Ten Things You Need To Know Before you Lease or Buy a New Ricoh MP C3004 & MP C3504


Ever hear of a color multifunctional copier on steroids?  Me neither, however if there was such a device it, the Ricoh MP C3004 (prints up to 30 pages per minte in color) & MP C3504 (prints up to 35 pages per minute in color) would be my choice. In fact I would PEC's for Performing Enhancing Copiers.

  • Unheard of in the market place, these two PEC's are outfitted with 220 Sheet Single Pass Document Feeders.  Some may as, what the heck is a single pass document feeder?  Single Pass is the key, there are two scanners located in the document feeder. One for scanning the front and one for scanning the back side of the document, thus a two-sided (duplex) document is scanned in a single pass through the document feeder.

  • Both units are designed to max out with the 1,000 sheet external finisher and or the 1,000 sheet hybrid staple-less finisher.   Finishers are designed to staple, group and sort a finished set of documents.

  • staplessStaple-less finisher, now that's a real a misnomer!  For those that want to be right and one with the environment, Ricoh offers the 1,000 sheet staple-less finisher.  Basically, it's a metal crimping process that binds up to 5 sheets of paper together.  We did this in grammar school way back when, we would take a few sheets of paper, fold the top corner of the document backwards to form a triangle, we would then tear a strip of the paper that we folder and then fold over the strip that we tore an we had our staple-less finisher!

  • Recommended print/copy average monthly volume is 5,000 pages for the MP C3004 and 7,000 pages for the MP C3504.  Go figure, both of these devices are identical, except for the speed of the device. Thus whether you're a half full person you'll quickly figure out that the MP C3004 can handle the 7,000 page volume and if you're the half empty, then you'll be thinking the MP C3504's average monthly volume is only 5,000 per month.  Take it from me, both of these devices can easily handle 7-10,000 pages every month!  You can't lose with either device.

  • Your new Ricoh device will be ready when you're ready!  These new multifunctional copiers has a built in heat sensor, the sensor has a range about six feet, is forward facing and will detect ! about 150 degree range.  By the time you've entered your scan, fax or copy job your new MP C3004/3504 is ready and raring to go!


  • SOPThe 10.1" Smart Operation Panel is now standard equipment!  This tablet  runs the latest Android OS (version 4.2) which incorporates faster touch response along with improved functionality.  One of the claims to fame of the new Smart Op Panel is the ability to use new single function apps.

  • Print speed matters right?  When printing @ 600x600DPI we can print at the advertised speeds, however when printing at 1200x1200 dpi there will be a decrease in the print speed.

  • K, what the heck is a single function app?  It's my understanding that single function apps are designed to help users navigate through complex jobs with multiple screens.  Some of those that are mentioned is ID Card Copy, CLoud Faxing, users would be directed to the Ricoh App Site, where users can then download and install apps by themselves.  Hey, if we're going to app based, I have a few ideas!  Ricoh call me!!!

  • Scanning speeds?  Are you ready?  110-ipm (images per minute) and 180-ipm for duplex scanning via the single pass document feeder.  Just a question, why is scanning referred to images per minute and not pages per minute? A page is an image and an image is a page right?

  • TWAIN scan screenTWAIN scanning, is that an acronym or something else?  Back in the day I was told it meant Technology Without An Interesting Name, but I'm thinking way back when someone feed me a line of bs.  Most business lines of software have the ability to connect with a scanning device that is TWAIN compliant.  Thus, your business line of software will be able to connect with these new Ricoh devices because the MP C3004/3504 has a TWAIN driver.  Great knock out feature if you dig deep with the client!

I just picked out a few of the multitude of features that are available with these new devices. If you're an end user reading this, I suggest you contact your local Ricoh dealer and ask for a professional that can help maximize your investment and lead your company on the first leg of digitizing all of your documents.

If you're a copier nut like me, then I thank you for taking the time to read this, in a few days we'll be learning more about the new MP 305SPF, the MP401SP, the MP601SP along with the MP C4504 and MP C6004.

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