The “Relantionshipless” Sale


Yes, I created a new word. “Relationship-Less” As time moves along so must our thinking. We hear a lot about relationships and their importance in the sales process. I agree with that. However, I also caution those who believe that their success will hinge on only building 1990 style relationships. In these times we live relationships are modifying too.

Yesterday's relationship building as a must before selling. Is not the reality of many today's buyers. There are many things purchased every day both goods and services which are void relationships as defined in 1990. Today there are too many in sales who still believe that without a relationship they can’t provide the means to a prospects desired outcome. This misguided thinking is costing them business to the savvier sales organizations.

The disconnect, is based on what precisely defines a relationship with a buyer? The old school thinking will make it near impossible to face the realities of today’s buyer. Many buyers today see this obsession from sellers who must build relationships ahead of delivering as an aggravation, not a benefit. The old-way is pushing and the new buyer wants to pull.

Buyers and more of them every day want to pull to them want they need and then build a relationship. Quite frankly with the speed to action available through technology today. Buyers what to act, and buyers expect to be treated fairly and when they need assistance they expect cooperation as a way of doing business.

Buyers do not purchase relationships they buy desired outcomes. If the means to those outcomes fails the customer will replace them, and in reality, most of the replacements are with someone they do not have a relationship with.

Understanding the relationship required of the deliverable is essential. Times are changing, and it seems buyers are changing their buying habits quicker than sellers are changing their selling habits.

Selling must live in two worlds for those who provide both goods and services. These two worlds are re-shaping commerce across the globe. Understanding how to navigate between the Digital World and the Physical world is a must as this defines the new world of selling and the new world of relationships.

Today Customer Experience will win over Customer Relationships. Sellers cannot merely focus on relationship building or taking advantage of their relationships they must concentrate on giving the better experience and in 2019 and beyond that better experience might just be without a relationship as defined by 1990.

In Closing:

“You can be the vendor with the greatest relationships and lose to the innovator who delivers a better experience.”

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Ray Stasieczko

CEO/TEASRA, The Innovation Channel

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