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The 411 on DocuWare Kinetic Solutions: Sell Preconfigured AP and HR Office Solutions with Ease

In June 2018, DocuWare launched its new cloud-based preconfigured workflow solutions called DocuWare Kinetic Solutions. I had the opportunity to chat with Jo Ann Kreidel, Solution Manager for DocuWare Kinetic Solutions at DocuWare to get a deeper understanding of what the solutions are, why they were developed, and how you can position yourself as AP and HR solution experts to sell these solutions to your current customer base.

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Art: What are DocuWare Kinetic Solutions? How did these specialized solutions come about; what prompted their development?

Jo Ann: The two solutions available are:

These are preconfigured, cloud-based solutions for two common business applications based on the best practices we learned over the past 30 years. Inefficient manual invoice processing costs time and money and securely processing and maintaining employee documents is critical to business. These key business processes can be solved with one of our solutions and can be up and running in a matter of days. By replicating common business problems, we’ve enabled companies to work with a pre-built solution versus pre-engagement consulting solution, which can take a long time and could put the solution out of reach on a cost level.

Art: Why did you choose the word “kinetic” for the name?

Jo Ann: Kinetic represents that active energetic state of how these solutions are quick to deploy and bring fast value to the customer.

Art: What are the benefits for a customer implementing one of these solutions?

Jo Ann: The first benefit they will realize is the rapid deployment; we’ve eliminated the long, resource-consuming process of recreating standard invoice processing and employee management workflows by presenting the customer with a packaged solution of best practices based on thousands of successful deployments. With a few minor adjustments to ensure a good fit, they’re up and running quickly. The second benefit is the affordability. Since these solutions are cloud-based, no IT infrastructure needs to be purchased, installed or maintained.

Art: What are the advantages for copier dealers selling these solutions? Does DocuWare provide marketing material to accelerate selling these solutions?

Jo Ann: Taking the fear out of content services conversations was paramount for us when we looked at what sales assets were needed. As these are very defined solutions, we came up with a prescriptive, step-by-step sales process with easy-to-use, relatable tools so that every dealer could be successful regardless of their sales staff’s experience level.

Each solution has three videos: the first is a 90-second teaser, the second is a 3-minute intro video and the third is a 12-minute demonstration video. We also have a comprehensive flyer, PowerPoint presentation, FAQ sheet, Statement of Work, and PO template. We have great success stories on how deals close using these materials; some on the videos alone!

Art: When speaking with the HR department prospect, what type of discovery questions should we be asking to well position DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management?

Jo Ann: Some of those questions could be:

  1. How do they handle the influx of resumes for open positions?
  2. How does the hiring manager and applicant communicate?
  3. How do they do onboard a new employee?
  4. How does paperwork get filled out?

This solution provides HR departments with a centralized, secure digital repository for all personnel documents. With digital forms and immediate, reliable workflows, the HR team reduces manual paperwork and produces a better employee hiring experience from resume submission to interviewing and onboarding. HR staff also has more time to connect with employees, building relationships and growing company culture.


Art: When speaking with the Finance department prospect, what type of discovery questions should we be asking to strategically position DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing?

Jo Ann: I would ask:

  1. Are you taking advantage of vendor early payment discounts?
  2. Are you paying late fees?
  3. How many hours are spent on data entry?
  4. Is the invoice process slowed by delays in the approval process, entering data, or manual entry errors?

This is where our solution can save a company money straight to the bottom line. They can quickly process invoices before they are due, catching that early payment discount and avoiding those late fees. Keeping vendor payments on time is necessary to maintain good vendor relationships. This enables a company to build a stronger negotiation position for better pricing or additional discounts to save even more money. Best of all it is a win-win; a company pays less and vendors get paid faster.

Art: Can we integrate DocuWare Kinetic Solutions with MFPs and networked scanners? If so, can you please tell me how?

Jo Ann: At its core, a DocuWare Kinetic Solution is still a DocuWare system. MFPs or network scanning devices will always be a fundamental source for DocuWare systems. This means they can absolutely be the on-ramp for paper invoices, HR forms, or any documentation into DocuWare. It is a fast and easy way to get documents into an electronic workflow so that automated processes will analyze the document with OCR, enter it into workflow logic, and safely store it into an archive so that it can easily be found later.

Art: Would that mean from the scanner you would open a DocuWare Kinetic Solution and then scan the images?

Jo Ann: There are several MFPs available that allow for calling up DocuWare directly from the front panel, however, you may not even need to do that. When DocuWare is running in the background, it is monitoring folders. Even the simplest desktop scanner can save a document into a monitored folder. Once there, DocuWare will identify it and process it based on a configuration for that specific document.

Art: Can we also use scanners that are connected locally?

Jo Ann: Yes, absolutely. A DocuWare application can process documents in a variety of ways. Certainly that includes whether the device is connected locally or networked.

Art: Do you have a sales success story to share?

Jo Ann: Definitely. A dealer recently demoed DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing to a global technology manufacturer and the overall reception was very positive. After the meeting, the prospect informed the sales rep that they had recently reviewed other vendors. They liked our solution best because they felt we have the best understanding of AP needs and our solution is configured in a way that helps them achieve their goals faster as opposed to the competition who are offering traditional, consultative content services solutions.

When we showed them how an invoice from an unknown vendor triggered an automated new vendor form and Form W-9 request, they were impressed with our understanding of exactly how their accounting processes needed to run. This was important to them as AP fraud is on the rise, and each time a new vendor invoice comes in, the process of onboarding that vendor is time-consuming.

This is a perfect example of how we can win new customers with our preconfigured, cloud-based solutions.

Art: This all sounds great. Thanks for sharing all this information and thanks so much for your time!

Jo Ann: Anytime; thank you, Art.


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