The Quest for $200K "Another Day Another Dollar"


I left off yesterdays blog by stating, you never know what tomorrow will bring you as long as you're hustling. You just have to keep at it, and never give up. 

There have been many times in my career when I've contemplating giving up, and then I consider the alternative which is being a loser.  I hate to lose, there is no excuse for losing, however I also understand that losing brings you closer to winning.  That's why I never give up!

I was in the office and ready to work by 7:15AM.  I did my daily task of reviewing my Linkedin wall, which also consisting of sharing, liking and giving congrats to contacts for anniversary's and birthdays.  I believe it's an important part of being socially active and hoping that you can pull some leads. 

By 8AM I was prepping for my 9AM tele-conference with an existing account to review annual volumes and move one of my opps closer to closing.  We finally connected about 9:30AM and ended somewhere about 10:30AM.  When finished,  I felt that we had moved this forward to scheduling the appointment to review the TCO and submit order docs.  Eighteen selling days left, and it's going to move very quickly from here on in.

I was back at work with my CRM, looking to fill in an appointment spot for tomorrow.  I've got a full day with five stops and will probably be in the field all day and then early AM on Friday.  My plan is to get back to office in the late AM on Friday to follow up on all outstanding opportunities.

After lunch I had scheduled a stop in with a net new account which was somewhat close to the office.  Turns out I was never to this office park and my GPS took me to a gate that was key access only.  What do good sales people do, they make things happen!  I parked the car and pretty much walked the entire park until I found that account. I logged almost 5,000 steps there and back to the car. Like I stated this was just a stop in, but the potential is there for a net new purchase or lease this month.

Arrived back at the office somewhere about 2:30PM, made a few more calls, picked up an appointment for next week with an existing account (added $10 to my December opps).  I then spent some time on my opps and looking at some of the projections for order that I think can be closed this month.  Adding up the numbers I was coming up with $147K, with many opps that were wishy washy.  Wishy washy doesn't cut it for moving them closer to closing.  Wish whasy means that you need to do some additional prospecting to add to the pipeline.

I get it, while I'm out tomorrow, I'll be looking to cherry pick some cold calls and see what I can make happen.

Just one other item or rant that I'd like to put out there. I had the chance to speak with a dealer principal last week, it was more of a hey how ya doing and what's new.  Not sure how we got to the topic, but we found ourselves talking about the increase of "sales consultants" that seems to have flooded Linkedin lately.  More to come on this in another blog.

BTW, I did process an order for $8.5K.  Another day another dollar.

-=Good Selling=-

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