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This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Fourth Week of September 2004

In the world of the fictional television series Lost, Oceanic Flight 815 goes missing somewhere over the Pacific Ocean en route to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia.


I found this interesting since flight MH370 went missing many months ago. I have my own theory, and since there is no evidence, I guess every theory can be plausible. I believe the plane was shot down over the Straits of Malaysia by the Malaysian government. Once they erred, the covered up.  Anyway, back the popular threads from ten years ago on the Print4Pay Hotel!





          9/27/04 7:31 PM
          Topic by Guest
MINOLTA FORMALIZES BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH KIP AMERICA Partnership expands versatility of Minolta's Digital Microform Scanners. Minolta will sell and market the KIP America Starprint 2000 Series of large format printers. KIP America's Starprint
          9/27/04 3:40 PM
          Reply by Guest
Ricoh definitely has this unit on the launch pad but I think it will be early 2005 according to my sources.  This will finally be the "ricoh" replacement product for the antique 6513 and it will be an OEM product, not a Toshiba (aka AF3131) knockoff.
          9/22/04 5:17 PM
          Reply by H2OSkier H2OSkier is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Found out a couple of more things on this:  - supposedly 8-bit color  - both Fiery and Ricoh controller options available
          9/22/04 6:18 PM
          Reply by jswinberlin jswinberlin is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I think you're right Jomamma. This may be where we have to draw the line and say, "hey, you have to contact your IT person. It works fine on all of the other PC's." But, I think this may be an ongoing thing. MS updates their OS and Ricoh has to create a
          9/28/04 11:14 AM
          Reply by Guest
          There were also some changes in the fax capabilities in the e version.  If I remember correctly it had to do with the fax forwarding (tsi routing)to different in-boxes etc.  Basically, Ricoh launched the 2035/2045, and then made improvements to the
          9/29/04 6:49 PM
          Reply by spressomon spressomon is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Ron: Have you heard if Ricoh is, indeed, working on a solution for the interposer compatability? Unfortunately I am closing a deal, right now, for a 2090 with the GBC...don't know how to proceed with regard to your experiences... Thank you, Dan
          9/28/04 9:30 AM
          Topic by Ted Ted is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          When I started in this business, I sold Sharp Analog.  One of the first machines I learned on and sold was the Sharp 2060 (60cpm).  It was one of the worst machines Sharp ever made.  they even had a 2075 (75cpm).  Now the rumor mill says that the 1060 is
          9/29/04 11:50 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Can anyone supply me with a copy of the "ricoh warranty" for this product. Preferably the one that comes out of the box. Art
          9/29/04 6:38 PM
          Topic by Tony Serna Tony Serna is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          I up against a Canon IR3100c, I'm needing pricing can anyone help me. Tony
          9/24/04 2:17 PM
          Topic by Lillian Wolfe Lillian Wolfe is offline. Click for Member Snapshot.
          Does anyone know if Elmer's Products (the glue) in Columbus or Perfect Equipment Co in LaVergne TN use Ricoh equipment? If not, do you know their vendor. I have the Parent Company, Berwind Corp in Philadelphia and these are the 2 locations outside my
          9/27/04 3:44 PM
          Topic by Guest
          what are the differences between the 2035e and the 2035, and what do they mean as far as performance/networkability limitations etc. Thanks Ricoh Gurus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
          9/24/04 12:41 PM
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We used to use a media called "Fabrika" Tee-shirt Transfer material, when we were carrying the Toshiba Chromotouch copier. However, it was a wax transfer machine, didnt use a fuser. And a fuser is the biggest obstacle in this application. I mean these
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