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The End Of The Day With Ray! Talking SolarWinds Breach and IT Security with Milton Bartley

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Great interview!  Maybe the best of the year in terms of risk mitigation.

Scan to email is the most requested feature on on office copiers. Very few, have 2FA enabled. I spent time last Sept figuring out how to enable 2FA on Toshiba copiers.

I have been lax on new installs enabling 2FA.

Starting 2021, all copiers I come across, I will enable 2FA. 2FA (aka multi factor authentication) is not so much a copier feature that needs to be turned on, it is an email feature that needs to be turned on using what is known as an "App Password".

Yes, it takes more time to install, yes you now have to involve a customers cell phone to get a four digit text message to verify the users identity.

... but it is a great new sales talk track that will ring in customer's ears, without increasing your costs, if your competitor is not talking about it.

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