The Quest for $200K "The Harder You Work the Luckier You Get"


Rather than waste an hour of time driving to the office, I opted to work from the home office today.  Time really does fly when you have no interruptions.

It was kind of a bummer today when I learned that I could not move two opportunities to the close this month.  I didn't lose them, but both DM's were packing in for the year and both stated that January is now a better option.  I thought ok, I need to some opportunities for January anyway.  Historically January  is one of my worst months of the year. That's due to that the fact that I've told my clients that I want their business to close this month. I'm not ashamed of that, rather pretty proud that I can put that out their and then listen for the objections. 

Good golly, I spent hours with a net new account and finally got the verbal to move forward with an order for an A3 color printer. Not a big order, not a big GP, but I'm happy that it's just about done.  Docs went out tonight and I'll get them sometime tomorrow.  I was also chasing an A3 color MFP all day with emails back and forth.  It was about 5PM and I hadn't  heard back from the client, thus it was time to send a text. Within a few minutes I had the reply text I was looking for.  The text contained the picture of the existing copiers location, I wanted to see that since we were replacing an A4 color with an A3 color (who says you can't upgrade A4 color to A3 color?). 

Want to hear something funny?  The picture of the existing A4 color device was on the floor! I was like WTF?  From the pic there was more than enough space. A few minutes later the DM and I were on the phone and I had the second verbal of the day.  Docs tomorrow.

I had a bout a half a dozen phone calls and many emails that were focused on moving more of those opportunities closer to closing.  Besides the picture of the copier on the floor, nothing really jumped out.

Tomorrow I need to nail down two opportunities that have stated we'll order this week (one is the $48K order). I contacted both on Monday and played the "let the ball travel" for today.  I'll also be processing at least three orders.

I've got four business days left, and that means there's till twenty percent of the month left.  Can't wait!!! 

The title of the blog, "The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get" is one of my favorite lines for sales.  If you work hard, nose to the grindstone, good things happen. It's not luck, it's just a numbers game.  Never ever stop prospecting.

-=Good Selling=-

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