on the box. I hope everyone can make money off of this box!
5/10/04 6:54 PM
Topic by Guest
Ricoh Guru's, I have a 2045 scan/print/fax system that has around 85k on it, that suddenly started making prints with background over entire page. It makes background evenly over the page, even where it should have lead edge deletion. Almost looks like
5/13/04 8:34 AM
Topic by Jim Stocker 
Thought y'all might be interested in this. I have just finished an analysis of the cost per copy to service the SeriPrinter, as Ricohhas not provided one. Unsurprisingly, Ricoh has incorrect service costs embedded in their marketing CPC tool
5/13/04 9:32 AM
Topic by Guest
I have a recurring SC 542 code on a 1045, happens overnight, we get call in the morning. It has fax option and print. I have replaced thermistors and the heat roller. As a Ricoh veteran, I can certainly say that we seem to get a lot more fusing codes in
5/10/04 3:40 PM
Reply by Guest
machine that way. here is the problem though.. I need to somehow default the 90 to do to 3 things: 1. Parallel Print. 2. Always sort when a print job comes in. 3. Maintain 1 Click Printing with PCL3 Driver. Apparently CANON can do this with a 80ppm laser
5/8/04 5:07 PM
Reply by Guest
Ricoh Cleans Up! Story Link Ricoh congratulates all its volunteers for their efforts on Clean Up Australia Day 2004 On Sunday 7th March Ricoh fielded a team of 106 volunteers to participate in Clean Up Australia Day, 2004. Numbers of volunteers increased
5/8/04 5:08 PM
Reply by Guest
quote: Originally posted by Docusultant: Ricoh Charity Bowls Day 2004 Ricohs 5th Charity Event In Support Of The Sunnyfield Association. With the continued support of sponsors and donators,Ricoh Australia will be
5/11/04 7:32 AM
Reply by JasonR offline
When Art is saying "panels" he means the plastic side panels that say Ricoh on them, not the control panel where you enter information. He's just saying "they put a new shell on it" meaning there are no different features, etc.
5/12/04 5:41 PM
Reply by Old Glory offline
BERTL gave the Toshiba version of this a 4 Star "Highly Recommended" Rating mostly based on cost/value equation...not high tech but fast and cheap.
5/13/04 8:14 AM
Reply by Guest
Art, I checked ROL and those were not valid Ricoh product numbers. I was going to search by description but I had to get off, our inventory person came in. I will check again later, for the blue ink are you referring to the reflex blue?
5/13/04 9:03 AM
Reply by Jim Stocker offline
This is such an exciting product, due to the new master technology. Can't wait for it to filter up to the new HQ series in 400 & 600 DPI. My information tells me that when this happens, Ricohwill choose to market these products not as resolution based
5/13/04 6:21 PM
Reply by Amanda offline
just ran up against this one for a school print shop - 2 Canon IR 105 together $71,095 1 system with paper deck N1, Saddle finisher K3n 1 System with paper Deck N1, Finisher K2N Don't know the exact service rate, but know it was lower than $0.0065 incl
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