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The Last Day and the First Day of My..........Quarter


Pretty cool date today.  The last day before vacation, the first day of the new quarter and my first order for new quarter would be a great start the last day of vacation and the first day of the quarter, right?

My first appointment I thought would be  wishy washy as best with an existing account.  Seems there was an new Chief IT director with my account. I had the ominous email a week to ten days ago asking for all sorts of info on their copiers. When I get that type of email it's usually not one of those great appointment.

Rather than conducting the meeting first and then organizing the date for the client.  I opted to organize all of the data points that they required in a spreadsheet aka dashboard and then scheduled the virtual meeting. I wanted to be ready because many of these appointments can blow up and I wanted to get this done quickly since I had things to fry before my vacation.  Thirty minutes before the start of the virtual meeting I emailed the spreadsheet aka dashboard of the 12 devices with our fleet.

The Meeting

I wasn't ready for the immediate response when the client thanked me for the following.

  • Answering his email to schedule a review of their devices
  • Scheduling a meeting to review the fleet of devices within a week
  • Emailing the dashboard of device with lease start, lease end, monthly payment, device #ID, model number term of lease, lease term date, cost per page for black and color, along with last billing for cycle with pricing

My client explained that this he was rather new with the company and there are two fleets from different vendors (one of them me) and he needed to get a handle on all of the devices as soon as possible to he could get his plan in place.

My client then told me that the other vendor is for a Canon fleet and he's still waiting for someone to call or email him back after two weeks. I could tell he was impressed with the response and the how detailed the information was.

I'll take a trip back to the ominous email because in most cases I've been on the end that is told that changes are being made.  That was my gut, however I did the work because that's my job.  We need to do the work from start to finish even if the outcome is not what we wanted.

After the review, my client picked out one of the locations that had two devices and a pretty hefty volume with both leases terming in the next 3-10 months.  It went something like this, "he's what I want, I want redundancy at all of my locations  so let's start with this one. Where I have the one 60 ppm color, give me two 50ppm color MFPs and while we're at it also replaced the 30 ppm color as well."

Well, that was stunning, and also a nice bonus to happen the first day of the new quarter and the last day before my vacation. It's a verbal and I know that verbals are not set in stone, but I got him all the docs that he needs in order to move forward when he hits the office in the AM tomorrow.

-=Good Selling=-

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