The Benefit of Building a Copier Quoting Tool

Last month, due to P4P Hotel's generous offer, we did a few webinars and showed our quote making product, Perfect Copier.  It has been a great learning experience for me.  I haven't pitched a tool like this before, and the first round, I made the mistake of showing too much of the features and not focusing on the simplicity of the product.  We have used what we learned on the webinars to alter both our pitch and improve the product.  Since we had the webinar, here are some of the new features we added on our quote tool.
  • Wide Format has been added for dealers who do wide format.
  • 4 Tier billing for Kyocera dealers
  • Multiple photos are now allowed so the rep can choose pictures
  • A widget for websites has been completed - to show all your products
  • Making it so pricing can be hidden from web quotes was added to hide pricing from competitors
  • Adding price lists is getting completed as I write this (for government, big accounts, etc)
  • Having custom lease rates
  • Having rental options
My first instinct on some of these was people were being overly picky, but I can see the importance of each one of these if a quote tool is going to work well.  We also invested in displaying the tool at ITEX, so we may see many of you there (Art is also planning to stop by and visit us at the booth at some set times, we are excited for this too.)
If you haven't heard about Perfect Copier and the tool that can help you get a copier quote done in about a minute, we would love to chat with you.  We can chat at ITEX or if you want to before then, we are always happy to have a webinar showing how the tool works and how it can help your reps be extremely efficient when putting together their quotes.  We are excited to get this tool out to the marketplace and are confident any dealer who uses it will quickly find it a resource they can't do without.
Jesse Harwell

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I will be working out the details for ITEX by the end of the week.If you're going to ITEX please stop by the Perfect Copier booth, the Copier Solutions booth, Arlington booth, DocuWare booth and BEI Services booth.  I post something here and then post some times on the P4P Hotel Calendar.

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