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This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago Fourth Week of March 2004)

NASA succeeds in a second attempt to fly its X-43A experimental airplane from the Hyper-X project, attaining speeds in excess of Mach 7, the fastest ever air-breathing hypersonic flight.




3/24/04 5:48 PM
Topic by Guest
booth #2800 in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City or by logging onto Ricohs corporate Web site at . About Ricoh Corporation Ricoh Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of RicohCompany Ltd., the
3/26/04 9:39 AM
Topic by Guest
" product line beginning with the Konica Minolta bizhub C350 color unit (35/22 ppm device w/ booklet finisher retails for under $12K and has a cpc on color of under 10 cents) Anybody have questions, please let me know.
3/31/04 7:41 PM
Topic by Guest
Canon To Spend $192M On High-End Copier Plant Kyoko Hasegawa, 03.31.04, 1:47 PM ET 5 Digital Imaging Acquisition Targets Satellite Imaging Seeks A Change In Scenery Best Photo Blogs Poll: How will you use mobile streaming video? Discuss this story
3/25/04 8:36 PM
Topic by Guest
maker Xerox Corp. (NYSE:XRX - News), the plaintiffs' lawyers said on Thursday. ADVERTISEMENT United States District Judge John Gleeson, of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, has certified a class of black sales employees of
3/31/04 7:29 PM
Topic by Guest
Two New Xerox DocuTechs to Debut at drupa 2004 Xerox at drupa 2004: speaking the language of the customer - more ways for printers to profit. As the print industry ramps up for drupa 2004, Xerox Corporation is making its own preparations as a top
3/24/04 8:59 AM
Topic by Jay
copy in full color the system will not let me select ACS. If I would then copy a 10 page document with the first page color the rest BW it would count them as all color. Just like the 7000CMF.Ricoh is aware of this issues and hopefully going to fix it.
3/25/04 12:37 AM
Topic by spressomon
We got a call from our Ricoh rep today informing us Ricoh is closing out the Aficio 1013/1013F. Don't know about everyone else but these have been the best little systems ever to carry theRicoh name. And of course Ricoh is now ridding them from our
3/25/04 12:17 PM
Topic by Dr. Print
Can the 2090/2105 do Bates Stamping. I know that you could upgrade the firmware for the 850/1085, did ricoh eliminate this option.
3/25/04 9:14 PM
Topic by Guest
Resource Center, has announced that it is opening up five new message boards devoted to technicians of Ricoh family group products, making it the first independent Website in the history of the office equipment industry that enables both resellers and
3/23/04 5:03 PM
Reply by Darren ....
Whether it is a Ricoh wireless adapter or a third party wireless bridge, you still need a wireless access point to get the machine onto the network if it isn't already set up for wireless.
3/24/04 1:43 PM
Reply by Guest
Darren: That's the brochure in Japanese! I wonder if Ricoh-Europe has released this brochure yet. Art
3/24/04 4:45 PM
Reply by Darren ....
I'm taking the brochure thing seriously Art. I checked all of theRicoh websites, Japan was the only one I could find that had what appeared to be the brochure.
3/25/04 12:37 PM
Reply by Old Glory
The launch notice says, "The Bate Stamp Feature for the Aficio 2090/2105 Systems is available for immediate download from the Ricoh Technical Website." If I was successful. the bulletin is attached to this reply.
3/30/04 9:54 AM
Reply by Mike Sasso
Session where you will hear from Ricoh Executives and our guest speaker. After a private press/analyst luncheon we will conduct a press roundtable with Ricoh Executives. You can then tour the Technology Expo or take part in the Seminars. That evening we will
3/30/04 10:33 AM
Reply by Mike Sasso
For anyone who hasn't seen Ricoh's huge presence at the baseball's season opener in Japan, the Ricoh name is everywhere - bacstop, outfield, and the players uniforms. Just read Mike Mussina's comment abount the Ricoh patch on his sleeve: When players
3/31/04 6:32 PM
Reply by Graham
In my opinion, Ricoh really doesn't have a "printer" per se' that will accomplish this. I would place a Kyocera FS9520 system in there as a printer for that kind of volume. You might be able to screech by with an AP4510, but I wouldn't do it because I
3/23/04 6:04 PM
Reply by John
1.)$40.00 base charge plus $.064 per linear ft. Covers the PM except for developer. 2.)Also have a program which covers parts, labor, toner, developer and drum: $.146 per linear ft. Program #2 works for other Ricoh wide formats. 3.) If it is networked we
3/29/04 9:10 PM
Topic by Guest
minolta 2002 w/fiery controller $13,900 monthly cpc .09
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