This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (First Week of March 2007)

blast from the pastr blogWhen I only saw these four threads, my first thought was that I was on vacation that week.  When I checked back through my journal, indeed that was the case.  Thus, please enjoy these four threads from ten years ago this week!

IKON Service pricing on Kyocera

This an email I recieved from a manufacturer rep. I thought this may be of interest to you. (Embedded image moved to file: pic11337.jpg) IKON is now selling and placing three Kyocera b/w models, the KM-3050, 4050 & 5050. Besides the odd fact that IKON is moving b/w sales away from primary providers, Canon & Ricoh, IKON has started a new service plan that is unique, and only available for the three Kyocera b/w models: o Plan A – Customer has no service contract, and must buy all toner and

Savin 8055 SC 672 & SC 991

I have a newer (MR 67134) Savin 8055 that has been throwing SC 672's quite often, usually during print jobs. The SC 672 is never registered in the SC History, although it is filled with SC 991's. It has had the latest firwmware reloaded. All connectors on the controller and motherboard have been checked, along with the DIMM memory.

Re: IKON Service pricing on Kyocera

Very interesting service plan. Being a Kyocera dealer, some things you may need to know. Toner for the KM 3050,4050 and 5050 msrp from Kyocera @ $ 185.00 and yields 34,000, based on 6% coverage. PM kit for the KM 3050 is 400,000 copies, but the KM 4050 and 5050 is 500,000 copies. What we have being told from Kyocera is this is the same machine we sell. There is NO difference.

Re: Ricoh Needs Color Scanning on Next gen Model!

Not sure if anyone has heard, but the new line of wide format will NOT have color scanning! Got this from a very reliable source (our Ricoh WF specialist). Very dissappointing. Just a heads up
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