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An internal customer is a customer who is directly connected to an organization, and is usually (but not necessarily) internal to the organization. Internal customers are usually stakeholders, employees, or shareholders, but the definition also encompasses creditors and external regulators.

A simple definition of an internal customer is anyone within an organization who at any time is dependent on anyone else within the organization. ... An example of an internal customer may be someone in the payroll department.

Ray makes a lot of great points here!

I have to break this video down, write notes and make a plan with my team.

Sales could be on the downward trend through to at least Sept so it will be a good time for sales training and analyzing/ optimizing internal processes.

Ray says "What is the message you are sending to your internal and external customers about how to navigate through this Corona Virus"   ... I am not sure myself what that message is or should be?

What is an internal customer?

For starters,

1). Develop IT VAR skills (Managed IT services) or find an IT partner and promote work from home strategies. 

2). Become good at Office 365.  Educate your sales team.  Buy a license.  $25.00 month.

... become aware of Google G-Suite the lower cost competitor to Office 365.

... promote MFPs that have apps that make it easy to Connect to Office 365. G-Suite from a Home Office.

3). Develop some sort of No Contract A4 rental program.

4). Become good at TeamViewer and buy a license.


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