The Quest for $200K "There's Still 25% of the Month Left"


Some will look at a glass of water as half empty, others will see that the glass if half full.  Both observations are correct, however one portrays pessimism and the other portrays optimism.  I could look at the remaining week of selling days as 75% of the month is gone, or there's still 25% of the month left (woohoo). I prefer to choose that I still have 25% of the month left.  Never been a quitter and now is not the time to start.

Last week, by now most of last week is a blur. I don't have my CRM in front of me to give you that blow by blow description of what happened.  What I can tell is that I'm swamped with writing orders, proposals and following up with opportunities.

I didn't have the chance to write last Wednesday nights blog because I opted to write a blog to Ricoh titled. "What I Want from Ricoh in 2017". I've been writing these to Ricoh for the last right or nine years and it's a blog that I really enjoy writing.  Thursday night was shot also since I attended our annual Holiday Party at Stratix Systems in Wyomissing, PA.  It was a three hour ride there and would have been a three hour ride home, but I opted to stay over night.  Friday morning I left the Inn at Reading and drove across the street to our Corporate office.   I had to work on completing a couple of proposals that I wanted to get out before noon. 

I had a 2PM appointment scheduled in Mercer County and to tell you the truth I had to reschedule because someone at the Holiday Event was pouring heavy with the Patron.  I left the Corporate office about 11AM and made my way back to the home office so I could finish the day.

Last week I was fortunate to receive two referrals from existing accounts.  By late Friday I had the order docs for a 25ppm A3 device for about $6k.  In addition I was able to get a demo color A3 printer delivered for a demo from another referral.  After I complete this blog, I'll be working on that proposal that I need for Thursday of this week.  That's right, I had another verbal for a black A3 50ppm device late Friday also.  That was one of those proposals that I knocked out at the Corporate office in the AM. 

Today was filled with processing and order, developing docs for another order for an A3 color MFP, and developing another quote for another client that called me today.  It's been busy and I need to keep it that way.

Here's a recent tally:

  • Picking up docs this week for a 48K order, not sure what day yet, my contact was out most of last week
  • Processed order for $6k
  • Processing another order for $7k tomorrow
  • Picking up docs for $8k order later this week (looks like Wednesday)
  • Call back close scheduled for Thursday (not sure of the revenue yet)
  • Waiting to hear from VEEP about approval for a $50K order this week
  • Have $27.5K in the bank of the $200k Quest

All of this is coming from memory. I counted up everything out there for the last week and I'm seeing a max of $144K.  That's if everything goes right, which is a stretch, but you never know.  Tomorrow's another day and I'll be in the office hitting the phone again to see what I can close and what I can move forward.

-=Good Selling=

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