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This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago (2nd Week of December)

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          12/15/03 6:50 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Xerox's Secret Weaponby Penny Lunt Content & Collaboration DocuShare, the document management software from hardware giant Xerox (, Rochester, NY, is a low-cost tool for sharing documents, scanning to a Web-accessible repository and...
          12/15/03 5:39 PM
          Reply by Guest
          With extreemly aggressive service rates and a duty cycle of 150k per month (and unlike other manufacturers Konica has a history of meeting their spec) this product is going to kick out a great deal of production units, as well as a few creative units....
          12/15/03 4:53 PM
          Topic by Guest
          December 15, 2003 -Konica's Colorforce(Tm) 8050 Named "Most Reliable Color Imaging Device In Its Class" In OPA 2003 Color Product Reliability StudyRAMSEY, N.J. -- December 15, 2003 -- Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta)...
          12/15/03 8:15 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Press Release Source: Xerox Corporation 'Selling Power' Magazine Ranks Xerox among Top 10 Sales Companies in the United StatesMonday December 15, 8:01 am ET ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2003--Researchers at Selling Power magazine have...
          12/15/03 8:11 AM
          Reply by merlin
          We heard a few weeks ago from one of Ricoh Major Accounts Manager that Ricoh is at least a year away from replacing the 6513 with a new graphic color unit.
          12/14/03 10:27 PM
          Reply by Jayson Gilbertson
          The word I have heard is that ricoh has no plans to build any graphic color any time soon. Ricoh has let go one of the best graphic color people I have met, Bill Tiebo.JG
          12/13/03 11:46 AM
          Topic by Boston Mike
          Newly added features to PageScope Router v1.5 include:· Expanded Windows OS support including: Windows 2000 server, XP Pro, 2000 Professional and 2003 server · Ability to create and display log files with scan routing information·...
          12/13/03 11:41 AM
          Topic by Boston Mike
          NEW YORK, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Kodak Polychrome Graphics, an affiliate of Eastman Kodak Co.(EK), on Monday said they agreed to stop selling production printers made by Xerox Corp. (XRX), sparked by Kodak's strategic shift into commercial printing....
          12/12/03 8:25 PM
          Reply by Guest
          Oh my! I for one will stay away from this box, interim relabling will mean headaches and toshiba technology that RFG reps will have to learn in a short time. By the time the techs are proficient in the service and technology Ricoh will have their own...
          12/12/03 6:24 PM
          Reply by Graham
          I hate to be the bearer of bad news but....We sell the Kyocera Branded of this model. KMC2030 and it we have one in our showroom. I would have to agree that it has much better color than the CL7000CMF. I hate to say that, but from what I am looking at...
          12/12/03 6:10 PM
          Reply by Guest
          ReutersIkon Shares Soar on $1.5 Billion GE DealThursday December 11, 2:31 pm ET BOSTON (Reuters) - Shares of Ikon Office Solutions Inc. (NYSE:IKN - News), surged 26 percent on Thursday after a unit of General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE - News) agreed to...
          12/12/03 6:08 PM
          Topic by Guest
          BusinessWeek OnlineCan New Technology Recharge Xerox?Friday December 12, 4:58 pm ET For Xerox Corp. (NYSE:XRX - News), the millennium got off to a rocky start. Revenues have fallen every year since 2000, and Xerox doesn't expect to reverse that trend...
          12/12/03 6:00 PM
          Topic by dmurrah
          I heard from my Ricoh DSM yesterday that the negotiations are finished with Toshiba and we will see a relabled Toshiba color box first qtr.  This is a short term solution until Ricoh comes out with their own engine.
          12/12/03 2:24 PM
          Topic by Mike N
          I recently attempted to have Scanrouter Pro installed on a Windows 2003 server.  It appears that Scanrouter is not compatible with 2003 and would not complete the install.  Has anyone had this problem and if so is there a way around it.  Any ideas...
          12/12/03 10:17 AM
          Reply by Darren ....
          The 1055 controller is supposed to work on the 551. ... this according to Lee and our Ricoh area service manager guy.[This message was edited by dalsteen on Fri December 12 2003 at 08:33 AM.]
          12/11/03 5:29 PM
          Reply by Guest
          Sales, Service and Support people who sell Ricoh products. In the states there are Ricoh Dealers, Savin Dealers, Gestetner Dealers, Lanier Dealers, Lanier Direct, Savin Direct and Ricoh Business Systems (subsidiary of Ricoh USA), and Ikon.We are not...
          12/11/03 5:07 PM
          Reply by Anders And
          np I'll be glad to helpExactly who do you want to know about this site?Only Ricoh/OEM dealers/resellers? Or everyone in the business...
          12/11/03 12:07 PM
          Reply by Anders And
          Thanks to you all for info.Actually I'm working on the Danish market as a Ricoh Dealer, so my main competitor are IKON, at least when we're talking Ricoh.I agree with you, Ted; the color display is cool and it seems as if the Canon is much easier to...
          12/11/03 10:51 AM
          Reply by Ted
          I'm not a LDAP expert, but you can import address books from exchange servers etc into the Canon. Pretty cool as far as a time saver. You can have 10 different address books in the machine. One can be just email addresses if you want, one faxes, etc....
          12/10/03 8:57 PM
          Reply by Guest
          I am not the expert with LDAP.  We have members who sell the Canon line (dual products).  Can any of you Ikon guys help!  Ted,  can you help?
          12/10/03 8:22 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Press Release Source: Xerox Corp. Stephen Robert Elected to Xerox BoardWednesday December 10, 5:23 pm ET Board Declares Dividends on Preferred Stock STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 10, 2003--Xerox Corporation's (NYSE:XRX - News) board of...
          12/10/03 11:13 AM
          Topic by Anders And
          Hi.Can anyone help me, i need some competitive info about Canon ir3320i (compared with Aficio 2035)Is there any difference in the way they handle LDAP information?Is it possible to use LDAP information when faxing from 2035?My customer is impressed by...
          12/9/03 6:51 PM
          Topic by Guest
          Question  What is included in the Network Printer Kit for the Di3510-2010 series?   Answer  10/100 BaseT support and USB Port.
          12/9/03 12:56 PM
          Topic by Mike N
          I am in a current bid against Minolta for 26 machines. From the Ricoh standpoint it is a mix of 2035S/P and 2045S/Ps.  Minolta is in with the Dialta 470 and the new Dialta 3510F.  Does anyone have any competitive information that might help in this...
          12/9/03 9:45 AM
          Topic by Guest
          Can anyone tell me who to call for used 7030D's or the Mita equivulant?Art
          12/9/03 8:04 AM
          Topic by Jay
          Anybody have their 2022/27 pulling info from their LDAP server, particularly from Active Directory? I can connect to the server but I don't seem to have the search context quite right and it does not find any user info. And of course Ricoh tech...

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