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This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Last Week of April 2005

Interesting first thread here "Have we won already over HP?".  Holy cow, it's been ten years since the infamous launch of the....?  Can you remember the name of that device? Alas, for the life of me I can't remember either. Someone help me out here!  No wait, I got it, it was the Edgeline!


Seems 10 years later HP is going to re-inent the color wide format market with it's "pagewide" technology. Hahaha, not at a cost of 40-75K for the system.


          4/29/05 9:03 AM
          Topic by Guest
          quite a climbdown. In November, 2003, Joshi predicted HP would take 10% of the copier market from the likes of Xerox (XRX ), Canon (CAJ ), and Ricoh by reselling a product built around technology from Konica Minolta. PROFITS IN NOZZLES? But, says IDC, HP
          4/26/05 7:13 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Arena Coventry securing the international naming rights. The Ricoh Arena, as it will now be known, will be a venue for some of the UK's most high profile sports and entertainment events attracting big names of the calibre of Kylie Minogue, U2 and David Bowie
          4/28/05 8:30 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Could some one please send me the latest inventory schedule for Ricoh products. Are the 2228C's really on back order?? Help
          4/27/05 11:42 PM
          Reply by v-tec v-tec is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          And its made by Ricoh-why would a customer buy from a non-ricoh dealer??
          4/28/05 9:49 PM
          Reply by BLAMB BLAMB is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          use cauion on some of the new small MFP's and faxes as they are not true ricoh controllers! The share thing should work ok with the local driver. The print server would also work, you'll have to set the port accordingly.
          4/27/05 10:05 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Well, another competitor to fend off! Ricoh has been seeling the Aficio 240W product to GEI aka Visual Edge for the past six months or so. I just ran into a non RFG dealer trying to sell one to one of my clients. Lucky for us that they have only sold
          4/28/05 8:39 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Japanese companies team to protect content on removable hard drives Hitachi, Pioneer, Sanyo, Sharp to develop, license SAFIA scheme By EE Times 10:45 AM EDT Tue. Apr. 26, 2005 E-mail this article  Print this article      MANHASSET, N.Y.  Hitachi Ltd
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