This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago 3rd Week of February 2004)

Scientists at NASA and the ESA witness a supermassive black hole in galaxy RXJ1242-11 graze, partially consume, and tear apart a star. This is the first time such a phenomenon has been observed. (NASA)

2/22/04 10:41 AM
          Topic by Guest
          As reported and translated on Alta Vista: 2004 February 12th コニカミノルタホールディングス corporation The Konica Minolta business technologies corporation  The Konica Minolta business technologies
          2/20/04 10:00 AM
          Reply by Jay
          Here is some interesting info. The saddle stich unit is identical the one sold by Canon and minolta/konica. But our spec are slightly differnt. For instance the canon can not have a 3 hole punch added. The kon/mon is speced for up to 24lb paper. We can
          2/21/04 8:07 AM
          Topic by Boston Mike
          I will upload the files from the clip drive next week.I was really well done.
          2/22/04 10:39 AM
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          New Sharp Ar-C260 Models Feature Industry-Leading Color Copy Speeds And Functionality Sharps latest workgroup printers turn out 26 high-quality pages per minute MAHWAH, N.J., January 21, 2004  Sharps new AR-C260 models deliver fast color copies at
          2/18/04 6:57 PM
          Reply by Old Glory
          I'm in the midst of going there myself so any inoput would be greatly appreciated. My understanding is that it takes 10-15 people at $795/person to justify Ricoh doing the class. I've been told it is 2 days and I've heard 4 days so definately need
          2/19/04 7:15 AM
          Reply by Neal
          I am checking into this also, I know that it can be done online through Ricoh U.  That would be the easiest way for me to do it.
          2/19/04 7:32 AM
          Reply by Scott Holloway
          I do not believe that the CDIA training is avaliable on line through Ricoh University, but rather that you can buy the course material consisting of 4 or 5 cd and a workbook. The purpose of the training is to prepare you for analysing buswiness practices
          2/20/04 9:22 AM
          Reply by Old Glory
          efficient and 31% less expensive if sent to the Ricoh Aficio 1060 (or whatever). Then the user has the option of ignoring the advice. Incentives could be given to the department with the best compliance record. Users can be assigned only "X" ignores in a month
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          2/17/04 6:58 AM
          Reply by Neal
          no reason it shouldn't work well.  when i was with Minolta the 750 had the legal saddlestiching and it worked great. It's a great value for churches as many of them do their sunday bulletins on legal.
          2/17/04 6:20 PM
          Reply by Darren ....
          By all means, do not buy first generation of a newly introduced model.  I sold the new Savin C2408 and C3210 ... 50 bulletins later (maybe a slight exaggeration) and they still ... enough said.  If they worked right, they would be excellent machines
          2/18/04 12:35 AM
          Reply by Graham
          3800C quality, needless to say, I looked like a real dummy), The Ricoh sales people who really don't have a new graphic arts system to sell (other then the 6513 which is becoming more antiquated by the day) won't know which end is up when selling color...As
          2/21/04 7:07 PM
          Reply by Guest
          So if I understand you correctly, you didn't even by the wireless 802.111 b or whatever its called wireless interface from RICOH?  That would be great if that is what you mean.
          2/21/04 8:57 PM
          Reply by Darren ....
          A wireless bridge converts, or "bridges", a wired ethernet appliance to wireless.  D-Link 802.11g Wireless Bridge for $99.99 from Tiger Direct can give you faster commumication speed than the 802.11b Ricoh interface ... and because the connection is made
          2/22/04 10:40 AM
          Reply by Guest
Sharp Introduces AR-M550/M620/M700 Digital Imagers Sharps New Digital Imagers Make Office Life Easier Unique dual-scan technology speeds workflow MAHWAH, N.J., January 21, 2004  A trio of new high-end business multifunction products (MFPs) from Sharp
          2/19/04 10:08 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Are there Ricoh rebates for the new 2232 for trades?
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