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This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago 4thWeek of January 2004

Believe it or not when posting these threads from ten years ago, I can still remember certain opportunities that I was working on. With color just coming on strong in 04, we P4P members needed as  much infor as possible! 


Thanks for the memories!!!


2004 Academy Awards: nominations announced, leading films are The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (11), Master and Commander (10), Seabiscuit (7), Mystic River (6), and Cold Mountain (6). Keisha Castle-Hughes, at 13, becomes the youngest nominee ever for the Academy Award for Best Actress


Peerless Systems Announces Everest Family of MFP C...

1/28/04 6:58 AM Topic by Boston Mike
January 27, 2004 07:30:00 AM ETPeerless Systems Corporation PRLS, a provider of imaging and networking controllers to the digital document market, today announced shipment of Everest(TM) MFP evaluation units at the request of two major potential...
1/27/04 6:39 PM Topic by Guest
Xerox 2101 w/fieryLCC & Stitcher$46,399cpc is .0039 monthly min is 200K
1/27/04 6:45 PM Topic by Guest
The Konica 8050 will also be marketed by Minolta (of course), AB Dick, Hamada, Ikon, and HP!It seems like the 8050 will get decent penetration.
1/27/04 6:37 PM Topic by Guest
CANON iR 8500w/FieryFinisher K1$23, 650cpc os .00459
1/27/04 6:33 PM Topic by Guest
Canon iR 105 w/Fierypaper Deck and Saddle Stitcher$43,199cpc no 290K min .0035
1/22/04 4:07 PM Topic by Guest
Can anyon help, From Data Check there doesn't seem to be much differnce, except the 20ppm and ours is 13.  Has anyone had experience with these.
1/22/04 11:24 AM Topic by Mike N
Looking for a print controller for a Ricoh 1085 and also a Ricoh 700/551.
Ricoh 2232c/38c Drivers. 1/20/04 10:32 PM
Here is the link to driver for the new color that should be release next month. Why? You may ask. To give us a heads up on the features and capabilties of the new product.
1/21/04 4:57 PM Topic by Boston Mike
New Entry-Level Fax Solution Creates Affordable Productivity For Small Office EnvironmentsIRVINE, Calif., (Jan. 16, 2004) – Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. (TABS) today introduced the Toshiba e-STUDIO™50F, rounding out the...
1/20/04 6:35 PM Topic by Guest
Press Release Source: Xerox Corporation Xerox Office Products Named Best of 2003 by Three Leading Computer MagazinesTuesday January 20, 8:00 am ET PC Magazine, CRN, Electronic Publishing Cite Xerox's Superior Technology, Value WILSONVILLE,...
1/23/04 12:54 PM Topic by dmurrah
We just had a customer run 1,157,613 copies on their 2090 last month!!!!  I was so blown away I had to share it with everyone.  The amazing thing is the machine ran like a CHAMP!  Just confirmed my belief that the 2090 can go head to head with the...
1/20/04 8:03 PM Topic by Guest
New contest from Ricoh for sales?  for the new B2C launch for the new 32/38 launch.  Has anyone else heard about this?
1/27/04 1:36 PM Reply by Guest
Neal: These were messages already posted in reference to the Streampunch. I have one in the field with no complaints. I solf two more today.Rick Rivera New Member posted Tue December 30 2003 03:22 PM sold a gbc streampunch in November. Removed it in...
1/21/04 4:59 PM Reply by Guest
I have two in the field with no problems. Did you know that most finsihers from Ricoh are made by Sindo Corp or Sindo Ricoh in South Korea.[This message was edited by Docusultant on Wed January 21 2004 at 05:22 PM.]
1/21/04 7:27 PM Reply by Guest
Thanx!!Here is the link and the page. Peripheral Product specification Sindoricoh can provide is not limited to what is displayed in this homepage.Sindoricoh Designs and manufactures products to meet specification required from different...
1/22/04 8:34 AM Reply by Guest
I have the same situation going on. We seem to be connecting to the LDAP server, but like Jay, no user data. And I'm getting no help from Ricoh TSC. I especially don't like the condescending attitude I get from them. (Sorry...just had to say that.)
1/24/04 3:18 PM Reply by
We got it fixed! It was a bad board. Ricoh acted funny when we tried getting the correct part number for the board. All is well and customer is happy.JG
1/22/04 8:03 PM Reply by Jim Stocker
FYI, the actual url is: proof will be in the pudding, as we say. Aside from those specs which are very much perceptional, the rest is pretty impressive:105 ppm, duplexing @ 37 ppm, full...
1/21/04 10:49 AM
Reply by
You can download ICC profile from Ricoh Europe if you are looking for color matching.JG
1/23/04 7:05 AM
Reply by Neal
the 213d is more of a graphics quality system which the Minolta is not. It is stictly business color. It is also at least two year old technology and they have had tremendous problems with the fuser oil web. it dries out much sooner than thought and...
1/26/04 7:53 AM Reply by Guest
There is a work around that is not sanctioned by Ricoh.You must take the staple cartridge out of the SR 860 and then defeat the sensor that tells the SR 860 that the staple cartridge has been removed.Or just remove the staple from the cartridge and...
1/26/04 11:12 AM Reply by Guest
Art,if you remeber, could you tell me where you got this information, my techs are giving me a hard time with this and maintaining that RICOH will not support this.
1/26/04 12:29 PM Reply by Guest
This came from Ricoh tech support web site, your guys are familiar with this, if not they should be logged on here and there.Does anyone have the web address for this?

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