The End Of The Day With Ray! Survey says 29% are Delusional

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Art, you are missing the point and hearing only what you want to hear. A4 is not the savior of anything. A4 will be the cause of  completely changing the landscape. These changes will include new challenges from different competitors.

The fact is there are millions of A3 devices which could be A4, the business model of selling A3 to pacify manufactures is the disfunction which will be corrected.

The point of the video was to emphasis that without the glory of the A3 business model which includes outdated leasing models. The other products and services will not support a dealer in the way today's business model does. 

Dealers will sell production, label, and document management however, they will have to examine all the cost aspects of these added services. If any dealer lost 80% of their core A3 placements they would struggle to generate enough revenue and profits to sustain the business they have today. That is the point my friend.     

I can't agree on over spec'd and over sold  A3 devices and the reason for that is I've always placed the right device with the right volume. One of the reasons I've lasted forty years at doing this.

In addition I will defend document management aka content management along with label presses.  I'm in the field every day of the week there is a need for workflows for AP, AR & HR.  We're seeing more now that we ever did before. 

Label presses of course you won't sell as many as copiers, however the profit margins are excellent and the consumables are closed.  Closed meaning you can't get them easily on the open market.  For those dealers that still want to do break and fix, the label presses are a great addition to their hardware stack.

You mention PapreCut, I have a dozen of the solutions in the field with zero technical issues. PaperCut also gives me the ability to have a lockout feature when competing with others.

The savior to our industry is NOT A4. I was writing about the transition from A3 to A4 ten plus years ago. I am a proponent of A4 always have an always will be. Just today I priced out three devices for an AEC company. We did the dance on A4 & A3,  and A3 is what they need.  

I've thought a lot about the future and I realize print is declining in the office, not so much with other avenues such as wide format, color labels, production and grand wide format.   

As our industry continues to evolve I think more companies will find the future is in managing everything.  My proposal today didn't mention speeds, feeds or features but rather focused on how we can help the client manage the devices.

I love ya Ray, but you're beating a dead horse with over spec's and over sold A3 devices.  Most of us are excellent reps doing right by our clients 

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