This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Second Week of June 2005

Ten years ago Ricoh released the IS760 & IS 760D scanners.  These scanners had a terrific speed, and they also had a platen glass.  Back then I thought that some manufacturer would release a high speed scan station with scan2email, scan2folder, scan2print and TWAIN driver.   


Ten years later and Ricoh is effectively out of the scanner business, and no manufacturer has yet to step forward with the scan station with the features I described in the previous paragraph.



          6/8/05 5:04 PM
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          Ltd., the 69-year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2004 sales in excess of $17 billion, a 1.9 percent increase over the previous year. Ricoh Corporation is a leading provider of document solutions. Ricohs
          6/8/05 6:23 PM
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          I have a customer that has a 2035s/p it's about 10 months old. They don't have a service contract. The Hard Drive blew! Their IT guy said on the hard drive there was a website where he keyed in the serial number of the blown hard and the website said...
          6/8/05 8:44 PM
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          already maxed out from the "Auto Calibration". Could not increase the density from the IDmax to the Low range where I needed to make the adjustments. Example is the two could not be seen on the standard C4 color test chart. On the Minolta it can but the
          6/8/05 3:35 PM
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          I've been in copier biz since 1985 have seen LOTS of copiers come and go, some terrible (somebody mentioned the Ricoh 5560 the other day) some great (1022/1027,1015,2018,/551/700/1060/1075/2060/2075). ALL the new equipment is a billion times better than
          6/14/05 6:06 PM
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Canon IR C3220...just kidding.  I have found the 2238 series to be very good.  Even better copy quality from the glass than the Canon.
          6/8/05 6:22 AM
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          Is there anybody out there who can explain the the difference between: Average copy volume Max. copy volume Duty cycle for Ricoh products. Duty for 3228 is 200K/month. Unit lift is 3.000K Does that mean that you can run 200K pr. month for 15 month? I
          6/8/05 9:22 AM
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          full life,, develpoer not lasting anywhere close to full life, and the machines not going reliably from PM to PM.  An old service guy from Ricoh (who is no longer there) told us that these machines do have a problem.  But Ricoh's offical answer is there is
          6/9/05 9:12 AM
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          Any Canon folks out there? Is the IR6000 still a new product or is it discontinued? What about service and selling price for a school type account? Thanks for any help. John
          6/8/05 8:38 PM
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          I doubt it directly from Ricoh.  Most Hard Drive manufacturers cover the hard drive anywhere from 1 to 3 years.  You have to go directly to them for that.  I did years ago when a hard drive failed on an AF450.  It depends on the manufacture and if it was
          6/10/05 8:12 AM
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          The IS100, IS200, and IS300e can be connected to the any of the Ricoh printers. The 300e is the usual choice for the CL7XXX because it can do 11X17 but any of them will work.
          6/12/05 2:08 PM
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scan to file lights up - set for C://desktop/ABC then CLICK APPLY. Open a new set in scantool, and scan a 36 x 24 document. 1. Does it appear on your screen correctly? 2. Does the TIFF / PDF image appear back in the folder ABC on the desktop? IF YES, GREAT

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