The Quest for $200K "Don't Stop Me Now"


Another day spent in the office, kinda felt like I was running for political office with all of the phone calls, emails, and answering objections.

After processing an order in the AM, I was in follow up mode for a few hours. Some opportunities received emails, some received texts and some received phone calls. I learned along time ago that there many clients have a preferred way of communications.  Texting, Inmail, email, and phone calls helped in nailing down another two opportunities in the sales column.  I think I'm down to waiting on paper work for three orders now, with the one large order for $48K still out there.  That client and I did have an email exchange today and if I was a betting man, naw, I'm not saying nothing. Just hoping this comes through tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll add everything up to see where I'm at with what's booked and what's still out there. Still waiting for my VEEP to see if he can help with the other $50K opportunity out there.  I guess the only saving grace is that our end year falls on the 26th of the month.  On Friday, I'm going to have the make the call to that prospect and offer up a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and then become a good listener.

Every night before I fall asleep I find myself adding up the revenue numbers in my head.  Try doing that a few times with your eyes closed and you'll find out it makes an excellent sleeping aid.

Tomorrow, it's off to one account to pick up a lease, then back to the office to process two orders.  Will then follow up on the $48k opportunity to see if the paper work is ready.  If so, it's back on the road again, I'm not going to wait for an email of the docs. I need to go pick them up.  In addition I have two planned stops at some 50/50 opportunities. Ya never know, if you don't ask you don't get.

You know what....., I love doing what I'm doing!

Yes, there are days and weeks when I'm that grumpy ornery SOB when I'm not hitting numbers.  But,  what people don't understand is that I expect more out of myself.  I know my market and it's  one that's filled with every direct manufacturers branch, two mega dealers, many smaller dealers (with principals dumping boxes for next to nothing) and a Global dealer.  At times I wish I was selling in a tertiary market (for me that's anything west of the Delaware River) with maybe two or three dealers (who wants to be a wishy washy order taker). But, I'm not and I believe that has made me more creative in meeting a clients needs and wants over the years. 

Is selling any fun when there is no competition? 

-=Good Selling=-

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